How I handle bad days


10. July 2014 by swissfitchick

I dare say we all have bad days.

SORRY. I just HAD to.

bad dayOk, no kidding.

Bad days are normal – they really are. I guess there are people who have a cheerful nature (like me – can be exhausting at times too, believe me) but that doesn’t mean we are immune from shitty days. Let’s keep it real, k??

Let’s take the last eight months of my life. I might have been very sucessful with my recovery, nutrition, training and being clean of relapses and pills. That is wonderful and a big achievement for me. I see my progress and I live way more in freedom than I used to, which feels like a new life.


BUT. I am far from perfect. I don’t even want to be perfect. Do I have bad days? Hell yes!! I have days when I suck in my motivation to do ANYTHING. The only thing I wish to do is curling up at home and watch trash tv. When I hate my duties and responsibilities and want to be a stay-at-home-daughter = Mom to pay my rent and cook for me daily. I have days when I feel fat and ugly, bloated and tense in my whole body. Days when I doubt myself, feel insecure and anxious. I have days when I overindulge on chocolate and cookies or other things that make my belly blow up like a 9 month pregnant woman. Days, when I curse and swear about the tiniest pet peeves and want to cry because I drop my keys on the floor. Days, when I am so unefficient that I feel like I got nothing done in the office nor at home, and I feel small and a mess.

gifShit happens. And when shit happens, you can either drown in it and start worrying, overanalyzing and making everything worse. Or you can swim a long round in self-pitiness and then get your ass back up. Go for a hard workout – this energy is the best fuel for a badass session. The latter is what I do. Sometimes, a little self-pitty doesn’t hurt. Whine a little, find all the excuses you can find for sucking (Examples: hormones, waning moon, horoscope, weather, the world in general), have a drink, whine a little more at your victim (poor Mom, Bestie, Lover) and then move on.


Bingeing is not a solution. Starving isn’t either. Drinking, well….not really, but it can help 🙂 Whatever you do, do something that works FOR you and not AGAINST you. Beating yourself up for not providing a 100% perfect performance does not help at all. Taking actions that hurt your body doesn’t help either. Bad days will pass, or they even get better if you treat yourself nicely and benevolent. We are human beings and NEVER perfect. There is no good thing in negative talk, so do yourself a favor and talk positively to yourself – in EVERY situation. In every.freaking. situation. Even if you don’t believe what you tell yourself – do it. You will believe it by and by – it needs consistent effort that will pay off eventually.


The most important thing you can do is trying to be the best version of yourself daily. For me, I focus on happiness and gratitude and my improvement at work, my fitness goals, my relationships, my home. I make mistakes, many of them, but being aware of them is key. It is the step towards progress, because you know where to start working on. You might not be successful every day. But with a healthy mindset, a smile and a strong focus you will be successful in everything you want in a long term. fine


Bad days are good because they make us appreciating the good days even more.

Bad days are good, cause I can follow my cursing addiction (talking in me form as I don’t know if you like to curse as much as I do)….

Bad days are good for gaining strength and getting to know yourself.

Bad days are good when they are over.

Now listen to this song and have a PERFECT day!!

How do you handle bad days? Any tips?

Do you practise positive thinking, gratitude?

Do you think cursing feels freeing sometimes? (Yes) (No)



25 thoughts on “How I handle bad days

  1. Bridget says:

    I try to use my bad days as fuel for my running. I also find that whining about it to a loved one helps. I always give them a fair warning that I’m having a bad day and acknowledge that I’m being a huge baby… Sometimes you just need a good cry.

  2. That cat – OMG. I like to take a bit does of Fukitol with a glass of (red) wine and crank up the Lou Reed. I had no idea you were a fan! He’s the best to listen to when you want to wallow. And Bob Dylan.

    But really – I like to use the anger or frustration to fuel a workout or whatever shit I have to get done. That said, if it gets really bad, I have been know to put myself in time out for the day and lay in bed watching Orange is the New Black. Not that I did that this Saturday or anything…

  3. Yes to everything said…I especially like the bit about bad days making you appreciate the good days! I think we all fall under the impression that the occasional bad day means we are a failure. In reality, it only means we are human! So long as a bad day doesn’t turn into a bad week/month/life, it does more good than harm :)!

  4. Ugh! I have been in a funk since Friday – however, I think I am starting to get over it…. BUT OMG now that I see that squirrel, things could definitely be WORSE FOR ME! LOL!

  5. There could not have been any better timing for this post! Had one of those days yesterday… Went for a run first thing this morning to make things better today (actually after I read your post). It helped I returned smiling! Usually I try to fit in anouther pt session which always makes me feel better no matter what. Suppose it is because the feeling of dying makes you appreciate life a little bit more…

  6. July says:

    I agree, you simply can’t be a rockstar every day. On those crappy days I’m always so frustrated with myself, for not being able to suck it up.
    Going out of a long run with music blasting usually makes everything better though 😀
    I occasionally try to find some balance with a walk in the forest in the middle of night. Being alone in a dark scary forest calms me down for some reason 😛
    I’ve also found that going out with friends or having a really long chat with someone close helps too.

    • That sounds scary. But I bet you forget all the bad shit when you are in that black forest! Spending time with friends is precious – definitely a great way to get over bad stuff!!

  7. cottercrunch says:

    oh my gosh, the cat! , that’s how i feel sometimes too, and it’s totally okay! you are right, we need to let those days happen! love you friend, always love these posts!

  8. Something I’ve had to learn to accept is that they can’t all be good days – sometimes, our day is going to suck. But, that’s part of life, and I just make sure I always keep in mind that it’ll pass and I’ll be back to my usual self soon.

    But I cannot stop giggling at that cat…

  9. That cat is hilarious! Both my cats are exactly like that.
    I handle bad days by just accepting that they will happen, but tomorrow will most likely be better. Like you say, the bad days make the good days seem better!

    • Yes!! I always feel that when I go to bed and sleep over it one night it looks so different the next day. It really helps to just be patient and let time fix it!!

  10. haha that cat made my day! Whenever I have a shit day I journal my heart out and try to at least see what was somewhat good in my day, that or a glass of wine 😉 love toyou xo C

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  13. I’m pretty sure that was my actual cat in the clip; it doesn’t actually look like him, but the attitude is the same.

    When I have bad days (ahem all last week), I make it a point to get to the gym because it helps me release stress. I also try to eat right because that helps, and get plenty of sleep. If it’s really bad, I climb into a hole by myself with some bad television and try to shut it all out. Maybe not the best coping mechanism but it works.

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