Selfies make the world go round


18. August 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning friends! I hope your week is off to a good start. Welcome to another weekly weekend recap – marvelous thanks to Mrs. Healthy Diva!


So, my plan for this weekend was some kind of a slogan: D, D, D and S. And L. Drink, Dance, Dessert, Sleep and Laugh. At least for Saturday! I converted pretty perfectly. But let’s start with Friday first. I went to Crossfit twice – I did an All Levels class in the morning and Powerlifting in the evening. It was my day, fact. I managed to do 2 legless rope climbs during the strength/skill part. I KNOW that I look like a sick monkey, but hey, it’s all a work in progress.

WOD was:

600m plate run

GDOH (Plate to Ground and Overhead) / Pull Ups: 30 – 20 – 10 (means 30 reps GDOH, 30 reps Pull Ups, then 20 reps each exercise etc.)

600m plate run

I had to use a 15kg (33lbs) plate. I quite liked the GDOH exercise, but the run??!! I was swearing my butt off while trying to move and carry this horrible thing at the same time. As always, I did it, even though I thought I was going to die. Same same, but different.

Powerlifting was Deadlifts only. We had to do something like a Circuit: My max weight is 101kg (I went with 100kg) and then I had to do all these rounds (left side is weight, right side are the reps). Forty-effing-five-minutes. Badass. 

CrossfitAnyway. For Saturday and Sunday I was invited to a wedding in Lucerne, beautiful city in Switzerland and I booked my hotel already from Friday night on. Oh yeah, I am decadent like that and spend a whole weekend for myself in a fancy hotel. It was 4056 hours later than I planned to depart when I finally had my car packed and was ready to go. Talk about almost midnight. #wtf #badtimingCarWe should NOT discuss the way I hung up my dresses in the car and we should also NOT discuss the fact that I brought THREE dresses. Oh, ok, let’s argue if you insist: I mean, HOW can you tell in which mood you are on the specific day?? I only knew 30 minutes before the ceremony began which dress I am finally going to wear. Me and dresses = livelong war. We had the same drama on my birthday already. I probably should avoid getting married at all in my life.

Reason why I left so late – I needed to pack. Packing is not so my thing. So instead of packing, I distracted myself by taking selfies of my new Hippie Pants I got for 12 Euros at a market in Spain. All in front of the packing disaster-chaos on my bed. I know you were all waiting for these news.

I honestly wonder how this worked when I was a Flight Attendant for Swissair. I had to pack 3-4 times a WEEK at LEAST and it always went superquick without tearing my hair, hysterical attacks, running around like a chicken with the head cut off and not forgetting anything. Gosh, I was so organized it is almost a little irritating.

LucieThe drive was dark, rainy and windy, but I found my way without getting lost (well, you had a navigation system girlie, not that big of a deal) and 10 minutes after I seized my room, my stuff exploded all over the place. It’s normal, I swear. And it’s ok too. Hey, I was on my own and I can spread my stuff selflishly everywhere I want to.

BathroomI slept like a baby and woke up to this view:

WeddingAND I was starving. Sorry Loves – Food Pics are waiting for you on Wednesday. I will bore you instead with a pic of my accessories and you will have to deal with more selfies.


Ready to drink go.


I was SO debating over going commando or not. This dress is almost a little flashy figure hugging and I had to find something for underneath that wouldn’t flash even more. Don’t you think commando sometimes is the easiest way to go? Didn’t happen. I wore undies. Good girl.

It’s a good thing I love my pumps and high heels at work. I feel almost as comfortable as in sneakers in them and yes, I wore these all day and night long – inclusive dancing. 15 hours. #itsalegday

It doesn’t mean I didn’t stumble out of my hotelroom and could avoid planting my face&belly on the floor by grabbing the doorframe. Sad I didn’t video that. I didn’t drink yet.

Selfies were the run. We were all obsessed and it was to die for. Sandro made the ‘Wedding Selfie of the day’ – at the church. And posted it right away on Facebook. This world is horrible!! I am sorry – but I was in tears. 🙂  🙂

WeddingSelfie Competition: ‘Wedding selfies of the day’ made the party go round…..


WeddingThe gorgeous bride.

WeddingThree Graces.


You may have figured that the couple who got married are friends from Sandro and me – but from Sandro’s circle of friends. It was so nice for me to see all those people again, ALL of them were there and we had SUCH A BLAST. There were some awkward moments of course – it’s different to be at a party with Sandro as a ‘friend’ instead of ‘the Dreamteam’ as some liked to call us or just as a couple. But we did good and enjoyed every minute of this precious time with our people.

I shot some serious fanastic pics of the dancing part later on.

WeddingWow. I guess this is about the way I saw the party at 3 am in the morning. As I said – Dancing and Drinking were part of my plan. Don’t worry – I didn’t get ridiculously drunk, I stayed in my tipsy-comfort-zone with champagne and gin&tonic. And as my blend says, sex and dancing cancels out booze, it’s a fact. And I danced a lot. Now you stop thinking.

In all seriousness, we danced hours and hours and it was perfect. Oh how I love the pain of dancing feet. I passed out at 4am and totally woke up about 5 times because of my snorring. SSSSSSo annoying.


Oh no, this pic does NOT match my remark about my snorring, but I didn’t know when or where else to post it. And I don’t have a selfie of myself snorring. I believe, that you guys are not keen on seeing that anyway.

After breakfast with some of the other partyguests and the bridal pair, I checked out and – packed with all my stuff – walked to my car only to find it completely unlocked. Nope, not a car thief. ME. I left my car unlocked on the street for the whole damn weekend!!! Thank God we live in Switzerland. My only concern was that someone took the navigation system and I wouldn’t find my way back home. #priorities

Stupid laundry was waiting for me at home. Exciting.


Did I tell you that 90% of my laundry are workout clothes? (You were dying to know that, admit it) One could think I live in them. Or I am a dirty bitch who does not wash her other clothes. That’s not true. I even iron my bedsheets. #truth

So, my plan worked out pretty well. I laughed too much (can you laugh too much? I don’t think so) – wayyyyy too loud, but that’s nothing new, I drank a little, I had DELICIOUS dessert (coming) and I danced my heart out. The only thing that lacked a little was sleep, but at least I rested 2 days and only had my dance-workout.

What about you? What was your plan for the weekend?

Do you iron your bedlinen?

Did you ever leave your car unlocked? Did someone steal it?




33 thoughts on “Selfies make the world go round

  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend to me. I love going to weddings because it’s usually one of the few places I get to dance anymore. I’m getting a little too old to be up in the club, but I still want to dance. In fact, I accidentally ran a red light this weekend because I was too busy singing and dancing. Oops.

    You look fabulous in the dress.

    I always want to iron my sheets. I never do. In fact, I’m horrible at ironing. Seriously you’ve probably never seen a worse iron job.

  2. It looks like you had an amazing weekend. I am seriously impressed by that rope climb, I can barely do it with feet! And you know I am a fan of selfies.

  3. Fun weekend! I saw the wedding photo of you & the three ladies on facebook. I adore your outfit you wore. You look great! I will say if we ever vacation together, I may be that person behind you straightening things out in the bathroom since I hate clutter. Hahahaha!

  4. You weren’t supposed to quote me on that!!! Hahaha! ‘Tis true though… 😉

    I’m not even going to comment on the amount of clothes you have.

  5. That white dress looks stunning on you- way to work it, girl :)! Your weekend sounds like a blast! Kudos to you for ironing your sheets! There are three things i find pointless to iron: underwear, bed linen & mom would be so proud right now – NOT!

  6. Hahaha amazing! Last week I tried to get into somebody else’s car… That was awkward, I tried to shrug it off and pretend it wasn’t happening!

    This weekend I was working at a wedding! Looking forward to when my friends start getting married and I can actually be a guest 🙂 the dress was definitely the right choice – looking beautiful!

  7. You look stunning, the dress you picked showed off your shape and all that hard work from Cross Fit 🙂 Happy to see you smiling and happy all my love xo C

  8. Anoushé says:

    Your dress looked beautiful! Especially loving the shoes! And my laundry also mainly consists of workout clothes.. terrible! but probably also because I own less sports bras so need to wash them more frequently?

  9. Look at you looking like a lady ha 😉 After seeing you in fitness gear, this is a big change :p

    WHO IRONS BED LINEN? Seriously? Unless you’re dead and lie like an Egyptian mummy in a bed.

  10. That dress — gorgeous! Or I guess I should say YOU in that dress 😉

    Can you believe that I haven’t been to a single wedding this summer? Most of my friends are married already! And it’s sad, too, because I freaking -adore- weddings… mostly for the dancing. I’m always, always the last one on the dance floor, even if it means that I can barely walk the next day because of how bad my feet hurt 😆

  11. The Padre says:

    I believe that I could say YES to just about all of your questions from this post. But I will choose to simple comment on an awesome rope climb video. That Was Spectacular!!! No Feet!!! Keep It Up & Have A Wonderful Week. Cheers

  12. Caren says:

    what a great weekend you had!! And I love that dress Good thing you didn’t go commando if you were going to be face planting all over the place 🙂

  13. I can seriously tell you had a blast this weekend! I did reading your post! Hahaha.

    I love deadlifts but I think that after a 45 minute session I might not want to hear about them again!

    Yay! I am not the only one that hangs their clothes like that in the car! I mean why would you iron them in the first place if you are going to squeeze them into a suitcase. By the time you get to your destination and unpack you have to iron them again..and that would be waste to time and effort..So hanging it is!!

    Your definitely picked the right dress because it fitted you perfectly! And great decision not going commando because after the drinking and dancing you never know what could happen!! Upps..sorry not sorry! Hahaha.

    Dancing is one of my favourite parts of a wedding but the food looking forward to Wednesday’s post!

    • Yes, the DL session was HARD! But I felt so accomplished after.

      And I totally agree on the clothes in the car. This is one of the main reasons why I go by car, so I don’t have to really pack, lol!

      Thank you! I was happy with the dress too and dancing IS the best part at a wedding.

  14. Sounds like such a nice weekend! And I’m glad that you had fun even if things were a little awkward. Your weekend sounds a lot like mine, minus the wedding – I had two different birthday parties, so there was champagne and dancing 😉

  15. […] that we know that dancing and sex cancels out booze, I actually had a DETOX weekend at the wedding. Because I DANCED so much. (YOU […]

  16. […] weekends are overrated anyway. Baha, look – who’s – talking. But seriously – I was looking forward to this weekend at home […]

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