A day in my life on a road trip – WIAW#78


1. October 2014 by swissfitchick

You requested, I deserve. Here is ‘A day in my life-style’ – WIAW. Be prepared. It was a LONG day.

Big probs to Jen for hosting!

wiaw fall into good habits buttonSo. I present you past Friday. Friday is my day off when I can do whatever the fuck I please. Since I have a cleaning lady, I don’t even need to clean. #spoiledbratt I actually thought this Friday is going to be the most boring day in a long time, cause besides of 2 classes (CrossFit and Powerlifting) I had no plans whatsoever. WRONG.But wait.

I got up early enough to stretch and fuel for CrossFit class at 9am.



1 Banana, 1 scoop Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder

StretchBelow pic: don’t get this wrong – it is a super fake smile. I love to do my workouts in the morning, but I still always curse on my alarm clock for waking me up and forcing me to leave my favorite place – my bed. I crawl out and think ‘omg I can not wait until I am back here.’ And I ALWAYS swear I will be taking an afternoon nap or go to bed REALLY early. Both never happens.

LucieIf you are looking for a mindful eater, don’t watch me. I ALWAYS eat with distractions. Sorry, but I just feel damn weird if I sit in silence, staring at the wall and talking to a chair when I have my meal. So having breakfast is done with a side of emails. Good role model, I know.

LaptopAfter devouring the smoothie, I grabbed my deeply loved bike and cycled to the box.


Sleepy and cold.

Sleepy and cold.

But sun. Win.

But sun. Win.

Mirror Selfie


Dino tortured us through a rowing/bodyweight warm up, strength part with floor press (58kg! Yeah!), double kettlebell swings and dumbbell rows. And this WOD.

Damn Burpess over Box.

Damn Burpess over Box.

My energy was UP and I practised more Double Under’s……25 unbroken and a fail of course. I did the 30 in the WOD! Getting better at it. But hell, legs. Stay straight!!

Now don’t ask me how THIS happened. Döne started dancing next to me and we decided to partner up. Nope, we didn’t drink. Poor Dino (coach) was slightly irritated. I can’t blame him. Did I mention I don’t take any caffeine either? Now imagine I’d drink coffee or green tea. That’d be scary. No one wants that.

After class I was JUST about swinging on my bike, when I got a message from Michael (coach) if I join him on a road trip to Fribourg (french part of Switzerland) to see the showroom of Reebok and make orders for the box. Don’t let yourself be fooled. All he wanted was someone to drive and pay for the gas. And maybe provides some silliness on the way. For me, it was a second of a second thought and then I went for it. I mean – a spontaneous road trip (I LOVE), and shopping the new CrossFit Reebok collection??!! Hell yeah. Screams a little adventure. Always up for these kind of things.

Let’s see. It was 10:30 am, I was unshowered, unfueled and I had some stuff to do at the office before we leave. So I cycled to the office in my bummy-outfit, fixed the things that needed to, took a fake shower, cycled back and off we went. Spontaneity at its best and how I love it. My lunch:


Oh, and just so you know how I walked around all day. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t dress up for a meeting with Reebok. I look like a makeupless homeless and Nike is the only brand there is.

LucieIt’s good that Michael and I share a same wavelength even though he misses out on 14 years of experience of life compared to me. Alright FINE, he is married and has a son, so he has this area covered, but no kidding. I wouldn’t go on a road trip like this with a humorless and dead boring person, and we definitely had a few good laughs.




Quick story regarding the car. It’s Ramon’s car (Chief CrossFit). I am still amazed by his trust and letting me drive without a doubt (many doubts I guess) . So. I had to drive backwards out the box and I might have been a little nervous. When I tried to brake, I accidentally hit the horn and at the same time the wiper went off by itself at the highest level (of course not on its own, but I didn’t realize I turned it). Ramon shook with laughter. Blondie in his car – it.was.THE.SHOW. Holy shit.

Back to the road trip. After almost 2 hours we arrived.

Reebok Rebok ReebokI wanted everything. And I was still starving. 

My second lunch: (I might mention, I had planned out a perfect meal-day and everything was nicely prepared. But yeah, life gives a shit about plans.)


Plus 2 beef jerky sticks. Oh damn.

We discussed with the Reebok man, talked and ordered. And then made our way home which got us completely into traffic. Detours after detours. More silly talks, curses from my side (Michi couldn’t believe my swearing. I know it’s horrible, but I can not help it. Bad drivers, STAY HOME DAMMIT!) and the whole music repertoire of Michi’s phone (Danish rap, anyone?! It’s pretty awesome, I swear.)

Selfie Obsession going strong

Selfie Obsession going strong

Michael had to teach Powerlifting at 5pm, which I was registered for as well. We arrived at 5:00 at the box. And he tortured us through this: CrossFit


The Skillbox

The Skillbox

Plus a WOD:

Kettlebell walk (I am still SO irritated as to why the HELL I had to carry two 32kg kettlebells and the guys got the 15kg plates. #WTF)

10 x Plate-Floor-to-Overhead

KB Walk (Ugh.)

10 x Plate-Russian-Twists

KB Walk (I hate you, Michi)

10 x Plate-Sit-Ups

KB Walk (What the fuck is this, seriously)

10 x 32kg KB Swings

KB Walk (Anyone who talks to me, STFU)

10 x 32kg KB walking lunges

And then I cycled home. Still in the same clothes and unshowered. Sexay.

Cycle Sun

Oh my lawwwd. I came home with a I-don’t-even-know-what-I-want-to-do-first kind of problem, and ran around like a chicken with the head cut off. Cause I was A) starving like hell B) smelling (sorry) C) shortly before collapsing from low sugar and tiredness (I forgot to mention that I slept only 6 hours the night before) D) my apartment once again was drowned in chaos.

I showered. And put on fresh clothes. Still shabby, but SO nice to be home and fresh.

I am very well aware that there is a laundry chaos behind me. It stayed there for about 4 days. #fail


I feel the urge to let you know that there are days in my life when I actually wear proper clothes instead of workout clothes and sweatpants. And when my hair isn’t a mess.

LucieLucieGood, we have this out of the way. I then inhaled a 3 course dinner. I simply couldn’t stop eating.

1st course: Eggwhite Frittata Omelette with Sweet Potato


2 minutes later

2 minutes later

2nd course: Steamed Chicken with salad and peppers, kabocha on the side

Chicken Kabocha

3rd course: Cacao Quark and Almond Butter


Post-dinner was spent collapsed on the couch with multitasking on several technology channels plus TV. #addicted.


Ok guys. This is NOT a normal day of my life. Especially food-wise. I swear, I normally eat regular, clean meals 🙂 But then again, it totally illustrates my life – on the go, fun, irritating, silly, a little chaotic, spontaneous, active, crazy and lazy. My perfect mix. And believe it or not – I feel totally balanced in this jungle.

The end.

Do you eat mindful/without distractions?

Do you love road trips? 

What do you like to eat on the go? 



21 thoughts on “A day in my life on a road trip – WIAW#78

  1. I love road trips! I am sure your road traffic entertainment was pretty epic! Ha! I haven’t driven a car in about 2 years so I feel sorry for whoever ends up being my first passenger the day I get back to it! I just hope I don’t crash the car! Ha!
    Who needs coffee right? Crazy dances are welcomed!
    I also can’t eat in silence..I need my distratctions..it feels weird hearing my munching, biting and swallowing….:)

    • No driving in 2 years?? Haha, I bet you will be nervous the first time you drive. I always try to keep my driving practise up and obviously, it’s easy when lazy people like Michael look for a driver.

  2. Emily Hawkes says:

    I’m not a fan of roadtrips – I’m always the passenger who has to keep the driver entertained. Plus I always need to stop for loo breaks #fitgirlproblems I do however LOVE crazy dances at inopportune moments 🙂
    I’m happy to eat in silence, usually at the table, but might have some technology with me or the cat trying to climb on my lap given half a chance.

  3. I honestly can’t even recall the last time I ate without distractions. I know it’s supposed to make you enjoy your meal more, but I actually find the opposite to be true. I just end up trying to rush through my meals because I’m bored and want to go do something else. And I freaking LOVE road trips! Well, as long as they’re not 12+ hours and I’m going somewhere pretty 🙂

  4. the only way I can eat without distraction is if I’m eating with/talking to someone else…which I suppose is a distraction 😉 And I love roadtrips! Which is good, because it’s gonna take 4 days to drive to my new place when I move…I’ll have the pug and my dad to keep me company though.

  5. Wait. You left a sporting good store without buying shoes?! Are you feeling ok? 😉

  6. cottercrunch says:

    i’m tired in the best possible way reading your posts. and i love the fake selfie smile, i so do that. mmm beef jerky!

  7. I’m pretty sure our day in the life of posts couldn’t be more opposite and yet I love yours. It’s absolute perfect for you. Plus, we both talk about jungles. Um, great minds think alike, much.
    You are wonderful, sweaty, unshowered, starving and all.

  8. Shelly says:

    I can’t believe you do double-unders with no shoes on. That’s seriously brave! My toes hurt just thinking about it.

  9. Yum! Your food always looks SO yummy!! xo C

  10. Kaitlin says:

    Love that yoga mat!

  11. […] second try. A day in the life post that is actually normal – or as normal as it can be given the fact […]

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