MIMM – Weekend Pictures


9. June 2014 by swissfitchick

Hey friends!!

Happy Marvelous Monday! Thank you to our favorite Diva for hosting!!



Sorry for being offline for the past few days – I was enjoying the rest of my vacation in Andalusia AND the arrival of SUMMER here in Switzerland.Smoothie Bena Bena Bena Bena


Last cycle to the gym – ha, I caught the cyclers!!  –


YogaTwerk Gym Selfie

YogaTwerk Gym Selfie

– and enjoying the view and place postworkout with postworkout smoothie. I want this to be like this forever!!Bena BenaAnd I am happy to report that my navigation was on top! Ok. It’s not THAT genius since my eyes were glued to my navigation system in the car PERMANENTLY, but still – solo Swiss Chalet in Spain – definitely an adventure.



I arrived Friday evening in Zurich where there was Summerweather. SWEET. I went for a spontaneous drink date in the sun – perfect ending of a great vacation.

Recycled Pic

Recycled Pic

Saturday morning I lifted day 4 from my program and then spent the rest of the day at the lake. Feet Lake

Saturday night I finally travelled back to Basel and was home again. When unpacking my stuff, I realized how DESPERATELY I need to move and get my CLOSET back!! Ok, maybe I also need to donate a few of my clothes. It’s craziness unleashed here. And this is only the stuff in Basel. I can hardly admit that I have another huge closet bursting in Zurich. #issue?noooooCloset

Sunday morning = Sunday Runday AND the obligatory Selfie! Lucie

It was so gorgeous outside and I am still in love with the trail. Trail Trail

I had so much on the list this Sunday, so I FORGOT TO EAT. Wait…what?! Can you believe this – I can NOT. When I almost fainted from low blood sugar, I definitely made sure I got in a huge breakfast. Gosh, what a mess. Yet, so good. I LOVE my meal plan.

Berry Oatmeal Bake with eggs, Quark with Cacao and White Almond Butter

Berry Oatmeal Bake with eggs, Quark with Cacao and White Almond Butter

Rest of Sunday was spent with blogwork – which means STALKING my blends at the blend retreat – AND with a BBQ in the HEAT – hello Summer!!

But oh, hey……It’s only 5 more days until the Swiss Team Challenge at Crossfit. I am getting WAY too excited AND nervous!! OMG. Check out WOD 1, 2 and 3 – this is only one part, there are 2 more. I want to do Pull UPs and Wall Balls! AND Push Ups – my asset. Though I can definitely leave squats and deadlifts to my teammembers….we’ll see! We have Team Meeting today. Woohoo!

Btw, the challenge takes place in the box I train and the video is made there too. Love it!

Happy Monday!

Have you ever competed in a challenge?

How is the weather where you are now?

Did you already have a BBQ this season?



17 thoughts on “MIMM – Weekend Pictures

  1. ugh raining here right now 😦 We were supposed to go kayaking so I’m not pleased. I’m drowning my sorrows in pie so it’s all good lol Your vacation pics are stunning!

  2. Heather says:

    Do you have the berry oatmeal, egg recipe? Also your meal plan do you actually work with someone or is it an online program? I looked at the website and it looked like you singed up online, somi wasn’t sure if I had the right place?

    Thank you, Heather

    • It’s just 2 eggs, 4 eggwhites, coconut oil, oats and berries mixed and baked in the microwave!
      Yes, you have to be a client to get a plan from them. Though they are very booked, I was on the waitlist for some time – you will have to contact them if you want to work with them.

  3. How in the world did you take that video without wrecking?!

    Gorgeous pictures – especially the twerk LOL! I want to hear more about this drink date… 😉

  4. I am so envious seeing those pictures as it rains incessantly outside! You will KILL it at the challenge…. there is a burrito eating challenge at the Mexican chain we have here. I should enter it…it’s like Crossfit…for the mouth.

  5. Is it just cacao and quark you mixed? And what kind of cacao do you use?

  6. […] Source: MIMM – Weekend Pictures […]

  7. Beautiful pictures as always! And I agree – how did you not fall off the bike?! Skills. ONE MONTH TODAY I arrive home and will be reunited with my bike 😀 eeek.

    Here it is cold. And I just got home super sweaty (obviously) from CrossFit to find out we have no hot water so had to have an icy shower, booo.

  8. What a beautiful weekend!!! I love seeing your beach photos! Lots of Love C

  9. cottercrunch says:

    we seriously need blend international!! i want your weekend. and i want to meet you!

  10. I second what Lindsay said! Blend was awesome this weekend, but it was definitely missing a certain blonde Swiss chick 😉 Love you, lady! Glad to hear that you had such an awesome weekend!

  11. while I enjoyed Blend, these pictures make me wish I was in Europe a little bit more. Maybe we can kidnap some certain Blends and do the European vacation thing.

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