MIMM – Fun Photoshoot and being HOME


21. July 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello Monday!! Hi all!

Let’s start this week with some marvelousness – check out Katie’s blog for more! MiMM-2Summer was back in the city this weekend and I LOVE it so much. It definitely IS my favourite time of the year! Plus, it was my first weekend I was actually HOME – no moving, no Zurich, no trip. Just home.

But first, I’d like to make a shout out to my sweet friend-blend who gave me this song according to my post from Thursday. I die. This is so NOT Swiss, I just HAVE to post it.

Ok, so – I started my weekend with a visit to one of my best friends who owns a little gym close to Basel and we made a little fun photoshoot. I wanted to have some pics for my About Me section and check on my progress. Here’s a small selection!

IMG_4189 IMG_4190 IMG_4191


IMG_4241_2 IMG_4254_2 IMG_4269_2 IMG_4285 IMG_9392 IMG_9388

In the evening I was invited for dinner at Jonas’ (male Bestie :-)) new place together with his girlfried and little one. He cooked up some serious deliciousness. Chicken wrapped in smoked ham, spinach salad with pine nuts and baked sweet potato wedges. Perfect.

Chicken Β Of course there was a drink too…..Campari with Prosecco. Love.


And I ate what felt like 20 cookies after dinner – which was a bad choice, my stomach hated me all next day and I felt bad and a little guilty. But well, it happens, my choices are not always perfect.

I went for a run on Saturday morning and then spent the rest of the day half-naked more or less here – soaking up the sun, sleeping and reading. This pillow lounge was definitely one of my best ideas ever!!


And now a historical moment: I tried my ULTIMA NINJA BLENDER for the FIRST time. It worked. I was over the moon. I freaked out and made jars and jars of coconut butter and cacao coconut butter. Feel free to come and purchase.


Sunday morning it was time for a killer strength session at the gym. Seriously, I must have hoarded extra energy, as I gave it all and my whole body was shivering when I was done. Even my workout notes were tattered.


I drove to the office with the car later on to get some work done and in the evening my friend Anne from Zurich came to visit me in my new home!

We sat on the pillow lounge forever and then I cooked up chicken and shrimps on endive salad with apples and cucumber plus sweet potato wedges on the side.


I loved this weekend, cause it showed me that I am happy where I am today. Basel is my hometown, it is the place I’ve been born and raised, my loved ones live here and my childhood memories are everywhere. I am happy to be back in such a familiar surroundment. It feels like home.

Where is the place you feel home?

Will you come here and help me emptying all these nutbutter jars? (not that I seriously need help….)

What are you looking forward to TODAY? Crossfit tonight!



33 thoughts on “MIMM – Fun Photoshoot and being HOME

  1. Ah such a great weekend- am especially impressed (at envious) of those jars of coconut butter..please share recipe :)! Consider me virtually helping you eat through that stash! For me both Mumbai and London feel like home for me. These photoshoot pictures look great…YOU look great Lucie!!

    Aside from having homes in both places, I think that’s predominantly due to the sense of familiarity and family members which stays present in both.

  2. Lovely photos! You have got some muscle girlfriend πŸ™‚ I totally know what you mean about just being home, that is how I felt when I moved back to LA last year it was just so nice being home! All my love and I’ll take ten coconut butters please :p

  3. On the way to Basel to help you kill those jars of nut butter! Do you have some sweet potato leftovers for me as well? It looks delicious! Never tried coconut butter, need to change that as soons as possible. Besides making my own coconut butter tonight I really look forward to my workout today. Have been away for a few days and now happy to be home again and to get back into my routine. Suppose this as well proves that berlin really is home for me.

    • I LOVE Berlin – it definitely is a second home for me after living there for 7 months a few years ago.
      And YES you need to try coconut butter – SO good!

  4. You are looking quite fabulous my dear friend! Out of all, I actally really like the first one. Can I just say how much I wish I lived near you so I could come get some cacao coconut butter from you. It looks out of this world good.. and won’t cost you an arm & leg on Vitacost. SCORE!

  5. Look at you rocking the fitness in those pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, can you bring the ninja when you come? PS I think we will eat out some nights but the rest? taking turns cooking, and by taking turns I mean you πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Happy Lucie = Happy Arman

  6. Umm, pick me to help you out with all that coconut butter! I haven’t had coconut butter in forever…going to have to change that soon.
    And you look AWESOME in the pictures! So strong.

  7. I keep telling myself that I need to get some better pics done for my blog… you look fabulous in yours, love!

    And I’d be more than happy to come over and help you with your new stash of nut butters, which look freaking -amazing-, by the way. One of these days I’ll work up the nerve to try my own. Oooooone day.

    • Oh believe me, it took me months until I finally took those pics. Had to find a location and a volunteer πŸ™‚
      I swear, it is SO easy to make them with the Ninja!

  8. yes, I will absolutely help you with your nut butters! I’ll bring mine and we can do a swap πŸ˜‰ Also campari with prosecco is my favvvvv!

  9. cottercrunch says:

    loooove the pics. i think your new blog name should be strong and sexy swiss chick. LOL!

  10. Hahaha – I’m so glad you like the song! Those pictures are sexy. Too bad she couldn’t find a tractor to take some shots on.

    I’m really happy the Ninja worked out! If I was there I would generously help you to eat all the butters. I’m such a saint like that.

  11. Farrah Udell says:

    Strong pictures! So happy to find your blog through the MMIM linkup ~ excited to read more!

  12. Audrey says:

    I’ll help you with the nut butters haha!
    Also, loveee the pictures! I really need some done too in the near future.

  13. The photoshoot shots look great! I’ll definitely help you out with the nut butters also…;-).

  14. What a fun photoshoot! You look awesome – so strong!! Such an inspiration!

  15. I have to try making coconut butter! Don’t know why I haven’t, especially when it is so easy!

    I have only lived in Glasgow for one year but it feels more like home than anywhere I have been – such a welcoming, friendly city that I feel so lucky to live in!

    I am always excited about going to CrossFit! πŸ™‚

  16. […] Not too much of a change on here these days – after the cookie and alcohol bomb on Friday I tried to eat a little more sensitive for the rest of the weekend and this […]

  17. You were fueled by nut butter!

    I’m so glad you are feeling at home in your new home. That’s always a good thing. I’ve actually been on vacation the past few days, and I’m currently on my way home, and I can’t wait to get there. Home is where my kitties are and where my garden is. πŸ™‚

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