Transfer to Sugar Coma


20. August 2014 by swissfitchick

It’s Food Stalking Day!


A big thank you to our hostess Jen from Peas and Crayons!!

A big thank you to our hostess Jen from Peas and Crayons!!

Now that we know that dancing and sex cancels out booze, I actually had a DETOX weekend at the wedding. Because I DANCED so much. (YOU GUYS!!!)

I also had other good stuff beside litres of champagne.

Friday, the day I left for the wedding, I met up with 2 of my Besties for lunch. We went to Dean&David, a place I visit quite frequently if you noticed. But maybe you didn’t, so I tell you again: Dean&David is a favorite place of mine to have lunch. Because I can order my own salads and make them as big as twice my head. This time with beef. Salad Friends#lunchselfie

The chocolate monster hit in the afternoon, so I rushed into the next supermarket to satisfy that craving. It’s all about balance, right? Chocolate and Protein. In my handbag.


Post Powerlifting: The shock over 45 minutes Deadlifts was washed down with the mentioned shake. After recovering, Vanessa and I cycled home and I threw together a simple meal. And by throwing I mean LITERALLY throwing things around in my kitchen.

Seriously, WTF.

Seriously, WTF.

Baked Chicken, Salad with Cucumber, Quinoa in an ugly tupperware

Baked Chicken, Salad with Cucumber, Quinoa in an ugly tupperware

As mentioned, I woke up STARVING on Saturday morning at the hotel, on the wedding day. We all know that weddings are tricky – you never know when you will get to eat the next time. Horror Scenario: Fainting from low blood sugar cause of lack of food at the church.

So I HAD to make sure I fuel properly so I wouldn’t start to bitch at the priest.


I sent this pic to my friend Christian and he wrote back:’ Ya know, I hate these people like you. You could divide this amount into 2-3 courses. You’re so greedy.’ Haha, omg, he’s so damn right. Not going to lie, some of the food fell off the plate. But honestly? I was terrified that if I don’t take it all at once, it will be gone when I go back the second time. #seriousproblems. Jealousy about food. I grew up with 3 other kids, so my behavior is extremely legitimate and understandable. My dessert eaten with a spoon and sans bread: Nutella. No shame.


Greedy me I snaffled some stuff from the buffet to my hotel room where I snacked on it before I definitely had to rush (and fall on the floor almost) to the ceremony.

Plain yogurt, Quest Bar

Plain yogurt, Quest Bar

My appetizer at the reception was champagne. I was busy taking selfies and trash talking to everyone, so I totally missed out on the little melons with ham or bruschettes.

WeddingWhen we entered the hall, I was excited about the cute nametags and sugar covered almonds.


I hardly dare to admit, that I demolished something like 27 sugar covered almonds during the whole night. Really!! My table neighbours tried to hide them from me. No chance. As soon as they weren’t looking, I threw them down my throat.

Anyway, the real meal was a Caprese Terrine as a starter.


The we had the most perfect beef with ONE shrimp. ONE. I had to hold myself back from laughing out loud. You know already that I asked for more, yes? Of course I did. I got 2 more. TWO. Besides that, the course was DELICIOUS, the meat absolutely PERFECT.


The one thing I was ACTUALLY waiting for all day was dessert. Holy mother of Sugar Heaven.

Dessert There was warm chocolate cake, white and dark chocolate mousse, lime cream and fruitsalad. My disinterest about the fruitsalad was obvious. I never eat fruit for dessert. I mean, fruit IS NO DESSERT. Sorry, but that’s what I think. Dessert must taste moist and fudgy and sweet and decadent. Just like this unbelievably delicious chocolate mousse of which I had about 4. I walked around the hall and collected all the mousses that weren’t eaten. Is that inappropriate? The chocolate addict in me gives a shit.

Chocolate I am amazed that I was even able to sleep after transferring myself into this sugar coma. Next day I made myself eating cleaner to balance things out again.

Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, mushrooms, tomatoes

Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, mushrooms, tomatoes. The salmon fell offΒ  the plate. I ate it anyway.

Happy Wednesday Lovies!!

Do you like sugar covered almonds? Of course I love chocolate covered almonds more, but I take sugar covered ones anytime.

Do you pile food on your plate like me? (Careful what you say here)

What did you have for breakfast today?



28 thoughts on “Transfer to Sugar Coma

  1. Julia says:

    Is that was stands for a HOTEL BREAKFAST?!?!?!

  2. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says:

    I certai my pile on the food like that when I’m out at a buffet…I go back at least 5 times!

  3. I’m definitely not a fan of fruity desserts… Unless we’re talking gummy bears, because those I can definitely do. And please don’t hate me when I admit that sometimes I’ll choose gummies over chocolate 😯

  4. Girl, I am in food coma just LOOKING AT ALL OF THIS FOOD.

    AND WHEN WE FINALLY MEET – you will KNOW how HIGH I PILE MY FOOD – lets just say, if I hiked up my mound of food, I would need an oxygen tank! LOL!

  5. If we’re ever at wedding together, I promise to give you all my sugar almonds- I hate them…yet almost always take a bite with the hope that my taste buds have converted! I am in the minority in that I love fruit-based desserts…strawberry tarts & blueberry cheesecakes? Sign me up!!

  6. I think we could be very good friends because I don’t like chocolate (yes, don’t hate me!) but love fruits! This way you could have all those creamy chocolate mousse and I could have the fruity desserts. There you go, no fights, everyone happy!

    Buffets are literally heaven! Its like the best supermarket but with the food ready to eat which is even better!! And breakfast buffets always take the win!

    By the way! One shrimp?!!! Hahaha.

  7. OMG. I need to tell you this story.

    There was a lady who used to give roasted almonds to the boys who played soccer in the street every week. Everyone was always confused why she had almonds or bought them because she had no teeth. Nearby, there was a Greek church which had bagfuls of those sugar coated almonds. They used to give this lady those sugar coated almonds every week.

    ….the lady would suck off the sugar and give the boys the almonds. Yum. You’d still eat them wouldn’t you.

    I am so proud you ate that salmon that fell off the plate. I’ve never seen such beautiful salmon.

  8. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says:

    I have long forgotten about Nutella and now you make me wanna get some!

    I’m going to make a healthified version of it now πŸ™‚

  9. ohmylord all that smoked salmon. gimme. And the Nutella. And the chocolate mousse….can I be your date to the next wedding you go to? :-p And although chocolate covered almonds are better…I wouldn’t turn my nose up at sugar covered ones either πŸ˜‰

  10. I think fruit for dessert is total bull shit. And nuts, for that matter. Give me all the mousse. Actually, nuts could count if they are covered in chocolate. Moose nuts? Is that a thing?

    • NUTS for dessert? You mean like, plain nuts? That’s nuts (don’t you love my humour?)
      Naah. They must be covered with something decadent, other than that yes, it’s the mousse. Or cookies. Or Cake. Or Cream. Or sex. And booze.
      Hm. All of it.

  11. mooshka says:

    Do you really eat all this?

  12. cottercrunch says:

    i divide my plane food in courses! so keep at it! haha and i want that meat

  13. I want to go to Holy Mother of Sugar Land. I actually like sugary stuff better than simple chocolate. Well unless you are talking about white chocolate but that’s just butter and cream, which explains why I love it so.

  14. one shrimp WTF?!? LOL I would be so sad and probably (with no shame!) ask for more. Geezain’t no skimpin on my shrimpin game πŸ˜€

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