Celebrating talents. Decide, Commit and Succeed.


26. September 2014 by swissfitchick

Friday, thank you for making your appearance, FINALLY.

GifI’m SO there.

Ok, SO not. Dammit.

Here’s a message for you. I spread it a thousand times before, but sometimes it’s good to hear things over and over again, am I right? But before I get to it, I want to give you examples of some brilliant people I know who live that message exactly how I mean it.

It’s not new at all that I spend about 75% of my freetime at the box of CrossFit Basel. (Note: my math skills resemble the ones of a 5 years old, so never trust numbers I post – most of them come randomly from my scattered brain, are invented and probably totally disproportional).


crossfitI love it and what I love even more is the motivation we get boosted with when there. Cause there is SO much inspiration hanging around. I am always in awe of these people who are so determined to reach their goals – whatever that goal may be.

You remember my office colleague and friend Christian who actually brought me back to CrossFit. He is competing in bobsled this season. I know the training effort a little, since I’ve been with a bobsledder for a while (don’t comment that) and I can see how much time and effort Christian invests to be his personal best this season.

In Action

Dry Run 🙂

Let’s not forget he works as a full-time architect. I don’t even know how that is all possible. Oh, and he used to powerlift too. I can not get over this hilarious pic. 250kg Deadlift (551 lbs), a stupid hairstyle and a nasty blink into the camera.

Chris Chris

Such a fool. Why do I have all these inappropriate friends? Must be me.

But now let’s come to an exceptional coach/client couple, Ramon and Nora. Our Headcoach and owner of CrossFit Basel, Ramon, holds the World Record in backsquat. 274kg (604 lbs). When I imagine me making a try on this, I can not help but snort with laughter on my postworkout smoothie I am drinking right at this moment. OMG. I would BURY myself under the barbel and plates and be dead in a second. Maybe I could squeak out half  a ‘HELP’ before collapsing.

Wait. I wouldn’t even be able to simply MOVE that shit.

Seriously you guys. This rocks. Let’s not forget that he runs a CrossFit box with just so many employees and over 400 members. Plus, he is the strongest man of Switzerland according to his success at the Strongman events and final.

Nick (left) & Ramon (right)

Nick (left) & Ramon (right)

He’s a cutie, right? (Hehe. You’re welcome Ramon, 😉  )

Nick on the left made it to European Champion in backsquat a few weeks ago, plus 1st place with deadlift in his division (PR 165kg = 363,7 lbs). Go guuuuuys!!

Am I the only human around here?

BUT. Prepare yourself. Ramon coaches Nora. Nora is 19 years old. She could easily be my daughter. Maybe, I can adopt her? Shit, if she reads my blog, she will FLEEE if I would ever ask her that. I guess nobody wants to add my chaos life to theirs. Maybe I should start pretending to be a perfect, glamorous, graceful, educated, civilized and polite lady with a moderate language in a shiny world of a perfect household and good manners and a perfect dressed poodle. I could write this on my blog and nobody would know, right? Don’t worry. Never going to happen. I’d die by boredom while writing.

Ok, maybe I just keep on being friends with her. And present you guys proudly what an AMAZING talent this young lady is.

This was 200kg Deadlift (597,45 lbs). 2-EFFING-hundred kilos. I don’t even KNOW. I don’t even KNOW, you guys. What to say, or how she does that. Did I mention she is 19? (Yes. I am just as puzzled as you by the man in white. I first thought it was a piece of art or something….and then it moved, and I was all like, oh Gosh, it’s ALIVE!! Sorry. But it was a huge discussion at the box on Wednesday, fo’ real!)

Anyway. Let’s not forget, she squats 130kg (268,6 lbs) and 75kg (165,3 lbs) benchpress. Holy mother of amazingness. (I know this is not a word, but hey. You know what I’m sayin’ right?)

Ok, so I guess not all of us are blessed with so much talent. But this is not the only thing that makes for success and that we know. A goal is a decision and we have a choice to put just so much effort in the attainment to reach it.

You might remember how many times I preached here that we have a choice to take actions. We can DECIDE to be successful. And how important it is to keep up the vision of your goal. I still remember my vision of myself in all these years of recovery. EXACTLY. Me, smiling and relaxed. That was all, I just wanted to be me again without a fake smile but with my authentic laughter. I am here, today, just like I visioned myself. What I want to say is that it doesn’t matter WHAT you want to achieve. Of course not everyone wants to be a Powerlifter or a great CrossFitter. And obviously, Nora is an exceptional talent. But that is not the point. The point is how to make a vision, a dream or a goal coming true. And yes, it IS hard work. Tons of effort. Discipline. If you want to reach big things, there is no time to whine.


There are so many days and moments when I doubt myself or my way to do things. Sometimes I feel like I set too ambitious goals and live in an illusion of my capabilities. But then I just keep going and stay patient and I do reach my baby goals consecutively. And really? If you don’t chase your dreams, you will never know if you can make them happen.


Ok, I just wanted to remind you that I have some muscles too 🙂 next goal is to climb this thing in L-sit. And always smile! 🙂

So. As long as you get your mindset right and follow the planned steps, you will get there. And yes, you might fall. We all fall, we all fail and we all have shit days when progress is small. But there is always progress. All progress is progress no matter how great or tiny it may be. Just focus, and STICK with what you have started. It will never be a straight line, which is actually a positive thing. Hence, you can LEARN from all the bumps on the road. You will get confident if you overcome them. Stronger. Enjoy the ride. And celebrate the finish line. And then set a new goal.


Reaching your goals needs a commitment. And sometimes we have to choose that commitment every day. Every single day.

Stay strong!


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15 thoughts on “Celebrating talents. Decide, Commit and Succeed.

  1. Christian is so cute with his little ponytail. 😉

    And OMG the 19 year old… I can’t even imagine pulling that much weight. Imagine what she’ll be able to do in 10 years!!

    You are totally right about deciding you will do something. So much of life is mental – whether it’s lifting weights, accomplishments at work, etc. If you think you can do it, you usually can.

  2. Emily Hawkes says:

    Every time you mention the bobsled I can’t help but think of the film Cool Runnings 🙂

    Great post! It’s amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Next on my list – a pull up, then I will master the rope climb 🙂 xx

  3. Shelly says:

    My jaw dropped to my floor when I watched the video of Nora. Holy hell, that chick is strong! Amazing. I am absolutely and completely horrible at math and my current goals includes getting a muscle up, butterfly pull-ups and stringing more than 2-3 T2B, to name a few. The list is endless. Love the inspiration post!

  4. You weren’t kidding when you told me you had some attractive Swiss men over there! That’s all I’m going to say about that 😉
    As for math – nope. I failed grade 11 math the first time…oops.

    Love the inspiration in this post! I would agree that most of what we do or want to achieve involves getting past the mental barriers involved. My goal right now is to do a 2x bodyweight deadlift. One day!

    • Hahaaa! I told you. You gotta come here. It’s like paradise – at least at the box 🙂
      Glad we can agree on math – that it simply sucks.

      2x bodyweight DL. I know you will, but hell – since I put on all this muscle it’s hard to reach that 🙂

  5. Wise words girl! Seeing all these accomplishments really makes me keep going. It may be a rocky road but if you know where you are going then you will get there.
    By the way can I have a Christian in my life?! Maybe I can share him with you? 😉

    • Haha, it’s good to have him in my life and I guess he wouldn’t mind if we share, lol 🙂

      And yes – I actually think the rockier the road, the better the accomplishment!!

  6. cottercrunch says:

    you know i needed this today, making choices here! and thank for the inspiration, always! now about that nora… WOW

  7. mooshka says:

    Not sure I would consider lifting a ton of weight a talent but impressive strength/genes nonetheless.

  8. I will never get tired of Sex In The City gifs. For reals, keep ’em coming, and you pretty lady are amazing. I’m pretty sure I tell you that daily. I suspect you won’t grow tired of hearing it.

    The road to success is never straight and narrow. Hell sometimes there are great big dips in the road. Ya still gotta get back up, dust yourself off and try again. Love you.

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