Hiking, Olympic Lifting, Strongman Training and Photobombs


25. August 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

Thank you ever so much for all your sympathetic and caring comments, text messages and emails I got from you as a reaction to my 2nd ‘my story’ post from last Thursday. Guys, you are the best. It definitely took quite some courage to make this all public, but you just gave me the best reason as to why I do this! Just one thing: With the publishing of my past, I DON’T want to arrouse pity. Not at all. I made peace with my past, and I am recovered from all of these difficult happenings. It took me quite some time and work to reflect, but I am absolutely OK about it today and in a happy place. These things happened for a reason and the way I handled it at that time was right. Maybe I would do it differently today, but back then, these were the right decisions for me.

Now on to some marvelous things!

We had an office trip on Thursday / Friday last week – which was a blast, as always. There was a minor fact that was a little disturbing though – we went hiking. Maybe you know meanwhile that I am NOT a friend of hiking. Thank God I had food and chocolate before we started that adventure.


Excuse my ugly Crossfit Hands

Excuse my ugly Crossfit Hands

My coworker during climbing up this horrible-steep mountain: ‘Lucie, do you like it?’ Me (yelling at him in between gasping and trying to ignore an almost heart attack): ‘NO!!! I fucking HATE it. I wanna go home and watch TV.’ – Not very appropriate if you love hiking and fall into a romantic enthusiastic mood when you enjoy views like this:

Mountains MountainsI was drenched in my own sweat (so nice, I know) when we arrived on top and I couldn’t come up with more horrific swearwords as I used them all up. But of course it was stunning up there and when we sat down I was served some booze and food, all was good. You see, I am so frugal.

Office Cheese

We slept in a cottage without water and power. It was really cool. Except that we all smelled. I mean, my shower was my own sweat on the hike up! Ugh. That just meant, we had to drink more.

OfficeWe woke up to this view:

Mountains MountainsHad breakfast…..


Took some fun pics – this one was for Ramon, as it was his birthday.

chris chris



Christian managed a MASTER-PHOTOBOMB. Seriously. WHERE the hell is ME??!! I was fighting for my visibility as you may notice. ALL IN VAIN. #fail

Err….excuse me. MY pic. For damn's sake, piss off!! LOL

Err….excuse me. MY pic. Oh, for damn’s sake, piss off!! LOL

'#wtf - #hey!! #cheeesus #damn!!! #goaway #heywaitwhat?! #iamherrrrrrre'

‘#wtf #hey!! #cheeesus #damn!!! #goaway #heywaitwhat?! #iamherrrrrrre #photobombbitchbastard ‘

We hiked some more and I had to take  a hiking selfie as usual. The excitement is real, as the hike wasn’t steep and we were about to arrive at a restaurant. Which meant I was awaiting food soon. Always a reason to be excited, right?

Lucie Lucie

Stupid me left my phone unattended and the traditional ‘let’s-take-supermany-silly-pics-with-lucies-phone’ – fungame came into action. Oh my GOD. I was in tears. How on EARTH can someone make so many different creepy faces??!! NOT human.

Selfies Selfies


Saturday morning called for a good breakfast, I was about to absolve an All Levels Class at Crossfit and Olympic Lifting.

Veggie-Egg Bake, Coffee with Coconut Oil, Berries

Veggie-Egg Bake, Coffee with Coconut Oil, Berries

Yeah. I drank coffee. I was said that coffee with fat is great. Why? I have no clue. Well, I just forgot it. but I was said it is good. I think it has something to do with more energy and even blood sugar levels. If you know more about it, please clarify in the comment section, tks.

The Oly Class was great – GIRLSPOWER!! We had a guest trainer from Germany who coached us and I am pretty sure that he was torn between being superhappy and totally nervous – or a little overwhelmed by so many words from us that were thrown at him in 60 minutes. I guess he wouldn’t admit that, but hey, 6 strong ladies – ain’t no joke there.

Another MASTER-Photobomb.


In the evening we celebrated Ramon’s birthday with a BBQ at the box. I can not publish all the pics or videos – let’s leave it by that fact that it was, errr……frolic. Yeah.


This is the only uncensored one I can give you…..Selfie with Ramon’s glasses. Inclusive photobomb (a photobombed selfie – now that is new even to me) – and someone who is dancing. Without pants.

Sunday I fueled up to be ready for Strongman training! I did my first and I loved it.

Eggy Oates with homemade apple sauce, Cacao Quark, Banana

Eggy Oates with homemade apple sauce, Cacao Quark, Banana

Apparently there are disciplines which are more fun, but I already loved this session. Like with everything I do for the first time, I was supernervous and sick cause of that – but I was able to do it all. This is what we did:

– Apollo Axle
– Crucifix hold
– Viking Press
– Keg Carry
– Tire Flip

And I flipped this damn thing. 6 times the lighter one and 3 times the heavier one. I was so angry at that heavy thing. So damn stubborn, for eff’s sake. Now check out my ever so pretty pout when I am in workout pain.

Lucie Lucie

Vanessa flipping the real stuff

Vanessa flipping the real stuff

Many days with many happenings and many people – I was DONE by Sunday night. I wanted to have no plans, no talking, no people. Just me and my food and my laptop and my TV and my dishwasher (damn, I love my dishwasher) my bed, my peace.  


Steamed Chicken with Endive Salad, Pepper and Avocado

Bye and happy Monday!

Do you think Ramons glasses fit me? 

What is the benefit of coffee with fat? 

Who is in for an European Blend retreat? In the Swiss mountains? 



28 thoughts on “Hiking, Olympic Lifting, Strongman Training and Photobombs

  1. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says:



  2. Daayyy-yum girl..you’re a beast…way to go on those tire flips!! I’m curious to hear about the relation between coffee & fat- it’s my first time hearing of this combo being especially effective!

  3. Girl, I’d be there for a European blend in an INSTANT!! Especially in the Swiss mountains. Not tooooo much hiking though please 😉

    Love the tyre photos!!! Rocking it.

  4. Omg Lucie. I’m lol’ing like a twat. ‘I DON’T want to arouse pity’.

    You may be the first person to use the words arouse and pity in the same sentence. Love it.

    Doesn’t it feel like everyone in blog world is hiking? We should hike….to a restaurant. Deal? deal. And the coffee coconut oil thing.. I tried it but didn’t feel anything but an oily mouth.

  5. I’m in!!!! I need the alps in my life! Also I learned the lesson the hard way after leaving my phone unattended once…so many selfiebombs!

  6. hahaha that is so hilarious that your friends would hijack your phone and do selfies!!! this makes me wonder if my friends are to scared of me because i know they would not do that. they have unfortunately seen my crazy OCD side and all consider me a little crazy. oops! i just say wicked witches run in my family 😉
    you are totally my kind of woman – you have the right priorities: training and food and drinks, lol!
    great job on your new training, total badass woman!

  7. Congrats on your Strongman training achievements! That was a damn heavy bitch!
    The views are AMAZING but I am with you on the fact that hiking sucks…and lets not talk about no WATER in all that sweatiness!!
    I’ve never heard about pairing coffee with fat before. I do have heard that the caffeine it contains which builds up adrenaline, helps burn fat more easily by dissolving it into brown fat cells.
    Yes to retreat!

  8. Lol that hike looks brutal BUT you look like you were having a little bit of fun by the end of it so that’s good 😉 congrats strong woman! Those tire flips look like so much fun. I really need to up my strength training (how long have I been saying that….oh god). I wish I could be more helpful with the coffee/fat thing but I’ve never heard about it – if you figure it out you should do a post on it! It seems like other commenters are curious too.

  9. Shelly says:

    I recently heard about this whole fatty coffee trend, but didn’t have the slightest clue as to what it was all about. According to Google the added healthy fats will keep your energy levels up for six hours if you need it, as well as improve cognitive function and shrink your waistline. The thought of putting a lump of butter in my coffee grosses me out, but coconut oil I could do. You can read more here, if interested: http://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-deal-with-butter-in-coffee-190911.

  10. You and the hiking! I will go in your place. 😉 I love those guys and the camera stealing. 🙂

    Fatty coffee is ridiculous. Leave it to Americans to totally ruin morning coffee.

  11. You beast!! Way to go! The sunlight streaming into that breakfast room is just lovely. What incredible scenery 🙂

  12. I feel like I commented on this post already and yet I see no response from me. Maybe it was all in my head. It does happen.

    Anyway, I think you are my doppleganger but taller. Therefore, I will dub you #vanillagorilla. It’s a name I reserve for few, myself included of course, and I officially invite you to join the club. #pounds chest.

    Yesterday, I struggled out of my sports bra after a very successful body pump class. I thought of you.

  13. If you provide chocolate, I’m all in for a European Blend retreat 😉 In all seriousness, though, the Swiss Alps are definitely on my travel bucket list, so I hope to make it out there one day! And stop giving me mountain envy… I have 2 more days before I can see them myself!

    • There will be chocolate fondue!! How about that??
      You know I would even go for a hike with you if you come here. And I swear I won’t swear.
      Gosh, I am so funny!

  14. […] weekends are overrated anyway. Baha, look – who’s – talking. But seriously – I was looking forward to this weekend at home all week […]

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