Chuck out envy, comparison and judgement and be happy.


31. July 2014 by swissfitchick

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Gosh, I wish I knew that earlier in my life. I used to compare myself to ALL the girls. And of course it always came off badly. I was NEVER as good or as beautiful as them.’They’ were always ‘better’ than me.


I completely stopped comparing myself to others. If it is the appearance, the training performance, my blog, my work, my home, my life – I don’t compare. This is me, the way I do it and it’s perfect for me. Of course I realize differences and I am aware of my weaknesses and where I have to / want to work on. The people who are ‘better’ than me are my inspiration. I admire them and it makes me want to work harder – with joy. I want to be supported by others and I want to share my support with them. Isn’t that the whole point of humanity and community?

Teamwork at Crossfit. Everyone is strong.

Teamwork at Crossfit. Everyone is strong.

The topic of today refers to that phenomenon called ‘Body Type’. I don’t really know what I should think about it, cause it kind of looks to me like putting our bodies into certain ‘drawers’. She’s a skinny type. She’s an apple shape. She’s the masculine type. He is a lanky type. WHAT does that say about a person?

My aesthetic views of my ideal ‘perfect’ body changed a lot. As much as I wanted to look the skinniest possible – today that isn’t nearly what I strive for. I work for a lean, muscular and fit physique and I embrace every part of my body, no matter how it looks. YES, I am ambitious about my physique and my strength, but it is something I enjoy a lot – Training and Nutrition is one of my passions. I love happy, strong and fit looking women and men and I share out compliments without a single bit of envy.


Does that mean I find a different looking body less beautiful? Not at all. It is the human behind that physique who interests me. The smile, the attitude, the story, the humour. The way she/he feels in that body. Not going to lie here – if I am attracted by a man, I check his body, his hands, his eyes. Let’s be real. BUT: all my friends and family look so different, and I love them all to the moon and back and think they are the most beautiful people on Earth. Cause I have these strong feelings for them. I don’t give a shit if they have a sixpack or a round booty. I love them exactly the way they are.


GirlsMy best friend Markus

When I realize that someone is struggling with body image or even an Eating Disorder, it breaks my heart and I feel so much empathy. I wanna go and give this person a huge hug, I want to let them know that they are beautiful. It is so hard to see people struggling when you are coming from exactly the same place. I KNOW what they are going through and my only wish would be to take this pain and suffer away from them.

When I do Yoga or Crossfit – sports that ask for difficult poses, exercises and skills – I always see women and men who do incredible things. I am SO amazed by the strength, flexibility, determination and talent some of those people have. They are all different ‘Body Types’. We have some very petite girls at Crossfit who lift a hell of a lot of weight. We have women&men at Yoga who do splits and crazy poses I can only dream of.

My goal!!

My goal!!

I might look more athletic than I used to, but does that mean I can do a Handstand Push Up? No way. Not YET. Does that mean I am able to do a wheel pose? Haha. I should make a movie of it, it is quite the entertainment. Does it mean I am a good squatter cause I have a muscular butt or lean legs? My Overhead Squats are horrible. My body is strong and healthy and I do a lot of progress with everything I want to achieve. But in my opinion, there is no sense in a sentence like:’ She looks so……! She must be…..!’ – You NEVER know the story behind a body. We should stop judging people only by their physique. There is SO much more to tell. I am blonde but quite bright, I have a crazy laugh, a big sense of humour, I am vulnerable, silly, lazy, sometimes embarrassing and weak. I am positive and full of life, I am loyal and reliable –  I am sometimes a bitch and in a bad mood. I am far from perfect, but I try my best to be a good person, no matter how I look.

Can anyone who doesn’t know me tell I was anorectic and bulimic for fucking 18 years?? I bet no. Sometimes, I would love to read people’s minds when they stare at me. But then again, NO. I don’t care. I know my life and my story and those who are important to me know it as well. That’s all that counts. Judgers and Haters, goodbye.


What ALL our bodies have in common is that they work for us daily, 24/7. They serve us with the functions we need to stay alive. Start appreciating what you have here – a healthy body. We should honor every minute of this hard work and realize that they are the most amazing and beautiful creatures. No matter what Body Type. No matter what size.




27 thoughts on “Chuck out envy, comparison and judgement and be happy.

  1. Gaynor says:

    Inspiring words Lucy, I relate to this a lot, I’m pushing 50 years old almost now and all my body faces South, but you know what I still have my killer legs and boobs looking damn fine still! I loved this post sweetheart, you certainly give me competition with your killer legs and those boobs ❤️

  2. Really inspiring post Lucie, I especially love the part about being interested in the person behind the’s so true! I was actually just talking to a friend on how personality can really influence someone’s looks. I’ve met people who I find stunning at first glance but once I realise that they aren’t a nice person, my initial opinion is definitely swayed. Unless you (generic ‘you’) can’t find happiness from within, chances are the ‘perfect body’ you’ve been seeking for won’t make much of a difference.

  3. “It is the human behind that physique who interests me. The smile, the attitude, the story, the humour. ”

    This. This is amazing.

  4. Girl you have a way with words. Great post and so inspiring. I think we all need to learn to embrace our body and love ourselves for who we are beyond the physical because that is so much more important. We have personalities, emotions, senses of humor (or not in some cases) which make up who we are. It doesn’t matter what kind of package it comes in and speaking of packages, I think we need to start sharing the less than perfect ones and showing how having a six pack doesn’t determine your happiness. Only self-acceptance can do that. I don’t have a six pack, I don’t even have a two pack and I’m healthy and fabulous.
    Love the post.

    • Thank you Meghan – you are my word-queen, so this compliment means so much to me!
      I am all about sharing the less perfect packages we carry. Aren’t those the reason why people can relate and find sympathy? We all are imperfect and that is perfect.

  5. slimsanity says:

    Great insight. Comparison can be such an evil thing. YOU and the best YOU, and that’s all the matters.

  6. I know I rock. Everyone else can suck it. 😉

  7. Preach it girl! I love this!! My body works hard for me and I appreciate everything it allows me to experience. 🙂

  8. Shelly says:

    Great post! It is sad but true that women judge themselves and aim to be aesthetically flawless against unrealistic standards.

  9. Anoushé says:

    so so true.. such a great post Lucie. Comparing is a hard thing to let go as it has somehow become part of our culture..but every single human being is unique, and I need to tell myself that over and over again to get over comparing myself with everyone!

  10. I love your points on throwing out comparison completely but still working to improve yourself (for YOU, not for others). You are wonderful and amazing, and your journey has made you so strong!

    • Thank you so much Megan, for this kind and sweet comment!
      I know that it is not easy to let go from comparing habits and to find happeiness in ourselves sometimes, but it is the way to go!!

  11. Such a great post, love. Everyone IS beautiful, and the fact that everyone is different is what makes life so interesting. How boring would it be if we were all perfect? If we were all the same? How someone looks has nothing to do with who they are, and if people would spend more time learning to accept themselves instead of trying to change, the world would be a better place.

    • I SO agree Amanda.
      I feel so sorry when people are bitter because they always find others better than themselves. We have one life, one body and one heart, why should we want to change that instead of enjoying it and making the best out of it?

  12. July says:

    Thank you so much for this post Lucie, it came at exactly the right time. I agree with all of it, but often find it hard to apply it to my own thoughts! You’re a stunning woman, & I love reading your blog! En Gruess vo Olte (:

  13. cottercrunch says:

    i love how passionate you are and speak from experience. That’s why we need you! to be real and inspiring and confident and just so freakin AWESOME… we were not made to be perfect. ever

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