MIMM – Girls and Goodbyes


19. May 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning! I hope you are all well, and rested from the weekend. We were blessed with an early summer! But let’s start with Friday – my last day with Laura – which was definitely MARVELOUS.



Laura arrived from her adventures in the mountains on Friday afternoon in Zurich and I made sure my train from Basel arrived at the same time, so I could pick her up. We left our stuff at my appartment and strolled around Zurich for a while. LauraBefore dinner I took Laura to my favorite bar/lounge ON the lake – lucky us we had it completely to our own. This called for an aperitif while watching the sunset.Laura image Laura Lake LagoDinner was just a short walk away – at a really nice Italian place at the lake. We shared an Italian antipasti platter for a starter….soo good. image…and then both went for grilled fish, which was prepared at our table. Sweet. image….all accompanied by the lakeview. imageSaturday early morning I walked Laura to the station for her to catch the train to the airport. It was so sad 😦 The day was so beautiful and I really didn’t want my new friend to leave!! I was happy though when I read that she made it home safely and this time straight from Zurich to Atlanta. We already agreed to meet again in Italy coming October with our Momma’s 🙂

I spent my morning with a good strength session – day 4 of my LBC program…oh my geeee. Hard.

Then I spent a solid 2 hours at the lake. I knew I had to face the fact that I will have to move away from the lake and Sandro and I tried to face this pain on Saturday. I plugged in my headphones and soaked it up – the memories, the longing and the sad goodbye. It hurt but it was needed. The lake and my neighbourhood there is my place of peace, my island, my constant best friend and I always felt so very much privileged to live there and to have the lake right in front of my house. I loved loved loved it at any time of the day – fresh and peaceful in the morning, wild and rough with thunderstorms, fun and refreshing in summer, peaceful, colored and beautiful when it dawns. It’s hard to leave it behind.image37 Lake Lake Lake Lake LakeLakeSee2 See1LakeAs said in my post on Thursday, I do suffer, but I don’t fall into a depression. I let the pain come, but then I pick myself up and move on.

So I met up with my friend Anne in the afternoon and we did some shopping. I found such a nice home decor shop and I couldn’t resist but purchase some sweet stuff for my new home.Foto(1)

Wall Board with Date, Pinbpard and Magazine Holders

Wall Board with Date, Pinboard and Magazine Holders

I had some delicious dinner too.

Shrimp with roasted asparagus, broccoli and quinoa

Shrimp with roasted asparagus, broccoli and quinoa

Sunday morning I had a brunch date with my beloved girlscrew! We only met at 11:30 and I was up at 7:30 – there was no way for me to survive until then – so I whipped up my On Plan Meal 1 which called for Oats or Quinoa with eggs and eggwhites, coconut oil and fruit. So Quinoa it was with the sweetest and juiciest blackberries I ever had. Foto-QuinoaI put it in my tupperware and walked to my most favorite spot at the lake and enjoyed it there with only the lake and the mountains in sight. And this gorgeous weather. Lake LakeThe rest of the day was LOVELY. I missed my girlfriends and enjoyed the day with them so much. We had brunch at Café des Amis, where I had my meal 2 – Yogurt with fruit – and then went for a walk along the river and stopped for a fresh drink in the sun. It was over 20°C and people were swimming! SWEEEEEEET!! image Jogurt Cafe imageGirlsLate afternoon we returned to Basel. This week is going to be filled with more summer weather – no complaining here!!

How’s the weather like where you are now?

What’s the last thing you purchased for your home?

Blend 2015 in Europe – yay???!!!



32 thoughts on “MIMM – Girls and Goodbyes

  1. It’s 105 in AZ. I’m in on a trip to Europe. I lived in Spain for awhile. I miss that side of the ocean!

  2. I vote yes for Blend 2015 in Europe 😀 It’s been way too long since I’ve been across the ocean, and that seriously needs to change! The atmosphere is so different in Europe — I miss it! Italy in October, you say… I hear it’s nice 😉 And it’s been WAY too long since I’ve bought anything new for my home… I’m actually in serious need of some kind of bookcase (or library) to store all my books… It’s getting a little out of hand.

  3. Blend 2015 in Europe definitely gets a thumbs up from me- that sounds so much more accessible in terms of flights :)! I’m heading to London later this week and hopefully the weather is as gorgeous over there- love the first few signs of summer! As of Mumbai, it is hot, hot hot…unfortunately it’s way beyond the pleasant kind of heat! Happy Monday, Lucie!

  4. Lucie, you were so good to scoop me from the train! I am honored to have gotten to tour Zurich with you… I completely understand your love for it. The lake was incredible. Try not to be too sad – if that’s where you want to be, you’ll get there again one day and on even BETTER terms!

    Miss you already, my amazeballs friend!!!

  5. I admire you for being so strong & attempting to come at peace with having to leave the area you and Sandro spent so much time & lived in. I can only imagine the tears that rolled down your eyes behind your glasses.. however I’m proud of you! You’ve come so far & amaze evey single day with your strength. xoxo

    p.s. Glad you & Laura had such a lovely vacation together. It all sounded like so much fun!

  6. Can I preface this by saying HURRY UP MARCH 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Screw Blend Europe 2015 Australia Blend 2015. 😉 Sitting by the lake with just your mind and memories would have been perfect- painful at times, but perfect. These are the things to add to your memory collection box…one which is ever growing.

    • Oh yesssss, I am SO excited to be there in only a few months (ok, it’s still long, but hey – it’s not even a year)!!! I vote for blend in Australia in March and another one in Europe in Fall. Cause YOU have to move your bootey over here, believe me!!

  7. anoushedance says:

    ohhh Letten! The place to be! I was there on Saturday too 🙂 And that quinoa egg breakfast looks divine 🙂

  8. I’d be cool with doing Blend in Europe 😉 I’ve never been across the ocean, so it’s something that needs to get crossed off my bucket list sooner rather than later. And I think it’s supposed to be right around 20 degrees today – I’ll take it!

    • Yes Mam, you HAVE to fly over here. I know you would love it! I couldn’t even decide on where to take you first – you might have to take a looooong vacation 🙂

  9. definite yay!!!!! It looks absolutely splendid there! Nice weather changes everything!

  10. Looks like a lovely time with your friend Laura! Switzerland always looks so beautiful. Have never been there, but lived in France for a semester abroad and was sad I couldn’t make a trip!! I have a good friend who has a lake home on Lake Evian…I totally have to visit her right? First time on your blog. Love it. You gained a new follower all the way from MN 🙂

    • Hello and happy to have you here!! Thank you for commenting!
      Yes, Switzerland offers some really beautiful places. I can definitely recommend visiting one day!!

  11. Bri says:

    Coming over from Katie’s link-up. Your weekend looked so nice! Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the one with the sun on the water.

  12. I seriously want to visit next.. Or….. YOU COME TO LOS ANGELES!!!!

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