WIAW#68 – Lasts and Firsts


9. July 2014 by swissfitchick

Welcome to Food Stalking Day! Also called Foodspiration for a nicer word.

Thanks to our hostess Jen for this weekly party!!

wiawloveyourveggiesmonthbutton2By now you many of you know the details of my crazy moving weekend, BUT we didn’t talk food yet. Let’s do this now, yes? Let me show you some of my meals from this weekend, the last ones at my old home and the first ones at my new home. Here we go –

I knew it’s going to be a stressful weekend, both physically and emotionally and the last thing I wanted was to add more stress by eating crab and feeling bad about it. So I prepped as much as my fridge could handle……

Food PrepAnd tried to stay on plan as much as I could. Of course I didn’t make a fuss about having off plan meals, but you get it, I just tried my best.

Breakfast as usual –

Eggy Oats with warm apple and cinnamon

Eggy Oats with warm apple and cinnamon

And then my first breakfast at my new home – the same but with PEACH!! And some Chocolate PB2 on top that looks like poo. It was good. Though I had to make them in the microwave – I didn’t find the main switch for my gas stove. #blondefail

OatsLast lunch at my old home, cold and quick: Smoked trout, leftover chicken with kohrabi, peppers and ginger/peanut marinade

Fish First lunch at my new home: Salad with a ton of turmeric chicken. And a big bowl of Quinoa on the side which didn’t fit into the picture.


First workout at my new home!! Trailrun. It was raining and I was on my own in the forest – LOVE it. Since I only run about once a week, it’s always such an enjoyment!!

LucieLast dinner at my old home: Baked Codfish on saladgreens, tomatoes and sweet potato wedges on the side.

Fish First dinner: Leftover chickenand shrimps on salad greens with quinoa. Dressing was melted coconut oil, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and ginger.


First booze: WINE. Yup – who am I?!! I hardly ever drink wine. I had no chamapgne or prosecco nor Gin Tonic. I must be crazy.


First dessert: Chocolate. Cause well, that’s the way I celebrate. And the wine/chocolate combo is pretty unbeatable, right?


First nighttime snack at my new home: Protein Powder with raw Cacao, Almond Milk and Coconut Butter. Hmmm.


Happy Wednesday!

Do you like to workout outdoors when it rains?

Fill in the blank: Chocolate and……

Coconut Butter – yay or nay?



22 thoughts on “WIAW#68 – Lasts and Firsts

  1. Bridget says:

    I love running in the rain. I always feel so empowered!
    Chocolates and bananas for sure!!!!
    I’ve never tried coconut butter, but it seems like a pretty popular product at the moment! I may need to give it a try!

  2. Congrats on your move love bug! So excited to see more photos and more eats 🙂 Chocolate and wine is the best ever its like they were made for one another ❤

    All my love, C

  3. Delicious meals as always, Lucie- I am especially drooling at that turmeric chicken lunch! I hate workin outdoors (or just being outdoors in general) when it’s raining which is why I just signed up with a personal trainer to come and work out with me at home until the rainy season is over. Love your celebratory wine & chocolate. In my ever so humble opinion, chocolate pairs best with my mouth ;)!

  4. Lucie. for a mover, these all looks delicious! and that dessert………………… oh yes.

    can’t believe you even asked about the coconut butter! delish!

  5. I still haven’t tried eggy oats – I need to give them a go!
    I love running in the rain. I used to HATE it, but there is something so cleansing about it.

  6. I haven’t had coconut butter for a month or two now, which is much, much too long…I’m going to have to pick some up soon! You’re awesome for actually prepping meals for a move…the last time I moved, all I had in the fridge for a few days was wine and condiments :-p

  7. Chocolate and… my FACE. Seriously. Chocolate goes well with just about anything, but I like it fine on its own 😉 And coconut butter? Girl… do you even have to ask? It’s not my favourite butter (that belongs to almond), but I still adore the stuff, especially paired with honey on top of english muffins. Omg. Want 😯

  8. I love running in a light rain (heavy rain, not so much) – I find it super refreshing.
    Also, chocolate and…peanut butter and banana. Seriously, this is my favorite combo right now. Can’t get enough! Although chocolate and wine is another great combo…

  9. You and red wine?! I am finally rubbing off on you!!! 🙂

  10. Running in the rain – in summer only, -not- in winter – can be great. Especially when you come home refreshed but covered in mud [my legs on those days…] and a hot shower is waiting for you. It’s the little things.
    Chocolate and… chili. And me. We’re a dream team. Dream trio, I mean.
    Please remind me to prep food for the move. I’m so bad about that and then your equation of eating not so well, feeling cranky … yes, it’s that way. And I’d better remind myself to get a large mirror like the one you have for my hallway. Can you believe I lived without or only with a mediocre one for four years??
    Onto the food: share your secret to delicious quinoa with me. If I can find it down there I’ll definitely give it another try.
    On a random note I spy polkadots in multiple pictures – I like it. (:

    • Well you know I need these huge mirrors for my selfie obsession 🙂 but YES, get that mirror in order to adore yourself in your cute dresses!!
      I think I mentioned it before, but you should check my recipe page, I have 2 sweet quinoa recipes, one is a vegan quinoa porridge – so good!
      If you want to make it savory, I recommend to use a lot of flavors as it tastes so neutral and eat it cold as a salad. For example mint leaves, seasalt, lemon pepper, oregano. And then add in salad stuff of your choice, such as tomatoes, chickpeas, feta cheese (or whatever cheese-like product you like,) peppers…. And cook it long enough so it gets a little risotto-y (I swear, that is a word, just no one knows it :-)) .

      • Cheese! Why didn’t I think of that before? Now that I’m back on the cheese train I’ve found everything tastes good once you add some cheese ;). Risotto-y: approved! I’ve been cooking quinoa that way before, too, but your cheese advice is gold!
        And yes, I was looking for savoury ways to eat quinoa. I don’t currently have any and -should- only use up what I have on hand. But you never know what might accidentially jump into my grocery basket…
        A huge mirror is now priority on my IKEA shopping list. (:

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