Partying and Pondering


6. October 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning and a marvelous Monday lovely faces!

Good news: I finally went to the hairdresser. It was hiiiiiiigh time.



‘I can’t see any difference’. Highly possible. I had solely and exceptionally bad hair days in the last 2 weeks, so I hid it in ponytails or braids ALL the time.

Perfect timing, cause there was a party on Friday night. One of the CrossFitter girls turned 30 and I was thrilled to be part of it. Especially, cause we celebrated at the same location where I danced the night through on my 30th birthday.

April 2009

April 2009

The party was epic – not going to share too many details here though 🙂

Unlike me, I didn’t dance a lot that night, nonetheless I had a ton of fun.


Guess what they dance......

Guess what they dance……

Saturday was kind of nonexistent. After being home around 3:30am and a few drinks, I wasn’t up for too much action – a stretching session and Olympic Lifting Class were on the plan though.



Also a short walk through the park – with my New Balance Sneakers. Don’t judge – I found them in my closet, realizing I bought them half a year ago and never wore them cause I forgot that I own them. Fail Whale.

Park Park Sneakers

Sunday Runday! Glorious fall weather is still going strong, so after a good and long sleep I went to enjoy the morning sun.


I must admit, that I am dealing with some doubts and insecurities currently – specifically in my work life. I am not overly happy with the situation at the moment and there will and must be a change – I am just still very unsure about the what’s and how’s. My body is giving me signals of me being stressed out too – my shoulder muscle pain is back in full force plus I probably have a rib that is somehow blocked or something, I don’t know – but it hurts. It’s been a while now and the physiotherapy didn’t really help. It’s frustrating and I hope to have a solution for these issues soon. Painkillers definitely aren’t. I can do most of the workouts, but my confidence lacks and I feel limited. Given the fact that I normally go out 100% and then some, feeling deprived of my power does suck big time.

So with this stuff going on, I wanted to make sure I make things good and better that can be. Like finally turning my apartment back into a neat and clean place including a bed with fresh linen. I absolutely hate to change them, but it’s the best to sleep in, am I right?


My place normally is always neat and clean, so the chaos that dominated in the last few weeks was definitely a sign that things are out of balance. My timing currently is a mess and something I urgently need to work on. Talk about multi-tasking with too little hours in a day and cutting back on sleep way too much. Blondie who doesn’t sleep enough turns out to be a disaster, you better believe me that.

More relaxing actions had to happen. Like reading in bed.


English Muffin Bread

I made Armans Paleo English Muffin in bread form. Anyone who feels like sending me a toaster for free, feel free. It was delicious, but I know it only is perfect when toasted.

More good food.


Apple Chocolate Protein Pancakes / English Muffin Bread

Apple Chocolate Protein Pancakes / English Muffin Bread

Steamed veggies / Shrimp / Baked Kabocha

Steamed veggies / Shrimp / Baked Kabocha

Scrambled Eggwhites with mushrooms / Kabocha

Scrambled Eggwhites with mushrooms / Kabocha

Grilled Salmon, Salad, Rice Noodles

Grilled Salmon, Salad, Rice Noodles

Coffeedate with the girlscrew – BEST EVER. It’s such a rare occasion that we are all in Basel at the same time.

They save my life and my sanity all the time and forever.


And CrossFit.

CrossFit CrossFitI was destroyed after these 2 WOD’s.

Lucie There was a Thunderstorm after class, so I stayed at the box for a strength session until it was over.


That’s it from today! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – I share some useful tips for mealprep and how I do it.

What do you do when you deal with doubts? 

Do you think I should buy a toaster? Or maybe a waffle iron? Damn…..decisions.

Did you figure out the song the girls dance to? 




18 thoughts on “Partying and Pondering

  1. I think everyone deals with doubts and insecurities. Just keep doing the things you love, the things that make you happy and the things that give you confidence. Also, keep working that balance. It’s hard but so worthwhile. My work life is kicking my ass in a major way lately and it’s only going to get worse. As a result, I’ve been really taking it easy in my non-work life. I’m certainly less productive at home than I might like, but I am staying sane and that trumps productive any day of the week.

    I’m here if you ever want to talk too.

    • Thank you so much you good friend. I totally agree that we need to do things which keeps us sane besides the crazy work life. I realize that I can not be 100% perfect in all areas in my life and that’s ok. Being lazy at home is the therapy.

  2. Ah sorry to hear that some doubts are creeping in but remember that it’s only natural. I hope the “right” path becomes clear soon so that you can take the necessary steps.

    As for toaster versus waffle iron, I think you know which gets my vote! Check your oven manual if it has a toaster setting- we bought our oven a few years back and it has the option so chances are yours does too!

  3. Doubts are normal they make us grow and get stronger…I always try to get in touch with myself and commit on a change, a decision and don’t look back…
    I have a toaster but not a waffle iron…so I am a bit biased on that one…Ha!
    I am sure that song was the Macarena..a classic! Am I right?
    Same here…changing linens can be such a workout but fresh linens makes me sleep so much better!

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your current work situation & just not feeling happy. I find it incredible that you have such a great group of friends, both at the gym & outside to cheer you up & keep you from going insane. Never forget how truly blessed you are my dear friend ❤

  5. So I’m more proud that you used my word ‘Fail whale’ than for baking the English Muffin (which ironically, I did during wholeArman for snacks during the week!)- Confession- to get the perfectly ‘toasted’ look in the photos, I actually charred it in a frying pan!!

    Sorry to hear about the work situation- knowing your backstory- do you think maybe it’s a sign of change needed? You’ve had a variety of careers so maybe it’s your intuition telling you to move on? Hope things are okay though- always here to twerk and chat.

    • I love Fail Whale. Always lol when I read it on your blog, so I had to steal it.
      Great idea to charr it in the pan. Need to keep this in mind for next time!!

      And yes. You are right. I think with all the changes in the last year, it seems logical that there need to be a change in my work situation as well. Thank you my dear friend!

  6. Emily Hawkes says:

    Sorry to hear of your challenges. I say this with love, but be careful about how you cope with your insecurities and lack of control – don’t work out so hard you injure yourself, or fall into old habits – I know how easy it is!

    On the toaster/waffle iron issue – I have a toaster and would like a waffle iron – but I feel the toaster is more versatile (though now I come to think of it, don’t ask me in what way???)

    • Thank you Emily!! I definitely try to always connect with my inner self and check on what I need and what is good for me. So far I am doing ok, a little more sleep wouldn’t hurt though.

      Oh God, I didn’t decide on the toaster/ waffle debate. I guess I need to make a list 🙂

  7. Danielle says:

    Toaster ovens are amazing!!! 😊
    Don’t worry, your awesome bod just wants less beast-mode right now but you’ll be beasty again soon. Meanwhile chanel your inner soft beast, like a kitten lounging in the sun :))

  8. Is it the Macarena?!

  9. Amy says:

    I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it. I appreciate the realness and I can’t wait to read more 🙂

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