WIAW#76 – It’s a restweek


17. September 2014 by swissfitchick

Happy WIAW!!

There is NOTHING in my brain that would make for a good intro, so let’s just jump right into foodtalk. It’s the party of the week, after all.

wiaw fall into good habits button

Thank you Jen for being a great hostess every week!

So…..I share a little Berlin meals and some of my eats from the past few days. Guess what – I am taking a RESTWEEK. Wait WHAT?! Yes. ME. I am taking off a week of workouts. The only things I do is 2 Olympic Lifting classes and a gymnastic class, cause they are easier and lighter than CrossFit classes and Powerlifting. ย And of course all the mobility stuff, plus I registered for shittons of massages (ok, 2. But, still.).

I felt so exhausted, sore, tense and tired after weeks of very intense workouts, so I wanted to give my body a break. I also have pain in my shoulder (jammed muscle) and horribly tense trigger points on my back.

Anyway. My body is shedding water like crazy and I already feel a LOT better, and can not wait to see how my performance will be during my first workout on Sunday.

BUT, let’s look at some food. Tim cooked up a simple meal when I arrived.

Beets, Carrots, Spinach, Goat Cheese, Shrimp

Beets, Carrots, Spinach, Goat Cheese, Shrimp

Friday morning breakfast:

Egg/Eggwhite with spinach, mushrooms and topped with smoked salmon

egg/egg-white with spinach, mushrooms and topped with smoked salmon

Saturday morning breakfast:

Egg/Eggwhite Porridge with dried figs&banana

egg/egg-white Porridge with dried figs&banana

I wanted to ninja Tim’s bowls. I LOVE them. But I guess that would have been mean, no? He already had to give up a hoodie and a sweatpants for me cause I loved wearing them and refused to give back. I am such a nice friend.

This pic makes me think of my time as a HipHop Dancer. Yes, I did that. And Aerobics.


Saturday night Dinner:



Fo’real Babes! I ‘ate’ booze for dinner on Saturday. This massive bucket and 1-2 gin&tonics. I am such a good Healthy Living Blogger. Really. You should model yourself on me.

Food at home since Monday:

Roasted Chicken Breast with baked kabocha squash, salad

Roasted Chicken Breast with baked kabocha squash, salad

I found these salad toppings the other day at the supermarket – I love them! Makes things a little more interesting.


Codfish, veggiemix cooked in canned tomatoes, pepper and avocado

Codfish, veggiemix cooked in canned tomatoes, pepper and avocado

Baked Kabocha Squash. A religion of its own.


Can I get a HELL YEAH!!??? – Switzerland FINALLY imported raw almond butter into normal supermarkets. Means, I don’t need to make several trips to several different stores when I go grocery shopping. WIN.

Almond Butter

One of the most amazingly ugly dessert bowlย that ever graced the planet. Cacao quark and white almond butter. If it weren’t for the deliciousness, I know I would take a huge risk of losing readers. Please stay. I swear, it doesn’t taste like poo as bad as it looks.

QuarkAnd, as promised, here are my Berlin-Photo-Walk pics!

Farmers Market…..

Berlin Berlin



Coffee Break….

Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin


Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin

Berlin Berlin


Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin


That’s all for today! Have a fabulous day!

Do you love farmer’s markets?ย 

Figs? Fresh or Dried? FRESH! But dried ones are candy. Nothing to complain here.

Are you a fan of huge sweatpants? I obviously am. Are they office qualified?




22 thoughts on “WIAW#76 – It’s a restweek

  1. Farmers markets are one my happy places. I would love to go there. In fact, the market I went to in Belgium two years ago was one of my favorites. So much amazingness.

    I think a rest week is a great idea, especially since it sounds like that’s what your body is telling you. It’s always good to listen to it, right?

    Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Pretty cool seeing Berlin through your eyes.

  2. Love that you are already feeling better from a rest week! I am sure your workouts from Sunday onwards will be killer :)!

    And obvi I’m a fan of huge sweat pants. You see, that’s the problem with working from home- my work attire has gone from dress pants to sweatpants and big t-shirts…comfort first, at least when I’m home!

    PS I gotta say- Tim is a cutie ;)!

  3. Wow beautiful pictures!! I don’t know what Berlin has but it mesmerizes me! I love grocery shopping so obviously farmer’s markets are my weakness. It is like a whole experience on its own: the colours, the smells, the ambiance….
    I love figs in all its ways but it is true that dried figs and dried fruit in general is just like candy!! I am the Dates girl, remember? Ha!

  4. Baked Kabocha Squash. A religion of its own. <- This. Minus the baked because steamed is the way to go for me. With a stab of coconut oil added. Okay, great, now I'm craving it.
    And yes to a rest week. My legs have felt insanely tired lately so I took yesterday off of the gym spontaneously – despite sitting all day at work. A walk cut it for me just fine. Who knows if I won't join you in the rest week thing??
    Berlin – what can I say?! Aaaah. Need to go there again. It's been too long already. All of your pictures are amazing and capturing the atmosphere perfectly.
    You also know my stance on white almond butter. Have you ever tried GranoVita brand?

    • I can only recommend restweeks. So nice and it loads up batteries for all the upcoming workouts!
      I don’t know this brand – I am already happy we have the Alnatura now in the supermarket!

  5. Tim says:

    Wich hoodie did ya Steel form me…?

  6. Can I model myself after your healthy habits? Enjoy those massages chicken…..you deserve them.

    I have so many sweat pants and I live in 3 of them religiously…almost as religiously as kabocha squash. Genius.

  7. Emily Hawkes says:

    I love a good farmers’ market. Waiting until tomorrow so I can go in my lunch break and buy as much squash as I can carry home ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the Farmers’ markets in mainland Europe – nothing here compares.
    Figs are my favourite dried fruit – but I don’t buy them often, as you say – candy!

  8. Yay for taking a rest week! Those are my favourite ๐Ÿ˜‰ you just feel so renewed for your workouts again after taking some time off!
    And yes to big comfy sweatpants. Cannot go wrong with those.

  9. Love farmers’ markets, love sweatpants, and looooove dried figs. I’ve only tried fresh ones once and they honestly tasted like lettuce. The dried ones, though? Soooo sweet and amazing. Loving all the pics, girl! I seriously need to make it out to Berlin one day…

  10. I shall join you in your rest week, I will be in Amsterdam and happily drinking beer so cheers to that! You look amazing as usual, even make the baggy sweatpants seem cute and chic. Haha!
    I just ate a giant container of fresh figs last week, all by myself. I couldn’t believe it, so amazing! Your pics rock, farmers markets are always a delight for all the senses. Unless there are loose chickens running around like one time, lol.

    • I like that Amsterdam trip already! ๐Ÿ™‚
      And thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my swetpants.
      Haha, I was on farmers markets on the Philippines. It was scary. So much weird meat hanging around!

  11. mslibbyliu says:

    Those pastries at the market… yum!!

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