Don’t leave me hungry – WIAW#77


24. September 2014 by swissfitchick

Momma had way too much fun with her camera sports mode and collagueing. I was dying to have 600+ 4-shots of myself with crazy faces on my computer.


It was fun though 🙂

Welcome to WIAW! I promise I will do ‘A day in the life of me’ – post soon (note to yourself bloggers: never promise a specific date for a post. It’s mean. We all know we can not keep up with all our promises.) – where I post a full day of eats, since I haven’t done this in forever. Problem: I will have to seriously consider which day to pick, cause it would be nice to be one when I actually do something smart.

.....Monday....something smart...? uhm, no.....
........maybe Wednesday......or...well,....maybe not...?


Oh! Sunday.


Ugh, so hard. I guess Sunday neither.

Look, the thing is this. You guys were requesting a post where I post days in my life. I love you for wanting to know what I do all day, and I WILL do a post with pics and sassy comments throughout my day, but honestly? Unless I am getting my travel adventure bug or CrossFit madness on, it’s all deadly boring around these parts. I swear. I don’t sweat sparkles, I never get any fancy VIP party invitations and I drive the oldest Chrysler car on Earth. There is not even car stereo in there.

Ok, there IS some drama going on when I have my scatty 5 minutes a day (more like 7 hours I guess) and I try not to forget to update you on those – it’s a permanent condition, so I tend to forget that not the whole wide world is trapped in clumsiness like me. Seems legit.

She sweats sparkles. Glittery sparkles.

She sweats sparkles. Glittery sparkles.

Alright, FIIIIIIINE. Look at my food, you WIAW stalkers.

wiaw fall into good habits button


No, you guys. No. This is NOT an appetizer plate. It’s a freaking MAIN course. At the restaurant in Zurich past weekend and it costed bloody 44 Swiss Francs (FORTY FOUR CHF = 47 USD)!!

I know it's just as nuts to post a freaking humanly squirrel, but just go with it, k?

I know it’s just as nuts to post a freaking humanly squirrel, but just go with it, k?


And what is this…..this DECORATION? 2 slouchy salad leaves and a drunk swirl of olive oil. Worth 14 Swiss Francs.

Anyway. I nearly laughed the waiter in his FACE. Or outstared him, I couldn’t decide. But I thought that would be nasty, since it’s not his fault. So I shut up and stayed hungry. And greedily shoveled all the butter cookies down my throat which came for free with coffee. And baked a microwave mugcake when I got home at 1 am in the morning. Can you blame me??!! Seriously.


Of course I had to make up for this lack of food the next day with a monstrous amount of kabocha squash, seafood and chocolate. Maybe even in that order.

Squash Seafood Chocolate

I always get this puzzled glance when I say that baked kabocha is one of my favorite foods. Especially when I say I eat it for dessert. Am I the only one who thinks it tastes just like these decadent chestnut desserts? Yet not as rich and fatty. SO perfect. I’m turning orange soon, be aware.


Ok, and now my writing mojo just left me, this second.

See you tomorrow. Or Friday. Ok, Friday. See you Friday. Bye now.

Ever went out for dinner and left the restaurant still hungry? 

Do you have an exciting life? 

What car do you drive? 



29 thoughts on “Don’t leave me hungry – WIAW#77

  1. Gah I hate restaurants like this! It tends to be the more expensive ones that seem to overcharge for stingy portions! You should have asked them to bring back the bread basket ;)! Your comment about baked squash made me laugh! I made some roasted pumpkin for my cousin the other day and she described it to another friends as being as delicious as a dessert- obvi I felt proud :)!

  2. All these fancy restaurants!!! Eating out is always a either leave stuffed or mad hungry!! At least you got those leafy decorations because sometimes not even that appears on the plate…
    Haha looks like you had a fun photo session! Now you can include them in your future book..just saying.. 😉

  3. Oh my word, that’s one pitiful salad. Why do many fancy restaurants give you such little amt of food? I mean if their fancy, they should have $$$ to spend on a damn main meal. Am I right, or am I right?!! 🙂

  4. Emily Hawkes says:

    You can make even the most mundane day fun – give it a go! And, while you’re at it – please make selfie Sunday a thing!! 🙂

    I don’t blame you for making a mugcake when you got home, such a sad little salad 😦 And I love baked kabocha for a sweet snack – check out my WIAW today – I used (and linked to, of course!) your fab recipe 🙂

  5. Oh my gee, its ALWAYS the fancy restaurants which serve paltry portions and you leave hungry. That’s not even a snack. Good for you for gorging on the butter cookies! Please bring that chocolate to Australia. I LOVE 100%. And kabocha season ends March. Perfect timing 😉

  6. dammit fancy restaurants – also delicious, but you need to order like 3 plates to fill you up! And thank you for reminding me that it’s been forever and a half since I made a mugcake. I’ll have to do that soon.

  7. Shelly says:

    I’ve spent far too much $ on fancy dinners before, but that is seriously insane. #cheated. And, I eat sweet potatoes and butternut squash like dessert. It’s naturally so sweet and with some added coconut palm sugar, cinnamon and coconut oil, it’s that much more amazing.

  8. sweating sparkles… but i totally thought you did!!!!! LOL omg i was seriously laughing at that, then i literally imagined you doing a pull-up with glitter lights shooting out of your ass. ok is that weird???? hahahaha so funny lady.
    $47 is total bullshit for that plate of food. i know zurich and i’ll tell you, i don’t miss the prices!!!! i mean, the food there is not bad, but that food just can’t cost the same as a very cute dress. lol. the most i spent – ok i didn’t pay but a boyfriend – was way too much, embarrassing, but like over $1100 just for the two of us. dinner and champagne and dessert – but the most expensive thing was the truffle pasta that we shared. and it was not even good! so glad this dinner was NOT my idea. LOL. 😉
    ok i’m not going to lie, i’m a bit shallow about my car. i live in the US and it’s cheaper here, ok? i love my little audi, it’s cute and a convertible and i don’t care!!!! i work for it, lol. i have some cheap shoes but i gotta love my car. :p

  9. Amy says:

    Fancy shmancy restaurants are NOT good for us CrossFit (aka hungry) people… wow that is TINY!

  10. It’s funny because I think you have a super exciting life 😛 Always looks different from the outside than it feels on the inside, eh? But I can totally relate. I’ve been wanting to do a “Day in the Life” post for a while now but honestly? So much of it is work, which I spend enough time doing without needing to write about it.

  11. How dare they! I used to love fancypants restaurants, but now I figure… why bother wasting the money on a tiny meal when I can cook something bigger and better in the comfort of my home?… and not get looks for wanting to lick the plate 😉

    I JUST bought my first kabocha of the season – this has made me very excited!

  12. You make me laugh harder than anyone I know. Your mojo left so you just stopped??? Brilliant.

    I would have thrown that fish back in their face and demanded free desserts. Dressing on the side, bitches!

  13. cottercrunch says:

    haha glad you came around to show us your eats! and sad about the restaurant… i would have done what laura said.. dessert! BIG ASS TOO!

  14. HA to the appetizer plate! Reminds me of a lot of Toronto restos! People complain about how portion sizes are way to big in America but all countries outside of America need to step it up and actually give us some bang for our buck!

  15. I do not have an exciting life, but it’s mine and I love it. I even wrote down every boring thing I did on Saturday so I could share a day in the life post, although no one has asked me. Hmm, I wonder what that says? No matter, it’s never stopped me before. My intent is to post it on Wednesday, but I shall make no promises.

    I would have loved to see you stare down the waiter.

    I’ve never eaten kabocha squash.

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