Girls, Girls, Girls – and back at the box


22. September 2014 by swissfitchick


It’s not me, it’s you guys. It’s ALL in your head!!!

Kidding. I am sorry. Not really. But I SWEAR, I didn’t buy this Essie nail polish due to its name. I actually have it since months and only now discovered the name of it. You kind of have to agree that ball-jokes never get old, right? Right.

Welcome to Monday!!! I hope your weekend has been marvelous.

A quick feature of my friend Christian. You might know him already, he made me go back to CrossFit last January and he is my co-worker at the office.


He is a bobsledder. You know, these huge guys who ride down an iced bob run. One of the things that are still on my list to do. Now, it’s actually his first season to compete and I think it is 90% of what we talk about together currently. I am excited for him and I will definitely go and cheer him on, once the season has started. Sign of his excitement – he sends me the days-ticker daily. I may or may not have a hundred and ten of this very same photo with a different figure on my phone now. I actually wake up every morning to this pic. I guess I never counted down days until a first bob race before in my life. Oh, well, what you do for friends. I show you one and spare you with the other 20.


But now, guys, shut your ears, I need to talk about PMS. My dear female readers, you maybe know it. Days of being fake-pregnant, puffy eyes, lower back ache and just feeling huge and shit. That was me for the past 5 days. I am considering going to my gyn and shovel some hormones to get rid of this drama every month. SO annoying. I only have this since I went off the pill and it suuuuuuucks big time. Any tips?

But anyway, this wasn’t the fun part about my week/weekend and we want to talk about some fun things today, right? I spent hours and hours with this girl –


Sylvia, my Best – we didn’t see each other in 2 weeks which is VERY abnormal and not acceptable. We caught up on 2 nights last week and exchanged about 5473897548937349 words. She thought it was fun to make a list of all the men I ‘met’ in my past. Let’s say I was in TEARS from laughing. SO many memories and gossip.

Another ladies night out on Saturday night – I went to visit my 2 blonde girlfriends Anne and Carmen for dinner. It was a beautiful late Summernight at the lake. Oh, how I missed it.

Zurich Friends Lucie


Now have a look at the drinks. And tell me what the HELL is that shrimp/octopus/see horse in my drink????!!!!


I swear. I didn’t see this while drinking, I only saw it on the pic afterwards and I was like ‘what the fuuuuuuuck’ (fuuuuuck in a very high pitch voice)….MAYBE that was why I looked like this after.


So photogenic.

Sunday was my first day of workouts since one week. Unfortunately I couldn’t benefit from the restweek as much as I wanted to, cause my body was in all that shitty PMS pain for days. At least I slept a ton of hours all week and ate good food.

Curry Chicken Burger

Curry Chicken Burger

Baked Kabocha Squash

Baked Kabocha Squash

I made sure I fuel properly on Sunday morning.

PancakesI finally cooked up the FlapJacked Pancake Mix I got from Laura. I just added blueberries, and voilà! Ok, these are 2 servings. And honestly, my homemade pancake mix makes for a lot fluffier pancakes. But the apple cinnamon taste was delicious.


I went for a Sprintsession later on and then met up with one of my readers!! Sarah Jane reached out to me last week, telling me that she is in Basel. How cool is it to finally meet a reader!! We chatted along like girls do and I loved to get to know her – she is a musician (and a weight lifter! Yeah!) from the US who lives in Berlin with her boyfriend who is from Basel. Now how is that for a perfect combination.

Now look at her and agree with me on how beautiful she is. I can SO imagine her rocking the stage!!

FreindsLunch happened and CrossFit later. Oh I missed it!! I was SO antsy to finally go back to class again. We did Stone Carry. Carry me home. (I am the funniest person on the planet.)


I made a squat video to check on my technique after the restweek without any squatting but with tons of mobility and stretching. I felt that I performed a lot better apart from the upper body when I get down. Still, I go the approval from the coach that I am making good progress here!

Best ending of the day?? Dinner and then Facetime with my Atlanta blend-friend who I miss sooo much!! Except we failed MISERABLY with technology. God damn technology, I HATE it. Skype? Didn’t work. Yahoo Messenger? Didn’t work. So in the end we both stared at our phones and freaking out about our close up faces (don’t tell me you don’t know that). But I was so happy to catch up with her!!


Codfish, Salad, steamed broccoli&brussels sprouts

Codfish, Salad, steamed broccoli&brussels sprouts

That’s it! Happy Monday!

What is your usual Sunday breakfast? 

Did you ever take a restweek? 

Last girlsnight you were on? 



25 thoughts on “Girls, Girls, Girls – and back at the box

  1. I’ve pretty much had two back to back unintentional rest weeks. One workout each week and that’s it. I usually go to the gym on my lunch hour so when work gets hectic, I tend to miss out on my exercise. It’s no Bueno.

    I went off the pill a couple of years ago and now I’m a hormonal mess during that time every month. Even though it’s been two years now, I have no idea how women cope with this every month. It’s crazy, and I’m definitely not rational. I’d like to say it gets better, but that’s not true. You do start to develop coping mechanisms though so that helps.

    • Too much work is never bueno. Restweek for rest, yes. But not for sitting in the office! I need to talk to your boss, STAT.
      Oh damn. I hope my gyn has some wonderpill that makes things better. I was close to freak out last week.

  2. PMS can be a nightmare for me some months, and then other months I barely even notice it. I wish I knew what the secret was… I do have a feeling a lot of it has to do with diet and stress levels, though. I just try to drink lots, move lots, and drown my sorrows in chocolate 😉 And is it weird that I can’t even remember the last time I had pancakes for breakfast on a Sunday? I think it was back when I was still living at home 😯

  3. I have been meaning to tell you… the ball jokes are getting old. Hahahahaha… I can’t even type that with a straight face. I especially like that you also posted a video of your ball holding squat technique. 😉

    I thought the same thing about the flapjacks. And girls weekend (I wish we could do this!). And the bobsled. I must try this!

    Now I will yell at you for sneaking a pic of our call and posting my smelly, sweaty face. 😛

    • Hahaha. You crack me up and I WAS thinking about a ball joke too when I watched my video. I just thought it is too much in one post, lol. It can never get too many ball jokes, right.
      We need to go to Zermatt together and bobsled!
      Hahaha, I knew you would hate me cause of the pic. Intended. 🙂

  4. Mmm those pancakes look great..I’m a sucker for anything ‘apple cinnamon’! I am actually off on a 5-day vacay next week so aside from the occasional laps in the pool, I am deeming in a rest week! Aside from giving my body a break, not taking trainers also means for luggage space aka SHOPPING space ;)!

  5. Oh you naughty girl with all those ball jokes!!! Still they are funny to me..;)
    Bobsledging! I also would want to try that sometime…maybe in the loooong future..need to be prepare myself for that adrenaline rush…
    I am pretty sure that creature on your drink was an image on the glass but still there are so many drinks out there with dead insects that nothing surprises me anymore…like WTF would someone want to have a drink with a dead insect??? Please?
    Sunday breakfast for me is eat the whole kitchen!!! That simple! Ha!

    • I SO hope I can do the bobsledging this winter!!! I wanted to try it since years!!

      When I sleep in I want to eat the whole kitchen too. I mean, it’s like more than 12 hours without food, I am a bottomless pit then!!

  6. Emily Hawkes says:

    I am hopeless at taking rest weeks – I know I need to more often. The pancakes look great. I change up what I have each day, but I love to spend time making something yummy at the weekend.

  7. I always find pancake mixes to produce teeeny tiny compared to what I personally make. You stick to your quark cocoa covered ones.

    Last girls night….I’ll pass. And don’t get me started on skype. You and Christian are matching haha!

  8. Ughhh PMS – mine is the weirdest since I went off birth control. Some months Ive been a complete psycho and my body has done crazy things, other times I don’t notice it at all. Dammit, I just want some consistency!

    Last girls night: does a night watching The Fault in Our Stars with my best friend count? that was last night.

  9. cottercrunch says:

    there needs to be a magic food for pms wacky body feeling… maybe it’s pancakes, like yours!

  10. Carrie says:

    Bahaha what is that thing in your drink indeed! LOL! Loving those pancakes- I haven’t had them in ages!

  11. pms…. ahhhhhhhggghhh i totally felt your pains this past weekend! ok so i decided starting last thursday that i will take off a few days since i went to Amsterdam over the weekend. well guess what? i had uber PMS the first 2 days then started my damn period day 1. LOL. ok seriously not that horrible, but i also got a bit sick. poor me. lol. however i decided to kill all my pain with amazing food, amazing beer, and amazing fun 🙂 i’m taking some notes from your manual, lol!
    i LOVE girl trips, the last one that i remember was going to las vegas… sad that i’m afraid i forgot a few in between. that much fun, right?
    so i’ve decided to extend my restweek now for longer… just because. my body is wanting it. and we’re going to Nashville this weekend, so another vacation to rest for 🙂
    i have to be healthy to have fun, right?

    • Yay for all the rest Danielle, so good!! Your body will thank you!
      And oh NO for stupid PMS in Amsterdam. Such a bad timing!! Though I think you did well on cover it up with beer and fun!!

  12. […] You remember my office colleague and friend Christian who actually brought me back to CrossFit. He is competing in bobsled this season. I know the training effort a little, since I’ve been with a bobsledder for a while (don’t comment that) and I can see how much time and effort Christian invests to be his personal best this season. […]

  13. Those pancakes look amazing!

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