Recap 1 – Trip to the Swiss Alps


14. July 2014 by swissfitchick

Hey and good morning!

I try to keep this post as short as possible, cause as I am writing this, Tim is sleeping on the couch and in only 30 minutes we will be off to Crossfit. We are back from a MARVELOUS short trip to St.Moritz / Swiss Alps and well, we had to be back to be able to ‘enjoy’ the World Cup Finale in town. Monday night, he will fly back to Berlin.

For the ones who don’t know Tim yet – he used to be my Personal Trainer, we had some love stuff going on, but are now just best friends. We change locations of our visits, as he lives in Berlin. This time it is Switzerland. Tim arrived in Friday morning and we headed straight off to St. Moritz.

I made him do some #FlexFriday moves in the car. (He thought I was nuts. WTF FlexWHAT??!! LOL).

TimArriving at the hotel, we went straight out for a walk and coffeebreak…..Tim TimWe both were supertired and just chilled a little before it was time for dinner. Oh Gosh, Dinner – it was GREAT. More on that on Wednesday!!

Saturday morning we were greeted by fabulous weather despite the forecast. So nice!! TimAfter breakfast we got ready for a hike – Piz Corvatsch was the chosen destination. Beautiful hike. image IMG_4119 IMG_4120 IMG_4161Now me and the cows. I really wanted to take a selfie with a cow, but somehow they just didn’t understand the purpose of it. They kept walking AWAY from me. Hello? That’s not nice at all. I was hurt. IMG_4138 IMG_4139 IMG_4150image imageWhile Tim was busy taking pics of flowers, I shot some shameless selfies behind his back. I know, I am obsessed. There are worse things, believe me. image image

Almost on top…..

IMG_4160 IMG_4163 IMG_4165We walked up to 2700m and the took the gondola for the last bit. There was SNOW. And one of the most gorgeous views. IMG_4174 IMG_4178 image IMG_4182 IMG_4180 IMG_4187We had a quick snack break and the took the gondola back down again, cause – it started being foggy and rainy AND we had massage appointments booked at the hotel!! Inclusive Sauna and Steambath – pretty perfect, if you ask me.

Sunday morning we went for an early run to one of my favorite spots in Switzerland – the lake of Staz. It’s SO peacful there and whenever I visit ST.Moritz, this is the place I just HAVE to go. Tim went for a swim. Haha. Crazy freak. It was cold!! image image image image image imageAfter that it was breakfast time and then a 3,5 hours drive home to Basel! More to come!!

Check out more marvelousness on the Diva page, thank you for hosting love!! MiMMDo you like hiking? I don’t. I can do 2 hours and then I get pissed. Yes, I was starting to get pissed at the end of this hike, but then we were on top and all was good 🙂

Where is your favorite place in the world?

How was your weekend?



20 thoughts on “Recap 1 – Trip to the Swiss Alps

  1. Ooh wow how I would love to visit the Swiss Alps- I just can’t get over all this beauty…I would happily hike there for hours! Anywhere else, I am sure my threshold would be around 2-3 hours too…and we better have good snacks on hand ;)! It’s so awesome that you & Tim remained such good friends despite a history together! My favorite place is undoubtedly London..but I think you know that :)!

  2. Lucie…this is awkward but in the picture of you with the cow, I couldn’t tell you apart… 😉

    Wow, those pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!!! Seriously, you are so blessed to live somewhere with such great proximity!! We can go hiking when you’re in Sydney…to the blue mountains. Hopefully they will have a chairlift by then.

    • Listen Sweetie, you owe me a huge seafood platter for that comment. And dancing while I eat it.

      And yes we can go hiking, but I have to stop after 2 hours – I hate every hike that is more than 2 hours. Chairlift? Heck, yes!!

  3. Now are you sure you two are just best friends? That photo of him looking at you (while you two were in the snow area) just melted my heart 🙂 Okay, I’ll stop being all lovey dovey now. Moving on – It looks like you two had one heck of an adventurous weekend! Those views are absolutely breathtaking. I am amazed at Tim for sitting in snow w/ his shorts up – man is crazzayy!

  4. YES TO WHAT JESSIE SAID ABOUT HIM LOOKING AT YOU. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I had the same thought pop into my head when I saw that picture 😉 Just sayin!
    And I’m so jealous of your Swiss Alps. I got the hiking bug in Utah, but there isn’t really any place to go hiking around here, except just around the park. Not nearly as fun as snow-capped mountains!

  5. Best friends??? haha love it 🙂 Great trip hun nature is SO beautiful!

  6. Beautiful scenery! I am actually heading to the alps tomorrow to go hiking. I am so excited.

  7. cottercrunch says:

    um, im pretty sure we stayed there in 2006! GAH! i want to go back. and i want to hear more about dinner. YUM

  8. Oh my gosh… gorgeous! What an incredible trip. I neeeed to come to Switzerland. I also died a little reading your cow selfie comment.

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