WIAW#70 – Crossfit hands and recovery food


23. July 2014 by swissfitchick

Do you think I could post a picture post without babbling? That’ll be hard for me. Since I hate days when I work so much that I can hardly talk to anyone, you bet I have to smother my words on here and on you. So sorry.

Before I drive you  nuts with an intro that gets more absurd by every word, I REALLY try to shut up now and show you food. After all, it’s WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY.

wiawphotobuttonWait…..can I get a little pity-song from you before I start? My hands are done….after a whole class of kipping pull ups the only ladylike look on my hands is my red manicure……

This is even after FOUR days of healing.


And I am usually powdered with coke magnesium EVERY-damn-WHERE – I swear I don’t sit in that kettle! Dunno how this happens.

And yes, I train barefeet whenever possible – even if I love the look of my pink sneakers, I hate wearing them! Plus gross sweaty hair.


Food!! Not too much of a change on here these days – after the cookie and alcohol bomb on Friday I tried to eat a little more sensitive for the rest of the weekend and this week.


Baked Ezekiel Cereal with apples and cinnamon

Baked Ezekiel Cereal with apples and cinnamon


Peanut Butter Chicken with roasted veggies on the train

Peanut Butter Chicken with roasted veggies on the train (inclusive strange looks from people #dontcare)

Salad Bowl with Chicken and Avocado

Salad Bowl with Chicken and Avocado

Lunch Date at Dean&David: Salad Bowl with egg, Parmigiano and Shrimp

Lunch Date at Dean&David: Salad Bowl with egg, Parmigiano and Shrimp


Endive Salat with shrimp, cucumber and Sweet Potato Wedges

Endive Salat with shrimp, cucumber and Sweet Potato Wedges

More Endive Salad with Chicken, Baby Tomatoes and Quinoa/NutritionalYeast/TVP Mix on the side

More Endive Salad with Chicken, Baby Tomatoes and Quinoa/NutritionalYeast/TVP Mix on the side

Messy Stir Fry: Quinoa, Shrimp, Mushrooms, Cauliflower

Messy Stir Fry: Quinoa, Shrimp, Mushrooms, Cauliflower


My friend Anne baked a ‘Butterzopf’ for me last Sunday. It is the BEST bread I can think of (and the unhealthiest – go eff you rules) – and it’s loaded with childhood memories. It’s a sweet butterbread in form of a braid and my Mom makes the BEST. It is especially yummy spreaded with a ton of butter and honey (yes, more butter) or toasted and then dipped in a dippy egg. Droooooool.


And of course I ate this almost daily right out of the jar:

Cacao Coconut Butter and Coconut Butter

Cacao Coconut Butter and Coconut Butter RECIPE HERE

WHAT?? That’s it?? YES!


Love you!

Ever heard or had sweet butterbread?

What’s your favorite dessert at the moment?

What did you have for breakfast today?



31 thoughts on “WIAW#70 – Crossfit hands and recovery food

  1. OMG that butterbread looks heavenly- good call on adding more butter ;)! Does banana bread count as sweet bread? If so I’ve had my fair share! Love the sound of your train lunch- peanut butter chicken is so good…definitely a . #strangebutgood combo! How does the Ezekiel cereal taste- worth ordering? My breakfast was another smoothie: unsweetened almond milk, with frozen banana, peanut butter, vanilla protein, cinnamon & xanthan gum…with a cereal topping of course :)!

    • I think Banana Bread can’t beat this one – it’s really unique, but I suggest you just come here and I bake one for you 🙂

      I like the Ezekiel Cereal! It’s quite neutral, but I am not a fan of sugary cereal anyway.

  2. Your hands! Knock on wood/cross my fingers/luckily I haven’t ripped yet. How are you taking care of them? Everything looks delish. I would totally have that bread… it looks like “challah bread” (egg bread) yum!

    • Lucky you! This is about the third time it happened – I guess I have to get used to it. I have a really good kind of ‘wax’ (Climbed on) – it helps a lot with fast healing!
      Oh that Challah sounds great too! Wanna try!

  3. I LOVE THAT BREAD- although here we call it ‘Jewish Sweet Bread’- and it’s so buttery, it doesn’t even need any extra butter but that doesn’t stop me.

    I hate the day to think you will not showcase shrimp in one form or another. Today’s breakfast was a cheese and egg sandwich…so good! Ha, egg.

  4. My poor friend. Those hands look rough. Have you found a good lotion that may help? Perhaps Cocoa Butter?

    I wanna come dine with you at Dean&David. We have a Dean & Deluca here, which kind of seems similiar with the meal you ordered. Is it like an all organic restaurant?

    • I have a really good wax called Climbed on – it really helps for fast healing!

      Yes it is! And you can choose all the ingredients for your salad yourself. I love it!

  5. Anoushé says:

    Mhhhhhhhm Zopf – oh the memories. That used to be the highlight every Sunday at my Ex’s house: His mom would make the BEST Butterzopf and I would smother it in butter and jam and sometimes even Nutella…. I wonder if I could just stop by there for the bread on a Sunday 😉 Pick-up service style hahah
    Oh and yes – the weird looks on trains… I cannot go a single train ride without eating. It isn’t possible EVER..and the volume of fruit and veg and sometimes Thai curry I can devour in 4.5 h to Zurich and back fuels plenty of stares 🙂

    • Hahaha, I am sure your Ex wouldn’t mind you picking up some Zopf with butter and jam on Sundays 🙂 🙂 It’s worth it!!

      And yes, I used to feel weird when eating whole meals on a train, but I don’t anymore. It’s so much better than those boring sandwiches from the trainstations they eat!

  6. Hands like that and gross sweaty hair sounds exactly like me. And don’t ask how my legs look like. No idea how I am doing it. So much for bikini body workout… Love that Butterzopf! Reminds me of my childhood as well. My mum used to make whole wead Hefezöpfe. Deeeelicious!

  7. I’ve been wanting to try that Ezekiel Cereal and you make it look so good. All of your eats look soooooo delicious!

  8. ohmygod that bread. I’m not one to lose my shit over bread but that sounds so good! I wish my gym let us use the equipment in bare feet, I’d be right there with you!

  9. I need that bread! How did I miss this?! Maybe too busy eating pretzels? 😉

  10. Autumn says:

    Woah! It looks like you’ve been throwing boulders around with those hands! :O and that bread looks reaaaally good! All soft and fluffy! Mmm! Ive never had Ezekiel cereal but I did just have Ezekiel toast with AB and jam for breakfast! Delicious!

  11. Take care of your ands, lady! From what I’ve heard a lot of girls are scared of getting bulky when lifting – not true – but I’d be more worried about my hands, haha.
    I wish I’d had that your lunch with me when on a train all day yesterday – minus the chicken and plus chickpeas. Is there any sauce secret to the peanut butter chicken or is it just salted + peppered with plain peanut butter on top as a sauce? People staring are just jealous when all they have are sandwiches.
    Also: Hefezopf! I think I need to ask my grandma to bake one for me without eggs in the dough the next time we meet. Sure, I could bake it myself but that’s one of those foods that taste best when others bake them for you. Right?!

    • I actually just cooke dthe chicken with some spices and then smothered it with PB – it had a touch of those peanut thai sauces, so good! Sometimes ‘ratloses zusammenwürfelm’ of ingredients turn out to great ideas!

      And yes, Hefezöpfe need to be baked by others. Fact 🙂

  12. Whoa them blisters are no joke! Love the sound of that baked Ezekiel cereal – I have some and I never use it, so this might get ne through it. Do you just make it like baked oatmeal?

  13. That’s exactly how both my hands look! Thankfully no pull ups are listed for today, so another day of recovery for them! I feel a little embarrassed for my boyfriend who has to hold my callused hands, but I think he doesn’t mind haha And that bread! Whoa I need some!

  14. I love that you train barefoot! I hate wearing shoes. All your food looks yummy! I so would try that bread and throw all my dietary restrictions out the window!! Is this bread similar to Challah? they look similar but probably taste different.

  15. I’d like to take the cheese off that salad and eat it like potato chips or perhaps smother in on that delicious looking braided butter bread. I would eat it all without a shred of remorse. I might even wash it down with a cocktail. 🙂

  16. That chicken avocado bowl looks AMAZING!!!

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