Killing my Food Processor Round 3 , Giveaway Winner (Video!) and PR’s


11. August 2014 by swissfitchick

Be prepared for a long post with GOOD stories. It’s worth it, promise.

I know. You are like:


‘I can’t believe you did it AGAIN.’ Nope, I can not believe it either. Believe it or not. Unbelievable. Damn.

Well, I am already embarrassed enough, so can we PLEASE just quickly get this over with and then move on? YES. I killled my THIRD Food Processor. Shoot me.

Ok, I HAVE to go into more detail about this story, but first, let’s go marvelous and announce the giveaway winners!


I made a video with Jonas so you can see that he is the lucky boy (LOL) who picked the winners. Before you watch the videos, listen: I SO appologize for my ANNOYING laugh. Seriously, I can not STAND it in that video so please ignore it – just like my messy gross-sweaty look. I literally ran out of a kickass Powerlifting class at Crossfit, on my bike and then home right in front of the camera. Sorry. Also, due to some alcohol-caused technology issues, we had to make 2 videos, lol – that’s all now!

Winners are:



I have never tried NuNaturals, but it looks like it would be a fabulous option! I would mix this in my Greek yogurt with berries and sliced almonds.



How about on ice ream with some Bailey’s?



This syrup seems like a great replacement to walden farm’s chemcial syrup (gross). I bet mixing it with maple extract and cinnamon would be perfect on protein pancakes! I would love to try!


  • Stephanie

    I liked, but really love NuNaturals on FB

    Congrats to all the winners! Please send me an email to with your shipping details!

So. I promised to update you on my blood alcohol on Friday night. I must say, I did well! I didn’t get drunk, just a little tipsy. After this weird video thing I finally showered and we finished the bottle of Prosecco. image

Yeah, damn it.


Errr….yes. Jump Rope in the kitchen. Totally normal.

I am well aware that I wear these pants 90% of my freetime, even though I hoard about 50 other jeans in my closet. I didn’t even buy those – they are an old Diesel pair from Jonas. Did I ever mention I should stop buying jeans?

We went for dinner at Restaurant Viertelskreis in Basel – Christoph, the owner is a friend of Jonas and, oh well, the service and the food was simply GREAT.

ViertelskreisI will post all the food pics on Wednesday, but let me tell you – I couldn’t stop making inappropriate noises during every course – it was UNREAL. I didn’t drink during dinner (I hardly ever drink wine when I eat – I know this is weird, but I hate to pair food with alcohol. Such a philistine.) – but I was busy commenting on the deliciousness in between chewing anyway. And having some serious arguments/discussions with Jonas – like we always do and which I love! 🙂

We then headed off to one of my favorite places in Basel where I already got a little drunk with Laura a few months agoChe Que Lomo, the rooftop of Hinterhof. It was such a nice summernight and we met a few other friends for drinks.

HinterhofPhotobombing is clearly superhip around here lately…..

friendsSo a Gin Tonic it was and a few sips of Chris’ Strawberry Daiquiri. Not too bad!

Saturday. Oh, Saturday. Saturday was a shit day. I mean, not like dramatically horrible, or downward depressing, but oh well, it was just a day where I thought I miiiiiiight should have stayed in bed instead of trying to do ‘smart’ things. It was the day when I killed my third Food Processor. And it wasn’t just any kind of a cheap shitty food processor, no, it was the big, the great, the strong ULTIMATE NINJA BLENDER with effing 2.5 PS!!!! Seriously, WHO does that? How do I manage to KILL this beast? I honestly don’t know how these things always happen – WHAT the hell is wrong with me? Bahahaha. Geeezuz. It is SO typical and it’s…..well, that’s how my life is, ALL the time. Why do I even wonder??

One of my Ex-boyfriends (don’t stare. I don’t have THAT many) once said:’ Ya know Hunn, I feel like your life is a little exhausting for you at times, but for those who are around you, it’s always fun and NEVER boring.’ Oh well. My pleasure. 🙂 I have to have another drink to that!

LucieI digress. Back to Ninja. I saw it coming. I died a 1000 tiny deaths all afternoon when this thing started scary steaming and smelling and when it overheated about 10 times. I also needed 3 of those – I was ready to live without power for the rest of the weekend.(Holy shit, my piles of chicken, ground beef and fish in the freezer??!! No way!)

imageI also burnt myself.


The blender died ONE BIG DEATH – I freaking BURNT out the bottom of the bin!!!!! I cried. No joke. Now I just have to laugh. 🙂

Ninja Ninja

Now this is serious shit. I am amazed that my kitchen is intact and not reduced to ashes or VANDALIZED by an electric BOMB. Plus, before the short life of Mr. Ninja ended, I was able to blend enough glasses of nutbutter for 2 days 3 weeks. Awesome.


Is there any sponsor out there for Food Processor Failures like me? Clearly, I need a new one. Nope, I don’t give up on them. Just don’t come near me when I use it. You might get burnt or catch an electric-shock. Gif

Are you still here? Just stay a liiiiil’ longer……

Now this doesn’t really fit into this hilarious picture of me blonde-chick burning down things, but the whole day just kind of felt off to me. On days like this, I miss my Dad like crazy. I mean, I miss him daily. Every day. He is gone for good, so I have to live with that fact, but I will never stop missing him or thinking of him. I sometimes just want to talk to him about everything. I want to wine at him and I want to be hugged by him. And I want that he buys me a new Food Processor 🙂 That is so baby-style, but well, I am not Superwoman. I am just a woman.

And yes, I am a cheerful, loud laughing and silly person 95% of the time. Believe it or not, I have days when I am pissed about everything and the world in general. When I hate all the things and curse over those in particular. When I don’t want to crack jokes and don’t want to see or speak to anyone. When I don’t give a shit about anything in this world and cry because of well, a damn dead Food Processor.

FUCK‘Enough wining and get the shit done.’ That was my decision a few hours later, when my laundry was done, my bedsheets changed, my house cleaned (WHO AM I??) and grocery shopping done. I went for a short bike ride – I LOVE to ride my bike with my headphones on ( I KNOW this is forbidden, gosh, stop it) and just enjoying the breeze. I cycled direction Crossfit, in case I wanted to do a stretchsession, but then I decided not to and just rode on. Back home, I prepared my fresh fish I bought earlier for myself and cooked up a nice menu. Best decision ever. Fuck you whining and fuck you Food-Processor-Shit and Saturday – there are worse things in life and I am damn privileged and lucky to have the life I live.

Lemon Sole fish with tomato sauce, steamed veggies in garlic, avocado

Lemon Sole fish with tomato sauce, steamed veggies in garlic, avocado

Sunday morning I went for a run which was perfect to clear my head off stupid thoughts and reflecting on the Ninja-Trauma. I also had to prepare mentally for my second try with the Deadlift Benchmark. I was so friggin’ nervous, it wasn’t even  funny anymore. Seriously, I was close to several heart attacks! I mean, WhatTheFUCK?? NOBODY cares about how much I lift, so CHIIIIIILL, man. Ok, I, ME care – and I can tell you, sometimes not satisfying my ambitions ain’t no fun.

Good thing my friend Mirjam came over in the afternoon for chats’n tea before I got ready to kill it.Starbucks Tea Annnnnd…..

I DID kill it. I even added ONE silly kilo to the 100 :-)I tried on 102,5 but couldn’t do it, so I reached for the tiny plates and at least went over 100.

101kg = 222,6lbs

101kg = 222,6lbs

I swear, it was mental in both ways. Crazy mental,  and mental cause I know I put my mind to it and just wanted to make it. Sometimes, this stubborn nob is a good thing. The PR was followed by Fran:

21 Thursters / 21 Pull Ups / 15 Thrusters / 15 Pull Ups / 9 Thrusters / 9 Pull Ups

I did the Thrusters with 30kg (66,2lbs) which is the given weight, so that was good! Pull Ups I used the green and the violet band – definitely room for improvement there. I don’t know my time, will update on that!

CrossfitI added an hour of stretching, handstand practise and some shoulder strength while slurping on my postworkout shake, until I finally cycled home to collapse on the couch and mess around with a MOUNTAIN of shrimp tortillas. Don’t tell me you can eat tortillas in a clean way. You must do something wrong then. I had shrimp bites and salad and tortilla crumbs all over my boobs. No wonder if you eat horizontal. #mannerfail

TortillasI really should stop this post now. Congrats if you made it till here!!

Did you ever have a kitchen fail? What was it?

Eating on the couch in front of the TV – yay or nay? I am single and live alone, it’s almost mandatory to do that, sorry.

Are you afraid of your own ambitions sometimes?



31 thoughts on “Killing my Food Processor Round 3 , Giveaway Winner (Video!) and PR’s

  1. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says:

    That’s terrible for the ninja! But how do you make your nut butters? What do you put? Just and only nuts?

  2. Whenever the Hubby isn’t home, which is going to be a lot starting tomorrow, I eat in front of the TV and pick crumbs out of my cleavage. It happens.

    Congratulations on the PR. That is awesome and maybe your bad day (Ninja Blender fail and all) was just the motivation you needed to kill it.

    • So glad you’re doing the horizontal thing as well. I sometimes feel like an inappropriate bitch doing that at the age of 36. Whatever, I still do it! 🙂

      THANK YOU!! I definitely think my ‘bad’ energy made me lift that shit!!

  3. I made it! I feel like I just had a long, hilarious conversation with you. I love you. Poor ninja. You need a vitamix. Or you could simply drink more prosecco. Then will you realllllly give no fucks.

    I miss my dad too. *hugs*

  4. OH! And congrats on the PR! That’s amazeballs.

  5. COngrats on the PR, strong woman :)! And I am sorry for your loss- I always get nervous using appliances in Mumbai that I need an adapter for- it’s all too easy to blow a fuse! As for eating in front of the telly, I am all for mindless eating!!

    • Oh yes, mindless eating is how I do it 80% of the time – such a bad example. But seriously, I live alone. Am I supposed to star at the wall and talk to a chair or what? 🙂
      Thank you! I was nervous!

  6. Just broke my mixer yesterday. Which is actually no surprise since I literally broke everything around me last week (I am afraid of touching anything by now…). Do you know which one you get next? Could need a recommendation!

  7. Greta says:

    I LOVE YOU 😀
    Your cheerfulness is catchy. Before I’ve even finished reading i was peeing my pats while laughing out loud (I think i woke up my man – well hell with it)
    You know I’m so against eating whatever/whenever – trying to be all classy, you know. But there are days I give up „the rules and poses“and crash in front of the telly with some carrot or beetroot chips.
    Cheers to that, girlfriend. And I hope everything else, you‘ve mentioned in this post just falls back to places.
    Have a wonderful stat of the week, hun.

    • Hahaha, thank you Darling. There is no such thing like whining without a pinch of humour. Sorry for your man 🙂
      I think I saw pics of truffles in your bed!! 🙂
      Happy Monday! ❤

      • Greta says:

        Oh yeah… Truffles in bed… And coffee too! Always! I can’t have white sheets you know 😉 they’re always covered in coffee spots 😀

  8. He may not be here in Switzerland with you, but I’m sure your dad got a good laugh about your broken food processor all the way up in heaven. He’s probably talking to his buddies gushing how proud of you for your new pr and of course letting them know that your a little clutsy (in a good way) and can’t seem to keep appliances around for longer then two months (top). But at the same time saying yup that’s my girl 😀😀😀

  9. Naww big hi 5’s for memories of dad 🙂

    Now….I am in disbelieve…..because I have done that too- but with cheap blenders lol- i blame the ice and going crazy.

    Can we please step back and bow down to that epic PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 😆 Oh girl… that’s so crazy about your blender!? How did you manage it?! See… that’s why I’m kind of terrified to start making nut butters of my own — I’m always afraid my blender is going to catch fire and my home will burn down 😆 Hopefully you can figure out something new before your stash runs out. And congrats on the PR, lady! You’re freaking awesome!

    • haha, PLEASE don’t ask me how I manage it. I have NO idea!! They just don’t seem to like me 🙂
      And yes, I need a solution – I am already a little nervous seeing the stash decreases…..

  11. Hugs to you about your dad lady ❤ And congrats on the PR! You're a beast 😉 And that explains why I've only made nut butter at home once…I'm afraid of destroying my Ninja!

  12. I have a ninja and a food processor and the ninja is great but it’s worth investing in a real food processor for nut butters! Mine is like 20 years old but it still works like a charm!

  13. Yay!! Give me a shout out for this girl!! I new you were going to reach that 100kg mark! Congrats!

    Every day I have kitchen fails…I always burn something! Sometimes I like it crunchy and crispy but others it is just too much…I need to work on that.

    Hell yes to couch/sofa and food! That is life! 😉

  14. Caren says:

    Just found your blog via marvelous monday and I’m so happy I did!! Dude, I’m with you on the occasional shit-storm days where you just should have stayed in bed. Sorry to hear about your blender, and your dad… I’ve lost both as well.

    Hope you have a great week!

    • Awe, Caren!! Thank you for stopping by and that sweet comment!
      Good thing is that those shit-storm pass – but sometimes they are good to curse it all out 🙂

      Hugs to you cause of your Dad!!

  15. calista says:

    I adore your posts!!!!! I killed my blender by attempting to incorporate the separated oil into my peanut butter. The blender fried and I was sad. I have kitchen fails all the time – you aren’t alone 🙂

    Congratulations on your PR!!!!

  16. […] wasn’t even intending to post a recipe at all, but after the major kitchen fail on Saturday, I HAD to have a success. And these are by no means a […]

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