Marvelous Crossfit Swiss Team Challenge on a Painkiller High


16. June 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy Monday!!

Thank you Katie for hosting the Monday Party!

Today’s post is dedicated to my Crossfit Box, Crossfit Basel, and the perfect event they organised past Saturday. They also just released their new website, check it out!

It was the Swiss Team Challenge 2014 –  a national competition where as many Crossfit boxes all over Switzerland can participate. Read more about the background and rules here.

There were 2 categories, Regulars and Firebreathers. Obviously I started with the Regulars. We had to absolve 7 workouts overall, split up in 3 events.

My problem was, that my sacroiliac joint and with that my sciatic nerve made big trouble AGAIN and after begging my chiropractor to fix it as good as possible and give me painkillers, I went for it. Not ideal, but hey, you can not let your team down, no way!!

I went to help the guys building up all the stuff on Friday night, fueled properly and then went to bed early. No drinks and no sex before a competition!!

seafood crossfitBreakfast was an Oatmeal-TVP-Egg-Cake with a banana and painkillers on the side 😦 I also made sure I packed snacks. I baked my Oatmeal Berry Coconut Cake and added a banana, so it came out a little richer to give me energy in between the events and it tasted like delicious banana bread. Eggs SnacksAnd the preworkout selfie because well – a selfie.

LucieWe arrived shortly before 9am when the registration opened.

crossfitA little  later we got to listen to the speech of Ramon Gysin, the boss himself.

crossfitMy amazing team!! Vanessa, Reba and her husband Bruce.

crossfitcrossfitAnd then the events started. SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. The atmosphere EXPLODED, the beats, the WODS, the cheering. And all these FIT people – seriously, I always thought I was fit. Haha. I am such a beginner!!

Oh, and all the half-naked men. Not that I did mind.

crossfit crossfit

My stupid grin sells me out on the pleasure of staring at them…..

crossfitAnd then it was our turn! We started at 12:19 with the first event, 14:55 with the second and 16:20 with the last.

Whaling around with god damn burpees over bar….


Then Reba and Vanessa went through Deadlifts and Wall Climbs – I would have died. Kudos to these 2 badass ladies.

crossfit crossfitBruce and I absolved Wall Balls and Jumping Pull Ups.

crossfit crossfitCheck out the face. THE FACE!!!! I zoomed it in for you guys to REALLY see the detail of this beautiful expression. I know, I know. I am so nice.

crossfitThe second event was quick and hectic – no way for us to take pictures in between. I was disappointed by my shoulder overhead press performance, cause I am usually strong in my upper body. But I guess with the injury and all the painkillers I just wasn’t myself 100%. Though I LOVED the Wheelbarrow Walk! I wanted to do this all afternoon. Except that I was constantly worried my boobs would fall out of my shirt. Good strategy to distract the judge though, right?!

The Firebreathers had to do handstand walks. I SO want to be able to do this!! Practise, practise….

crossfit crossfitLast event. 64578396578436785643 BACKWARDS single unders……

crossfitBox Jumps / Step Ups

crossfitRussian Swings and Hand Release Push Ups

crossfitBacksquats – gosh, I need to work on my FORM!! Not acceptable.

icrossfit crossfitPowerclean


crossfit…..and breaks in between while my teammates absolve their reps 🙂

crossfitAnd done!!! It was intense, but SO fun. I LOVED my team.

We didn’t rank too far in the front – check out the rankings here! But that’s not so important. We can always improve and considering it was our first time, AND we had 2 semi-invalids (me with my nerve pain and Reba was suffering from sinusitis) in the team. We did it, we gave it all and we had FUN!!

crossfit crossfit

Now one more thing – when I left the box to catch some air and to prevent myself from a heart attack, Ramon (Head Crossfit Basel) waved at me to come over – just to leave me standing there alone with a Swiss Radio Reporter. I looked at him like ‘WHAT THE F***??- You are not seriously doing this to me now, are you??!!’ 🙂

She interviewed me about the challenge and Crossfit. I don’t KNOW how I was even able to speak and with all the painkillers I probably just prattled along sensless shit. Though I DID say that no one should underestimate the ladies strength when it came to the gender discussion at Crossfit!! Listen to the inteview here – it is in Swiss German, sorry.

What an amazing experience. I am happy and proud to be part of this community! Thank you to everyone who made this day possible.

Unfortunately I didn’t feel like staying for the after party. I wanted to, but I was knocked out with my pain and painkillers and was thankful I got some rest on Saturday night. Next time…..

Have you ever competed in a sports event?

What was YOUR highlight of the weekend?




30 thoughts on “Marvelous Crossfit Swiss Team Challenge on a Painkiller High

  1. YEAHHHH!! So proud of you 🙂 don’t worry about the placement, it’s amazing to compete and obviously the most important thing is to enjoy it – or what would be the point?!

    They’re flying through the WODs in those videos – I’m jealous! On Saturday I did a bad wall climb (I’m not v good at them and tried to push myself too far and it went wrong) and now I’ve done something to my neck 😦 Rested up on Sunday so hoping it’s better for Monday!! Super frustrating. I hope you are able to rest up too and recover? Not ideal to be on painkillers!

    • Thank you Pip! I know it was so amazing to watch. Freaking badasses!!
      Oh no ! Sorry about your neck! Wall Walks are tricky and hard. Hope you feel better by now!

  2. You bada$$. Don’t be so hard on yourself w/ the unacceptable form for the shoulder press. Perfection takes practice, and you’ll get there my love ❤ So proud of you for how far you've come & pushing it through the pain. I can't imagine it feeling good, but I'm sure all the adreneline helped a little 🙂

  3. Khushboo says:

    You are on hardcore lady! This event looks amazing and it sounds like you kicked ass…isn’t it incredible to constantly realise just how much your body is capable of! One of my weekend highlights was going for an afternoon high tea with a few girlfriends..such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

    • Thank you Khush!!
      Yep, I am ALWAYS amazed by the capability of my body. It’s like ‘I think at this point I can’t get stronger’ – but you always can!

  4. LUCIE!!!! You did absolutely amazing…..and I’m so proud of you- you went beyond your mental and physical limits- big props to you!

  5. You are such a badass lady!!! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the competition, and you did amazing.

  6. cottercrunch says:

    you are amazing! even with your back acting up, holy cow and impressiveness woman!

  7. WOWZA that looks like quite the workout, like SHOCKING that your back was acting up! I hope you feel better soon! Get a massage 😉 xo C

  8. DUDE you’re a beast! Be careful with that SI joint though! Also hellllo naked men. Just for that I might consider doing crossfit lol

  9. Holy smokes, lady… That’s all sorts of badass, and I can’t believe you did all that with your back acting up! Beast mode, for sure. At this point I can’t even imagine doing something as intense as Crossfit — even thinking about it kind of terrifies me and I have visions of being crushed by a barbell or something 😆

    • OMG, hahahaa. As horrible as it sounds I have to laugh about the image of the barbell. And yes, it is a workout that is ‘rude’ – I have quite the bruises and blue spots on my body now…..

  10. OMG. That is so intense! I am ridiculously proud of you. You looks so beast. I think you’e seen more muscle development even since I was there.

    How are you feeling now? I bet some drinks and sex will fix you right up. 😉

  11. The post I was waiting for… 🙂 yay! I absolutely loved reading, watching and seeing all about your competition… it makes me want to do one so badly! I hope you are giving your back the rest it needs now – you should be so proud of yourself. You also look so amazing: so strong, happy, vibrant and alive. Biggest smile for you girly. Hoping we can WOD together sometime soon! xoxo

  12. Juli says:

    Well done you!!! Placement isn’t something to worrie about. What really counts in the end is that you are happy and that you pushed your limits. You certainly sound happy and alone doing it on pain killers is clear evidence for your dedication!
    By the way you look and sound super fit AND happy 😉

    • Thank you so much Juli!!
      It definitely was a lot of fun and superintense – but yes, I REALLY wanted to finish, so the willpower was stronger than the pain!

  13. Kierston says:

    You are amazing!

  14. What an awesome experience and it sounds like you and your teammates knocked that shit out of the park. 🙂 Give yourself two snaps and a twirl.

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