What I Ate Wednesday#73 . Ever sneezed while chewing?


13. August 2014 by swissfitchick

I spend way too much time typing on my iPhone. Prove: I press an A on my keyboard and wait until different versions of that letter appear (like ä, à, etc.). Or I keep on staring at my keyboard looking for emoticons. Alarming? Maybe.

It’s possible that I get so annoyed by my keyboard, that I spit my food on it.

Cherry Tomato Sauce anyone?

Cherry Tomato Sauce anyone?

I swear, I didn’t chew with an open mouth (don’t give me that look, Mom, I didn’t, I swear!!) – this nasty content of the cherry tomato sneaked out of my mouth somehow. Damn.

Did you ever have to sneeze while you had food in your mouth? I confess, this happens to me a lot. And then I have mashed and chewed chicken, avocado and salad or whatever I intend to swallow at that moment all over the place and in my NOSE. Gosh, wtf, sneeze. Always a bad timing. Believe me, salad dressing in your nose isn’t funny. Sorry if I created gross images in your brain now.

I actually remember the times when I drank coke, and all the carbon dioxide climbed up my nose. Anyone else experienced that? Such an awkward feeling, right? Ok, ok, I stop now!!! Sarrey.

Talking about sneezing – I will always be in love with this video:

Today is What I Ate Wednesday, so you get to stare at my food! Hello and welcome.

A big thank you to our hostess Jen from Peas and Crayons!!

A big thank you to our hostess Jen from Peas and Crayons!!

I promised to post the pics of last Friday’s dinner, so here we go and some more.

After finishing the prosecco in my kitchen, Jonas and me cycled to said restaurant, Viertel-Kreis. I had a simple salad with parmesan for starter, Jonas had…..gosh, I think I was a little over the tipsy state, but I can not really remember…..Ravioli? With Octopus. Yes, I think that was it. Anyway, I remember that I tried and it was to die for.

Salad Ravioli Oh, hang on, before the starter came we got to try this….err……tomato/olive bread? Oh damn, I am SO sorry!!! I realize just NOW that I obviously was a little drunk. Whatever, it was good. Really, I remember that. Thank God for pics, geezuz…..

BreadBut oh, the main course. It looks like my blood alcohol decreased when it arrived, cause I can definitely remember almost every bite of this deliciousness. I ordered Angus Beef. It was supposed to be served with tagliatelle, but in traditional Lucie manner, I needed a special treatment and asked for the sweet potato puree and poached endives which I saw on the menu with a fishcourse. BeefPerfection. That’s it.

We got to try homemade biscotti with our espresso (yeah, I drank coffee – now my drunkenness is official) – which I LOVED!! Greedy me, I grabbed 2 instead of just one. One cookie is no cookie, FACT.

biscottiCUTEST and BEST service EVER – a Baby Caipirinha post Meal!! I wanted to take it home! Scratch that. Stupid idea. Of course I gulped it down in one sitting. LOVE.

Caipi Next day? I felt wonderful!! Despite the fact that when I go out to eat and always have stomach pain the next day, this time that wasn’t the case. I am going back, for sure.

Nontheless, it called for an alcohol free restweekend, on plan meals and meal prep. Here ya go:

SP Wedges & Chicken ready for baking

SP Wedges & Chicken ready for baking

Chicken portioned and ready to freeeeeeeeze

Chicken portioned and ready to freeeeeeeeze

Said Chicken & SP Wedges with Salad

Said Chicken & SP Wedges with Salad

Veggie Egg/Eggwhite Omelette

Veggie Egg/Eggwhite Omelette

Cherries. (yeah, just in case you don’t recognize them as cherries….. oh, I am SO funny.)

Cherries. (yeah, just in case you don't recognize them as cherries..... I am SO funny.)

As mentioned on Monday, I created the biggest pile of Shrimp Tortillas on Sunday after my Benchmark success and Fran WOD. I used this flatbread and you can order it here if you are Swiss (no, I am NOT discriminating other countries, chill, man. But us poor Swizzies just can not afford those ridiculous shipping costs for products from the US! K?!)

Tortilla TortillasI promise an ‘After-I-ate-a-mountain-of-tortillas-horizontal-style-on-couch-selfie’ next time. So you feel better if you do the same and look like a little child schschschschmearing all the food all over your boobs yourself.

I also had chicken and salad and avocado. SSSSSO Exciting.

Chicken And ugly bedtime snacks with protein powder and homemade almond butter.

SnackAnd fish with veggies.

Fish And raw cookies, plus baked cookies. No, that’s not on plan. Who cares if you can eat AMBROSIA in cookie form? Seriously, guys, if I haven’t made it clear in yesterday’s post – these cookies are better than sex, or/and orgasms……than…..damn, I don’t find an appropriate word…..than….apples? Oh wow, more funny from me. Hell, I don’t know, they are just so good I nearly DIED from moaning and groaning and stuffing my face with cookie dough.

CookiesEnough babbling for today, have a fabulous day my Loves!!

Did you ever have to sneeze while eating?

Did you ever spit cherry tomatoes all over the place? Or something else? Tell me. C’mon.

What was the last dessert you had?



34 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday#73 . Ever sneezed while chewing?

  1. calista says:

    My heavens! I love that restaurant already. I must go to Switzerland. I don’t usually sneeze while eating, but I do sneeze while driving. I find this annoying and scary at the same time, because I can’t seem to sneeze with my eyes open so I can watch the road.

    Last dessert…the four {six?} chocolate chip cookies I ate yesterday.

    • Yes, you must come to Switzerland!!
      Oh hell, yes. Seezing while driving is the WORST!! I always frak out, cause there is seriously, nothing you can do about it rather than hope you will not crash into a tree or something horrible like this.

  2. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says:

    That cherry tomato disaster reminds me what happens when you take a huge bite out of a delicious sandwhich and everything comes out the other side.

  3. Mmm totally drooling at that plate of Angus beef- looks fantastic! The last dessert I had was a phenomenal ice cream- think layers of vanilla sponge interlaced with coffee & berry ice cream…not the most conventional combo but it tasted so fab!

  4. Haha not like your photos are bad, but you can tell you were drinking just a little…. I mean half your plTe is eaten before photo😀😀😀I do love you!

  5. Love your honesty about those not very ladylike behaviors! I am happy when it only happens to my at home when eating alone. Last desert: blueberries with cashew butter, well actually cashew butter with blueberries. Can you please, please, please tell me how you make those amazing looking omelets? Mine always turn out flat and dry. How about a video tutorial?

    • You are the second or third person who asks me to make a video tutorial for omelettes. I think I definitely need to make it soon! I just fear that it will turn out a huge mess exactly when I make the video 🙂

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA that is brilliant! Glad I’m not the only one who is super lady like 😉
    Whole 30 means no desserts for me at the moment 😥 buuuut I have rediscovered a love for apple cooked with cinnamon and a dollop of almond butter, insanely good. I know I’m eating like it’s autumn already but it feels like it here!! Has your weather in Switzerland been weird too?

  7. LOL!!! I need to send you a photo of my home computer…we can call it, ‘the time I ate cherry tomatoes at my computer’. It actually splattered everywhere. Worst.

    Angus beef is Australian. You are becoming more and more Aussie. And that shrimp wrap…oh man.

  8. Haha I remember sneezing out juice once or twice when I was a kid – the worst experience ever,
    Wanna send me one of those shrimp wraps?

  9. 😆 Omg funny story. The last time I was in Vegas, I was sitting in the passenger seat snacking on some cherry tomatoes, and I guess one of them must have been feeling super excited, because I bit into it and juice/seeds literally shot sideways onto my friend who was driving. And then I started laughing so hard that I literally spit tomato seeds all over myself. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 😉

  10. It’s like you cursed me…I just sneezed up my oatmeal all over my screen. I’m too lazy to clean it up…I need coffee!

  11. Seriously Lucie I think you are my favourite blogger out there by far!!! I find your posts so entertaining and funny that I tend to read them several times and still laugh at them. My family tends to look at me with a weird face though as I stare at the computer screen. 🙂

    Confession: I love my computer and tend to do everything with it sitting by my side. Yep, my MAC is my best friend ( joking!!). And of course I eat in front of it too! Lately, I have been craving oranges which have all this juicy goodness, so of course, when I eat them all the juices suddenly shoot out like tiny droplets directly to my screen. You should see how it looks now!

    Wonderful eats this week! I think I need to try that veggie omelette and shrimp tacos soon!!

    • Hahaha, aww, thank you Elsie! Glad I can enterain you guys 🙂
      Oranges are a disaster!! I can never eat them properly, everything looks like a baby gone wild with food.

  12. cottercrunch says:

    you should see my key board when i make healthy bites –> PEANUT BUTTER FINGERS! and i remember sneezing and coughing at once.. that was a disaster ha

  13. […] you everyone for your hilarious comments on yesterday’s post. You guys crack me up and I am thankful I am not the only ‘lady’ who experiences some […]

  14. Kaitlin says:

    I have a terrible sweet tooth so I guess my last dessert was a few hours ago when I had some of the chocolate candy in my boss’s office. Not nearly as good as those cookies look! Also, cookie dough is usually so much better than the actual cookies. 🙂

  15. We are on the SAME eating wave length here – as I had octopus for lunch… And I sneezed, and it came out of my mouth! LMFAO!

  16. The tomato juice on my keyboard happens to me ALL. THE. TIME! I am 99% sure that I still have a seed under a key haha

  17. #alcoholrestweek. I think it’s the new hash tag. After that week, we’ll have #alcoholrefuelweek. #extradesserts #imissyou

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