Pouting, Crossfit Videos&Tractor Love – Thinking Out Loud


17. July 2014 by swissfitchick

Thanks to one of my favorite blends (Blend = Blogger/Friend – yes?) Amanda, I can link up to her THINKING OUT LOUD campaign today – means, I write along as I think. ………… YES. I can actually think. I know, amazing.



1. I might look a little weird when I think though. Even more when I talk while walking. Look at that pout.


2. Can’t beat my fight-while-workout-face. Yesterday morning we practised kipping pull ups at Crossfit. Jessica the coach was so nice to make a movie of my first kipping pull ups – which still look like crab but hey, it’s a learning process.

3. Let’s stay with Crossfit for a second – the video of the Swiss Team Challenge back in June is published. I recommend watching it – it’s beyond cool. When I watched it I was thrown back immediately to that day and that amazing and unique atmosphere in the box. SO AWESOME.

4. Let’s send some vibes to my Crossfit Coaches so they will play this song in the box for our WOD’s. Thanks to this girl I am obsessed with Gramatik since months now, plus I think it is the perfect sound for crazy Crossfit freakness.

5. The direct opposite: Joyce Jonathan. J’adore this lady, my God. Beautiful woman, beautiful voice.

6. The hike on Saturday. When we arrived in top, I saw this.

IMG_9218I might be 36 years old and female, but I REALLY want to play around with one of these one day. My uncle (a farmer) let me drive his tractor when I was a little girl – one of my most favorite childhood memories. I felt like the badass tractor queen.

7. When I did my workout on Tuesday morning at the gym, I was asked to take part in a fitness photoshooting for the website of one of the trainers. It was super spontaneous but fun! I am curious how the pics turned out and hope I will be allowed to share some of them with you!

Let’s ignore the fact that I had my worst hair day (not even only bad, but worst). I may or may not haven’t washed my hair for about 4 days. #shithappens Thank God for braids and ponytails.

Don’t look for it, I am not in that picture 🙂


8. My Couch arrived!! Time to inaugurate. #stopit #twss


So, my brain is empty. I stop thinking for today.


Besides that, I am hungry. And I will stop posting gifs now, promised.


I hope you are having a wonderful day sweet faces!!

Did you ever drive a tractor or a dredger?

Current favorite workout song? I need ideas!!

IMPORTANT QUESTION: WHAT kind of recipe would you like to see next?? I plan to spend time in the kitchen on the weekend! – Oh, I am sorry. I had to >>>giphy



22 thoughts on “Pouting, Crossfit Videos&Tractor Love – Thinking Out Loud

  1. I love that you’re a bit strange. I think it’s why we get along so well. That, and a mutual appreciation for couches needing to be broken in.

    A song for you: http://youtu.be/uWu4aynBK7E

  2. LOVE the SATC gifs…wish that show was still running! I am hooked on the DJ Tiesto remix of John Legend’s song All of Me- definitely check it out as the beat will get you to pumped to work out!!

  3. Please tell me you watched America’s Next Top Model…she was my favourite!!! (Alison)

    I hope you showcase that photoshoot once it’s released! And as for recipe……hmmm a smoothie…SMOOOTHIE. Sorry, I’m craving that and cereal now.

  4. umm, I’m pretty sure the closest thing to a tractor I’ve driven is a riding lawnmower – my parents have a big yard so they needed one. Actually, the tractor place that sold them was just a few km away from my parents, so I remember the last time my dad bought a new one he drove it home across the highway. Kinda funny.

  5. Ob-sessed- with Gramatik. I could listen to his stuff all day, even though I’m convinced it does crazy things to my head 😆 And all the SATC gifs in your post are seriously making me miss that show. I might just have to bust out the DVD’s and rewatch a few… seasons 😆

  6. Do lawnmower tractors count?? Kidding. I’m a country bumpkin so you better believe I drove a tractor as a wee little one already. Even if just on the lap of somebody who actually had a licence.
    A photo shoot? Are we possibly talking with an aspirant for Switzerland’s Next Fitness Model right there?? (:

    • Aww love that!! Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of little me on the tractor. I was so proud!!
      Heheee. I think I am a tiiiiiiny little over the model age 😄😄

  7. I was soooo excited to see your pull up video on Insta! I am still working on mine… awesome work girly!

  8. Oh how I miss SATC! And CrossFit 😦 life has gone a bit crazy since getting home and I don’t want to join up and pay only to not be able to go… Still, only a month and a half till I move to London anyways! Awesome work from you though!

    I’d love to see a portable, summery snack recipe 😀 hopefully that’s not too specific haha

  9. Well now all I want to do is watch Sex & The City…. Yep, I will be making that happen tonight – LETS HOPE CABLE DOESN’T FAIL ME! lol

  10. cottercrunch says:

    you should see my faces. They are odd, but we are all strange, like laura said! and GO CROSS FIT! that’s bad ass

  11. Cannot wait to see your photoshoot sounds like a blast!!

    Love to you ❤ C

  12. […] like to make a shout out to my sweet friend-blend who gave me this song according to my post from Thursday. I die. This is so NOT Swiss, I just HAVE to post […]

  13. […] I get a little pity-song from you before I start? My hands are done….after a whole class of kipping pull ups the only ladylike look on my hands is my red […]

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