Alp Challenge 2014 – Scooter was with me


1. September 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning friends!

I hope you had a good weekend?!

I like to think of myself as an independent and smart girl. Yeah, I think I could say that. Then there’s the clumsy side of me. It is the story of my life and even though sometimes it is a little tiring, it always makes up for some entertainment. For example, I am the sleepyhead of the year or even the millennium and in all honesty, I need at least a minute every morning to figure out what the hell I am (animal, alien, girl, boy, food?) and where I am. After finding out, I try to remember if I am allowed to sleep more or if I really, really have to raise at this ungodly hour of the day. Happened this weekend again. Read on.

It was even worse when I worked for Swissair. Believe it or not, I once called the receptionist in my sleepy delirium to find out in what city I currently sleep. He then sent a huge can of coffee to my room. Was that nice or rude?

Hey look! I got new Powerlifting shoes!! I deleted the actual pic. So this is IG screenshot. Just referring to my clumsiness.


My closest blend and meanwhile REAL friend says I have too many clothes and shoes. She might be right. But hey, I didn’t have Powerlifting shoes yet. And in all actuality, the boys from Crossfit literally forced me into buying those. I swear. I had no choice.

But YES, I am superhappy with them – Olympic LIfting on Thursday went so well, I was even able to do an ok snatch with 2 overhead squats which were approved by the coach. Last class of the week was Powerlifting on Friday night including my all time favorite exercise, bench press. I am a little impatient with my progress there, I want to be able to push more weight, I am with 52,5 kg à 5 reps currently.

CrossfitThe main event of the weekend was the yearly passtour – this time the Furkapass. It’s the 6th pass I cycled – I already posted the cycling madness last year.

Obviously, my packing skills get worse by the day.


It took me a solid 3 hours to pack a backpack with stuff for 2 days – as little and as light as possible, cause we always carry our luggage during the whole tour. I am pretty sure I secretly thought we are away for 5 weeks.

Anyway, Saturday morning I stepped out my apartment and wanted to head off to the train station, when I realized that I forgot one damn important thing.


I left the bike upstairs in my apartment. And back she went.

Some of us were already tired before we even started.

BikeBut we were SO ready to go when we arrived in Brig! I just really NEED more girlspower next time! I mean, I don’t mind being around men, but a whole weekend with 10 guys – I fear my jokes get even more inappropriate as they already are. Let’s face it, I don’t think we had more than 1-2 serious conversations this whole weekend. Penis- and Fartjokes anyone?

Bike Challenge Bike


BikeNow, the tour. OMG. Let’s face it, I didn’t ride my racing bike since the last tour one year ago. I was a little nervous, but I must say – it went FANTASTIC. I couldn’t believe how much energy I had and even though I cursed the shit out of me during some really steep parts on the hill, I always recovered superfast and after tiny breaks was ready to go on. My legs sometimes nearly DIED, but I didn’t stop, of course not. My secret? SCOOTER!! I know. He is a little weird, but I LOVE his beats for a workout. This one was played on repeat all the way up (Club Mix. My favorite version. Don’t judge.) Just listen to the song and look at the pics and you will get an idea on how awesome this ride was.

Totally motivated, still smiling and not swearing yet. But sweating. Oh, so funny.


And up we go.




Bike Bike Bike image




First break was on top of the pass, at 2436 meters. The views were INCREDIBLE.




DONE!! I don’t think there is something that can describe the feeling when you reach the top.

I might want you to note that I arrived as the 6th person on top. 5 guys ahead of me, 5 guys after me. Not too bad.



We took a break to have food and then we went DOWNHILL!! We reached 60km/h – SO love the speed. We cycled on for 2,5 more hours until we reached our hotel with beautiful lake view.

Wait, wait. WAIT!!! ….I didn’t fall. HEY!! I need to go and mark that down in my calendar!! If you read last years post, you know I had some SERIOUS embarrassing blonde downfalls with my bike (face plant in front of ca. 45 Italians, anyone?). Holy shitty click pedals. But not this time! Score!! #poundschest


All in all we cycled about 9 hours, 120k’s I think? My poor snatch. Ok, let’s not go there. But yeah, I am still suffering. There is one essential thing about this whole tour: The Post-Madness-Selfie AND Prosecco. Freshly showered, starving and happy and ready to get drunk celebrate. Clearly, I was waiting for this moment all day.

My hair was crayyyyyyy!



We even got a special menu for our group – Food pics coming on Wednesday! We had a blast until midnight when I collapsed in my bed and fell into a crazy sleep coma. Seriously, you might let 2-3 bombs explode in my room and I won’t notice when I sleep. And yes, see – I was absolutely IRRITATED as to where the HELL I am and what my life is all about when I woke up the next morning.


Here’s Markus, one of my best friends since 7 or 8 years. We’ve done all these tours together and still, his words on Saturday night were: ‘ Schnittli (my nickname). You simply are a machine. I have no clue how you do it.’       –  Strong legs and a stubborn brain maybe? 🙂

Bike Bike

Did I mention I was given the honeymoon suite? I thought this was really cute. And hey, a girl needs her SPACE!! Guys, I could have thrown a freaking PaaaaarteYYYY in that room, it was HUGE! But where the fuck was my HIS?!

Bike Bike

Sunday consisted of sleeping in (God, it was SO blissful!!!!), breakfast and then off to the train and home.


How was YOUR weekend?

Do you tend to forget your stuff? Ask the Crossfit team – they have to collect my stuff at the box more times then I dare to admit. Good thing I always bring cookies.

Do you cycle? 



24 thoughts on “Alp Challenge 2014 – Scooter was with me

  1. Ah way to go Lucie…both in terms of Crossfit & the cycle! I’m sure the views must have been stunning! Don’t judge me but I don’t know how to cycle. I was really into roller blading when I was younger so never really got a chance to learn- it’s defo on my bucket list though 🙂 I love that picture of you holding the cycle over your head- gorgeous girl!

  2. WOW 9 hrs of cycling!! I would have died! I learned how to cycle recently – yes, never owned a bike..:( and I am still a bit of a threat on the roads. HAHAHA. I am stronger in my lower body but the bike seems to kill me, it is my worst enemy!
    They gave you the suite and 10 men all for yourself..what else do you want girl?!!!!! 😉
    By the way I listened to Scooter while looking at your pics and could totally see myself riding with you! Maybe next year?!

    • Aww, love that you listened to the song! 🙂
      Oh, you know, most of them are married – not too interesting 🙂
      Cycling is practise – just keep on going it will be supereasy for you in no time!

  3. You need to stop with all these fit getaways……what will I be left to do with you when you come haha! You seriously are amazing with all rhe random activities you do- So I have a fit activity planned for us now. TRAMPOLINE DODGEBALL!

    Packing- don’t get me started. I am terribly slow and lazy.

  4. Amy says:

    I love that you were the only girl with 10 guys – and rocked it! You look so happy, fit and strong… I hope you are very proud of yourself 🙂 I definitely want to get into some cycling (I only really get on the stationary bike to cool down after workouts) but I think if I lived in Switzerland it would be a lot easier… those views!!!

    • Thank you Amy! It was really fun and yes, I felt amazing after tackling this mountain.
      Cycling here really is beautiful, though to be honest apart from this tour I hardly ever go out there and cycle – except from my bikerides from and to work!

  5. Wow – 9 hours of cycling – you really are a machine! I will casually ride a bike, but I definitely don’t do the intense stuff that you do. As for forgetting stuff – yup! I can’t go anywhere without forgetting at least one important thing.


    I have a challenge for you:

    1000 squats. In one day. Do it. 🙂

  7. ranchcookie says:

    That sounded like the perfect weekend! I hope I get to experience a tour like that one day!

  8. The Padre says:

    You Are Awesome & Gr8 Photos!!!

  9. I’m with Markus. Nine hours on a bike might leave me permanently damaged. You are a machine and definitely deserving of #vanillagorilla #poundschest

  10. […] I wanted to let you know what I ate on the cycling tour, gosh. These stories always get in the […]

  11. I’m so behind!!! I have to tell you though… you are my bad ass biking hero. I’m going to o this with you one day. Someone needs to help with all the penis and fart jokes. And the booze. 😉

  12. wow ok that’s it, I am totally going to visit your part of Switzerland next time I am in Zurich – the cycling pics are epic and gorgeous!!! That looks seriously amazing, what a great time. My crotch would have died a sad death, I have a love/hate relationship with hills. They look so pretty, but my crotch hates them so much!!! The old gals I used to cycle with call hills “grinders” because they grind your ass and crotch to oblivion.

  13. […] weekends are overrated anyway. Baha, look – who’s – talking. But seriously – I was looking forward to this weekend at home all week – after all […]

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