WIAW#62 – On Plan and new PR’s


21. May 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

As I am writing this post I sit on my patio and enjoy the sun – it is summer here. Oh how I LOVE it.

I think that calls for a little Spanish Twerking with Shakira. Ok?

But you are not here for booty shaking (even if I would love to see all of us twerking together), we’re here to stare at food today. Thanks to Jenn for feeding our stalking genes.

WIAWbuttonSo I am into my 2nd week of LBC – I will get an update on my plan next week, but for now my days remain the same. I was so lazy this week I made my eggs in the microwave these days. #sorrynotsorry Which turned out in a huge mess sometimes. OatsWhat you see above is an almost exploding Oatmeal/Egg/Eggwhites/Blueberry Bake. It shrunk to half the size after the microwave door was open for 10 more seconds. Ugh. But it tasted good, I swear!!

Meal prep is happening as usual, I always prep, cause I can definitely not afford to go out for lunch daily, AND I like my own food best. A little priggish maybe, but true. Meal Prep Can we talk about my fridge for a second? I mean, I do my best to only buy food for a few days so it doesn’t go bad AND my fridge doesn’t burst. Still having a hard time with that though. But seriously, WHO had the idea to install such a TINY shitty fridge in my kitchen?? I can not wait to move into my new place and have a fridge for two whole damn families (aka myself)!!

And no, I DON’T have too many eggs. There is no such thing like having too many eggs. On the bottom left you see baby champagne bottles. They were meant for me and Laura to enjoy while she’s here. Well, we preferred to get drunk expensively outside of the house. #spoiledbrats

Yes, the blueberry bomb was put there just like this, WITH the blood streams.

Yes, the blueberry bomb was put there just like this, WITH the blood streams.

Don’t judge. There must be space for IMPORTANT stuff. Like booze avocado.

Wait….you’re not hoarding champagne in your fridge?? Who are you?! #champagneandme=married #itsanissue


Some days I have more fruit – and I am on a cherry kick right now. They are SO good and prettyyyy!!


Lunches are Salads with fish/avocado or Chicken, Carbs, Veggies…..nothing new here.

This fish was totally overcooked, let's face it. Or maybe let's just ignore it, cause I ate it anyway.

This fish was totally overcooked, let’s face it. Or maybe let’s just ignore it, cause I ate it anyway.

Fish Chicken And now let’s go quickly to my Monday night. I went to Crossfit for Benchmark week. Means, testing our new PR’s. Sp – I am not a good squatter, but at least I can NOW squat a little more than my own bodyweight (65kg). But that’s not the excitement – the coolest part was that I was able to do 3 unsassisted pull ups (chin above bar) and then 1 unassisted pull up WITH a 5kg plate around my waist. I must say I am freaking thrilled!!!! Guns out! We also had to do the Baseline WOD – 500m rowing, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 push ups and 10 pull ups. I think I did it in around 4-5 minutes which is a good result – though I don’t know how long it took me 3 month ago.

Fuel was definitely needed – Protein Shake and Dinner. Protein

Giant Prawns, Asparagus, Quinoa

Giant Prawns, Asparagus, Quinoa

That’s all I got for you today!! Happy Wednesday!

Any PR’s you hit latey?

Anyone else shares my problem with space in the fridge (or NO space so to say)?

Cooking food in microwaves is unhealthy they say. I do it anyway sometimes. Thoughts?



22 thoughts on “WIAW#62 – On Plan and new PR’s

  1. Beast mode! Pull ups are freaking HARD, so a huge congrats for managing so many! Kind of crazy what our bodies can do with the proper training and fuel, eh? πŸ™‚ Oh, and I have a big fridge with plenty of room in it. Just saying πŸ˜‰

  2. Me and my microwave = best friends…

    The current issue with my fridge is that it has NO food in it… I forgot to go grocery shopping 😦 fail. Hungry fail at that.

    I am SO proud (and jealous πŸ˜‰ ) of your CrossFit achievements! My recent highlights have been finally being able to hold myself in the bottom part of a handstand pushup (before my arms were so weak I couldn’t as all my weight went on my head!) and today I finally managed to do the kick movement right in knees to elbow πŸ™‚ progress! Come on mission handstand!

    Also, my dad has before been quoted as saying “we need Champagne, it is Monday after all” so I MORE than approve of your fridge stocking πŸ˜€

    • Oh wow, CONGRATS on the handstand progress!! I lack big time at the push up – I can do the handstand, but that’s it. Way to rock it girl!!
      I think your Dad and me would get along very well…….

  3. Lady, you are strong!!! You should be so proud of those PR’s. And now I want to get back into the gym and heavy things…le sigh. And no, you can never have too many eggs!

  4. Girl all your hard work is paying of- way to go on the PRs! I feel you on the lack of fridge space. I share a fridge with my mom & grandmother and between their stuff and mine, the fridge is almost always stuffed to the brim! Believe it or not, we have never owned a microwave at home- my mom has always been against them because of the harmful radiation effects. Some days I envy all y’all who do have 1 for the sake of convenience and more importantly MUG CAKES ;)!

  5. Lucie you absolute machine- look at all those PR’s!!!!

    And the egg thing….when I get to less than 6 eggs, it’s borderline emergency situation going on! My mum has 1 fridge/freezer and also another huge freezer in the garage- she hates wasting food and freezes EVERYTHING.

    • 6 eggs are the absolute MINIMUM. Seriously, it’s making me SO nervous.
      Can I move in with your Mom and Sis? I think I would get along with them pretty well.

  6. I have no space in my whole kitchen!!! And we have a big kitchen…I’m just a food hoarder!

  7. #1 Shakira is the Queen of Twerking
    #2 You are a beast
    #3 You say getting drunk expensively outside of the house like it’s a bad thing? πŸ˜‰
    #4 I have no idea how you do it – I have a big fridge and no room
    #5 I miss you!!!

    • #3 it’s the best thing ever
      #4 I have the feeling that the situation stays the same when I have a bigger fridge – more room = more food
      #5 MISS YOU TOO!!

  8. You go girl! Hey, the more muscle you gain only allows for extra calories to be consumed…so I’m thinking you need to make more room for booze…
    Oops..I mean avocados. lolz!

  9. I love all the fish! I’ve been on a seafood kick lately too. And that ALWAYS happens to me when I microwave my oats! haha

  10. Oh yes I can safely say there is NEVER enough room in my fridge – cursed flatmates (um… not that I don’t take up more than my third #definitelynotsorry) I also agree – you can never have too many eggs. Though I keep mine outside the fridge… more space for champagne!?

  11. […] The title DOES have a purpose – I know I talked about CrossfitΒ  yesterday already, but I need to update you on my second Benchmark Day. We warmed up with 2 rounds […]

  12. Kierston says:

    The amount of times I’ve had my protein muffins spill over in a microwave lol

    Have a great weekend!

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