PJ’s. Couch. TV. Book.


8. September 2014 by swissfitchick


Happy Monday! Let’s start off with a big thank you to our hostess Katie:


I all honesty, I think it is ok to spend a Saturday morning/midday/afternoon/evening (you get it – all day) in the pj’s watching TV. At the age of 36 and while the sun’s shining outside. I think society would expect that I am a busy housewife, or a mother or business woman on a business trip. Nope. I behave like a lazy bachelorette in my 20ies. Which I am. At least the former.

Active weekends are overrated anyway. Baha, look who’stalking. But seriously – I was looking forward to this weekend at home all week – after all these crazy shenanigans past month I didn’t even remember how it is to be home alone and have some serious discussions with myself. Always a pleasure.


No reason to freak out – Mom was over and caught me with the camera while I was blogging.

And then she reminded me that I might want to sort out the ABNORMAL chaos I created during my busy week at home. Fair enough. You can usually tell the level of my stress by the way my apartment looks. And it really. Really. Really, really looked shocking – especially cause I started to change my linen and then stopped in the middle of this activity (cause something else crossed my mind – totally normal), means, my bedroom was covered with dirty linen, fresh linen, pillows, comforters and all the clothes I changed and left laying on the floor. The bathroom was laid-out with all kinds of cosmetics, water bottles and hair straightener. The entry was decorated with high heels (single ones – where the HECK is the second?!), sneakers and jackets laying in all corners. The kitchen – let’s not go there. I can’t even. I am SO annoyed I didn’t take a pic. Of the chaos, and of Mom’s face when she stepped in. Priceless. This was unique, even for me.



Anyway. I had some good, good training sessions this week. Wednesday morning 7 am – we did a Handstand Circuit which I LOVED – finally I could see that my almost daily handstand practise makes sense. And then we did this:


My reaction wasn’t this:

I think she yells 'Oh-Fuck-YEAH!'

I think she yells ‘Oh-Fuck-YEAH!’

More like this:


Sorry Dino. Never personal. 🙂 We did the Handstand Push Ups with the band on the rack – I LOVED this! All of a sudden I could do assisted Handstand Push Ups. SO freaking cool.

Friday was Powerlifting. Best ever. We did Sumo Deadlifts and I managed 4 sets of 3x95kg (209,5lbs). Hmmyeah. Thank you Tom for believing in me 🙂


The filter is for you, Michi. 🙂

There are 2 rooms at our box that have the Zen – the little stretchingroom where I always do my mobility stuff, and the skillbox. As much as I love the main box which is huge and loud and fun and motivating – the quietness of those 2 smaller locations are the perfect contrast. It’s perfect to focus, to train awareness and to concentrate.

Post Powerlifting:


Girls night out! I met up with my crew – SO good to see them. We had a blast as always, my abs were sore the next day from laughing. It is known that my laughs are too loud, but the ones that happen with my family or close friends are unreal. Out of control. NOT normal. Maybe I should let someone video me next time, so you get an idea. Ok, maybe not.

We had GREAT food:

Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio

Codfish with melon, saladgreens and other mysterious raw veggies

Codfish with melon, saladgreens and other mysterious raw veggies

Warm chocolate cake, frozen berries, vanilla ice cream (not for me :-( ) and some kind of raspberry sauce

Warm chocolate cake, frozen berries, vanilla ice cream (not for me 😦 ) and some kind of raspberry sauce


As mentioned, Saturday was spent at home, doing things and nothing. In my Pj’s and my scarf cause I am having a nasty cold. It was summer outside and I spent almost all day inside, cheering with my TV, staring at my iPad, having conversation with myself and going for short walks from the couch to the kitchen and back. Food, ya know.

At least I let the sunshine in….


And reading. Just be and read – perfect peace.

Oh, hey, wait, I went grocery shopping. Food, ya know. No worries, I changed clothes. Ok, that’s not entirely true, I just put on the jeans shorts over my pj shorts. Top stayed the same. #itsokbelieveme #evenifididntwearabra #itsok

Smoked Trout, Broccoli&Beets, FIsh/Shrimp Skewers. Nutmix, Bananas, Quark, Chicken and a solid amount of eggs

Smoked Trout, Broccoli&Beets, FIsh/Shrimp Skewers. Nutmix, Bananas, Quark, Chicken and a solid amount of eggs

And this beauty:


Acorn Squash. Will make its way into the oven soon sprinkled with ridiculous piles of cinnamon and eaten warm with chocolate dip.

May I introduce you to my new best friend? I decided to transfer my racing bike to an almost every-day life-bike. I changed up the clicks and VOILÀ! Ok, for the master transports I sometimes have to absolve, I switch to my old one, but this one is perfect to race to Crossfit and home.



I also got a new mirror for my dressing room.


Means, a new place to feed my selfie obsession.

Sunday morning Make Up Free Version

Sunday morning half-naked Make Up Free Version

Sunday morning I felt much better after a good night of sleep and was off to a glorious trailrun in the morning sun. Oh bliss.

Run Run Run Post Run – the most humongous omelette I have ever eaten.

Oats, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, 2 eggs, 4 eggwhites. BAM.


Rest of Sunday was spent sunbathing on the balcony, meal prepping, joining a Crossfit Class and doing some Open Gym strength. All in all, I did about 80 reps of barbell push presses. Holy shit.

Oh, and eating a huge dinner after all these mad workouts. It’s summer, and I am eating roasted brussel sprouts. What the fuck. I love them.


Plus tea and dessert.


PJ’s all day, yay or nay? (I am a rhyme genius)

Favorite way to eat eggs? 




22 thoughts on “PJ’s. Couch. TV. Book.

  1. The Padre says:

    Awesome post!!! Cant wait to see the upcoming photos from your adventures on your new best friend!! Free your mind & your bike will follow. Thanx 4 Being You. Cheers

  2. Mmm can you come make me packed lunches- that Tupperware full of shrimp & sweet potato looks super! I love eggs in almost every form but lately I’ve gone back to omelettes- forgot how much I enjoy them, especially cooked in coconut oil! My shoulders quiver at the thought of doing 60 kettlebell snatches straight- nicely done!

  3. Please PJs always!!! They are still clothes, right? Then I guess it is better than naked…Ha!
    My mind races all the time too…I start doing something and I stop mid way because something else crossed my mind…that leaves me with nothing finished!
    I love that mirror..full body ones are always the best!
    I prefer my eggs hard boiled…which I think is not very appetising but I am weird and I know it!
    Congrats on your Sumo Deadlifts!!!

  4. Hahahaha. I can’t wait for you to come. I am taking you to an ice cream buffet…because I am selfish.

    I hope you got that mirror PURELY for posing practice. And….the number of barbell push presses you did is what I do in a year. And PJ’s is standard wear. You should see how I dress some weekends…

  5. cottercrunch says:

    i want to see more pics with your new friend! and dang girl, half naked no make up looks good on you! power lift it up!

  6. I seriously adore that first picture of you on the couch – so gorgeous! And as for eggs…you know I love me some runny yolks.

  7. Definitely YAY to PJs all day… at least once in a while. I get a little stir crazy if I try to do it too often, but every now and then that’s just what I need — a day of doing nothing at all. And I couldn’t help but laugh at your linen story because that’s literally the story of my life. Sometimes I’ll sleep in a half made bed, or leave the vacuum cleaner lying in the middle of the floor for like 2 days because I start it up and never finish. Just too many things on my mind!

    • Oh I am so glad this happens to you too! Seriously, I always end up finishing my linen change around midnight before I pass out, cause I forget all day and then I am ready for bed and all I find is this mess. Lol.

  8. In bed (so like basically the couch) in my PJs on Saturday night! Sick with a cold too 😦 Loved every minute of the downtime though and even got Arman to surprise me with his lovely face!

  9. PJs all the way! also, I love your new mirror 😀

  10. You know my favorite way to eat eggs. Like porn. Duh.

    My house *I think* is in the same state yours was. Can you come help???

  11. Did I tell you I planted brussel sprouts in my garden. They should be ready to pop any day now. You should come and taste test them and I could hear that laugh in person. Although the organized structure of my house might frighten you. I’d let you make a mess of the guest room though. Ha.

    Your abs are sick. Damn, work it girl.

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