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7. October 2014 by swissfitchick

I used to mealprep all Sunday long. For HOURS. Oh God.

I still prep. All my meals, unless I have a lunch or dinner date out which is about 1-2 times a week and always a treat which I LOVE. Being served with good food and enjoying good company. Perfect.


But I don’t prep everything on Sunday. I love food cooked from scratch, so whenever I get the time, I do that. Plus, I love to be more creative and decide when the time is right what I want to eat.

What I do, I cook in bulk and freeze. Like that, I can choose whatever there is and just let it defrost or throw it into the microwave or steamer to put together a quick but balanced meal.

But before we head into my kitchen, let me make a promise. A new kitchen playlist ist waiting for you coming Friday. Cause really – shaking tha bootay while cooking is the best happy pill ever AND a great workout. So get your pepper mills or spatulas ready. Lucie

So let’s see. This weekend I prepped breakfast for the whole week, which is unusual. But I simply made my eggy oats in cake form. 3 eggs, 6 eggwhites, 100g glutenfree oats, 90g coconut flour, water, cinnamon, a banana and pumpkin. Mix and bake. 3 times breakfast. CAKE. If you think cake for breakfast isn’t awesome, then I don’t know what went wrong with you.

Banana Bake Banana Bake

Here’s the recipe of a berry version of the cake. I swear, it is one of my recipes I made the most.

Other times I prep mountains of pancakes for the week or I cook up scrambled eggs fresh in the morning. Takes 5 minutes, you guys. FIVE.

Pancakes Quark Pancakes


As for carbs, I prepped a Paleo Bread, more specifically Arman’s Paleo English Muffin in Bread Form.

Paleo Bread

And a ridiculous pile of sweet potatoes. Depending on when I roughly plan to eat them, I freeze some of it. The other half I eat sweet with cinnamon, mashed (mashed sweet potatoes – SO GOOD) or savory with currypowder.

Sweet PotatoesQuinoa is also a carb source which I cook in bulk and freeze. I eat it as sweet porridge for breakfast with an egg, berries/pumpkin/banana and cinnamon, or savory style for lunch in a salad.

Quinoa Porridge Quinoa Salad&Egg

Or I simply order Tortillas and make plates of overstuffed wraps.


Proteins. When I’m lazy, I buy the precooked shrimps. My favorite protein is chicken and I love to bake it in the oven, as well as salmon and white fish. That way it doesn’t need much work and while it’s baking, I can chop veggies or drink wine. Hell, I can drink wine while chopping veggies. Brilliant.


SalmonThis weekend I prepped chicken burgers. They are in the freezer now and will be devoured very very soon.

Curry Chicken Burger

Curry Chicken Burger

As for veggies, I have some raw sorts at home, like salad, carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumber. And some which need to be cooked like broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, squash or cauliflower. Raw veggies I chop fresh, the rest I throw into the steamer or oven for 20 minutes and then warm them up in the microwave once I am ready to eat.

Meal Prep Prep PrepI usually bring my food to work, but sometimes I love to cycle home over lunch and have my meal there. Perfect Peace.

Roasted Chicken Breast with baked kabocha squash, salad

My postworkout shake I mix in the morning (protein powder and oats or coconut/peanut flour) and – yes – I carry all that stuff in my handbag. It’s like that when you are a girl who lifts. Two worlds.


‘Berlin Liebeskind’ Handbag filled with Puma undies, Powerlifting shoes, workout gear, jump rope, painkillers and protein shake.

Sometimes there is also chocolate in there. No prep needed. Just shoveling right into your mouth, make inappropriate noises and be happy.


During the week I just throw all this stuff together. I know my macros and combine everything according to them. Preparing these meals costs me 5 minutes. And since my days are pretty crazy, I am always – ALWAYS – desperately thankful for having everything ready.





Baked Ezekiel Cereal with apples and cinnamon

Bena breakfast Breakfast I am not a huge snacking person, so I don’t really prep them. If I still need something, I grab a Questbar at the CrossFit Box, shovel in a handful of nuts and a fruit or snack from something I baked on the weekend. 


Cookies Trailmix

Oh, and – always have homemade nutella or nutbutters ready. My life feels SO wrong without them.


And then the weekend – tons of sleep, tons of homemade fresh food or meals out. My favorite part of the week, obviously. Oh, and the occasional drink. In moderation of course.



Check ot my recipe page for more! I can promise you that all my recipes are super simple, healthy and QUICK. I prefer to dance than to cook in the kitchen.

Do you meal prep? Do you dance in the kitchen? 

What is your favorite carb source? 

Do you think I am abnormal for carrying my whole day (life) in my handbag? (not really sure if I want you to answer that)



33 thoughts on “My food in my kitchen

  1. cottercrunch says:

    remind me to NEVER read your FOOD posts before dinner when i am starving. GOOD GOD i want it all.. that bread. oh my! and guess what? THe kiwi just got home and ate all your chocolate and almonds. Good things I hid those breakfast cookies hehe

  2. I don’t eat carbs; I’m fueled by fats alone, but meal prepping has been so much easier if you set a day of the week to make and marinate in advance some foods and just cook them in the slow cooker during the weekdays. I do this all the time!

  3. You are a fitness INSPIRATION. I can’t wait until I have a place of my own again and I’m in charge of all my meal prep/food choices. It’s not terrible living with my parents – in fact, they are doing Weight Watchers so there’s a lot of healthy food around! But I love having total control of my kitchen 🙂 all these pics are an inspiration. No wonder you’re so fit!

    • Thank you Lauren! I think sometimes it’s nice to share a kitchen and especially eat with company. Still, I love my own place and can cook up whatever I please 🙂

  4. Dancing in the kitchen is a MUST! I don’t know if is due to all the aromas building up but it just makes your booty move! Ha! I meal prep the same that after de-freezing I just have to mix it with my choice of ingredients and voilà! I love sweet potatoes but I also can’t say no to some whole wheat pasta.. 😉
    I always carry my life in my purse…if it fits then it goes inside! Ha!
    And please..CAKE for breakfast? YES!

  5. Emily Hawkes says:

    I love what you carry in your handbag – all girls MUST have all sorts of ‘crap’ in their handbags – it’s a right of passage!

    Meal prep is great when I have time – I like to create the equivalent of a salad bar in my fridge – tubs of goodies, veg, salad items, proteins, all ready to throw together. However, life happens at the weekend, and sometimes I don’t have time/can’t be bothered. Plus, with all that good food about, I feel inclined to shovel faaaar too much of it straight into my gob!!

    p.s. you really rock those jeans – you look great 🙂

  6. I think between you and Meg, I could survive in your freezers!

    I think you do a good job prepping/not prepping- and pancakes for days- I like it.

  7. Quinoa and chocolate?!? Oooooomigosh WHY did I never think of that combination?! I’ve been obsessed with the stuff lately, but usually just add things like veggies or chickpeas. Pft. Chocolate is obviously the way to go. And I need to get better at meal prepping. I don’t spend nearly enough time in the kitchen anymore, which is why I sometimes end up eating a bowl of cereal for dinner 😆

  8. Holy crap we’re so similar. I do a lot of prep work on the weekend and make and freeze food in batches. If I make soup, I make enough for an army, eat it once and freeze the rest. I also chop my veggies, while drinking wine and dancing, on the weekends so they are ready to go during the week. Instead of chicken, I bake potatoes and stuff them with all sorts of veggies during the week. I even did a post all about it. I called myself Super Woman, Ha.

  9. Sarah says:

    Pancakes! I want I meal prep a lot because we have a big freezer and it’s such a time-saver! Plus I don’t get too hangry while my food gets ready because it goes so fast. My coworkers kind of think I am nuts/Ihave way too much free time/I have no life because I always bring something from home for lunch…whatever, my food tastes better, ha! I think my favorite carb source is pasta or really good bread.

    • Oh, I think everyone around me thinks I have way too much time to spend with training and food. So what, I love it! And yes, I hate it when I have to cook up long meals when I am coming home starving. A stuffed freezer is the solution!

  10. Danielle says:

    I love the organization and idea of meal prep but lately I’ve preferred cooking fresh easy food that I crave. I used to meal prep but got a bit tired of eating what I cooked, like I wo always want something else LOL
    I’m totally loving fried plantains mmmmm

  11. marylegare says:

    i just want to say…cake for breakfast is the jam. I don’t care for the paleo diet for personal reasons…I think grains and oats and peanuts are yummy. But I made a coconut flour based bread/cake for my boyfriend, and he was floored by that thing. I measure in cups and tablespoons, but i think my recipe was similar to yours, only I didn’t use pumpkin. I used blueberries. No oats. No banana. And I added vanilla extract, no other spices. But my egg whites and egg ratio was the same. The result was a blueberry muffin kind of cake. It was SO good. I dance in the kitchen, when I’m drinking wine. I sort of meal prep. When I grocery shop on the weekends, I always buy for a planned lunch that I eat every day all week. But I don’t pre-prep my lunches. I assemble my lunch the night before. But I like a plan. I don’t know how people throw meals together on the spot. Then again, people who don’t prepare ahead, usually go out for lunch. I think that was their plan all along…

    • I did it with blueberries too! The recipe I linked is made with blueberries and I love it just as much.
      I hardly ever go out for lunch, it’s too expensive for me, but sometimes I have a date and then I enjoy it.
      Dancing and drinking wine in the kitchen is one of my favorite hobbies 🙂

  12. I’ve had the berry version of that cake bread… made by YOU! It was delicious. I still need to make it myself. Maybe after Vegas. 🙂

    Good job drinking in moderation. More that 2 beers is just too much.

    Question: when do you prepare the awesomesauce?

  13. Marc Oh says:

    Sounds all very yummy, but I’ve got a dumb question: how do you prepare the frozen sweet potatoes and/or quinoa, if you want to eat it? Do you heat it up with a microwave or how you do that? Do you take it out the freezer in the morning or in the evening before? I never froze anything like that and I’m quite curious.

    • If I want it for lunch and I go home for that, then I take it out in the morning to let it defrost. If I want to eat it right out of thr freezer, I microwave it or put it into the steamer quickly to defrost. So easy!

  14. It is so embarrassing but one of the major things I look forward to when going home is being able to buy all these goodies 🙂 Love all of your food always my fav ❤ xo C

  15. Wanna come prep all these freezer friendly meals for me before the twins get here? I promise e can dance in the kitchen together w/ our spatulas 🙂

  16. […] now on to the promised playlist! I don’t know about you, but I have a stereo system in my kitchen and I listen to music all […]

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