MIMM – 1st Recap #LauraandLucie


12. May 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning!!

Thank you so much for your understanding for me being OFF the Internet pretty much at all for the last few days. There was a lot going on offline – so let’s jump right into my first part of the recap! It was DEFINITELY MARVELOUS – thank you to our host!!



As most of you know, Laura is spending 10 days here in Switzerland and I was her happy host for the first part! of her travels! I can not even tell you how perfect it was. Laura is just as funny, amazing and adorable as I thought she would be. It was SO easy to have her around and after 1 day it was like she’d been here forever. Considering that we currently share my tiny appartment it is just so freaking awesome how well we get along.

Fresh linen and Swiss Goodies for my guest!!

Fresh linen and Swiss Goodies for my guest!!

She's here!!

She’s here!!

I got spoiled!! LOOK at all that STUFF!!

I got spoiled!! LOOK at all that STUFF!!

The weather was beautiful and after sitting in planes, airports and trains, I figured it would be nice to go for a trailrun? I knew everyone else would call me crazy, but hey, we’re fitness bloggers!! So we went off. It was beautiful and a great chance to catch up. Laura

Pause for Planking!!

Pause for Planking!!

When we got back, we dressed up to go out for dinner. I once promised her in a comment, that I would take her to my friend Jay who hosts a great Indian restaurant in Basel. So we did that. Food pics will be provided by Laura – I think I had too much prosecco and Amarone to take decent shots. (not booze shots, pic shots. Oh, we had some Whiskey too, though. #vodkaisforgirls) IMG_7825 Laura One thing I loved about this week? Sleeping in!! We both didn’t bother to get up early and slept until our bodies didn’t want to anymore. And then we hung around in our beds and in the internet and babbling along for another hour. Soooo cosy, so perfect.

This is how it looks when 2 food bloggers share a kitchen

This is how it looks when 2 food bloggers share a kitchen. Oats, Nutbutter, Goji Berries, Chia, fresh berries, Water, Wine, TVP, Maca Powder, Cacao Nibs, Chocolate.

After breakfast we went to explore Basel. More here to come from Laura. We were so lucky with the weather!! Laura Laura LauraLater in the day we cycled back (YES, we cycled everywhere!! Poor girl :-)) and changed for the Crossfit Class! I couldn’t believe that the WOD consisted of Snatches and Double Unders only. The WORST!! Haha. It was SO intense but so fun as well. Check out our snatches. #twssCrossfit IMG_7907 IMG_7875 Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit After a long photoshooting 🙂 we showered and cycled to a nearby place with a beautiful rooftop. FOOD was needed and they had a grill – what better could we wish for after Crossfit?? So a huge beefsteak it was with a side of stuffed pepper, tomato salad and green salad. Dressing on the side. Oh, and Gin Tonic and Pisco Sour on the side as well. Laura Laura

Laura  Laura IMG_7859Christian and Tom, 2 of the Crossfit Crew joined us a little later and all of a sudden we were a nice little group hanging on the rooftop and having a great night. We laughed our head’s off and I loved it.

And so it came Friday…….MY BIRTHDAY!!!! This will be part of my post tomorrow. There is so much to tell and so many pics. Just one thing – Mom made her chocolate cake. The recipe is here. IT IS TO DIE FOR. Laura approved.  Foto(7)Laura was in Dijon for the last few days and I picked her back up last night. She will head off today to Interlaken and Zermatt and I will get to see her before she leaves again – I hope for an epic last day in Zurich!!

What’s your favorite cake for your birthday?

Did I make you want to come to visit me with this recap? 




34 thoughts on “MIMM – 1st Recap #LauraandLucie

  1. This all looks so much fun! The perfect holiday complete with the perfect tour guide 😉

    Well of course you know I want to! Will there be chocolate cake though? Cos that’s a bit of a deal breaker…

    Birthday cake = chocolate cake 100%. I need to post MY mum’s recipe! Maybe we should have a bake off! Although I have found an incredible chocolate cake in Harry Eastwood’s book that tastes so decadent but is super clean – it’s got AUBERGINE in it!

  2. Yes, I absolutely do want to come visit you! Glad you guys had a good time. And birthday cakes for me need to to be chocolate or ice cream cake – both of those make me happy.

  3. Love seeing two of my favorite bloggers together!:) Ya’ll are adorable and would fit in great in my kitchen lol- as I’m sure most everyone else would agree with me:)

  4. Ah this post was so fun to read- glad you 2 are having a lovely time together and that you had a wonderful birthday, Lucie! Chocolate cake made from Swiss cocoa/chocolate- I die just at the thought of it!

  5. […] together.  Thankfully it went off with out a problem!  (I think… Lucie will have to tell her side of the story. […]

  6. Ou are right – #vodkaisforgirls and we totally have the #bestsnatchinbasel. LOL! I am already excited to come back. Or to meet you and your mom in Italy. Or to meet you somewhere in the US. Thank you for being such an incredible hostess! I will miss you in Interlaken and Zermatt, but will see you again before I go. xoxo

    Oh, and tell your mom I want that cake for my birthday too. 😉

  7. anoushedance says:

    Lucie that chocolate cake looks divine!! And all those restaurants sound amazing.. looks like I need to take the (“long”) trip out from Zürich to see Basel once too 😉 My dad´s fiancé is from there, so hopefully sooner or later I will get to see your city 🙂 and the bed you made for Laura is adorable! What Swiss treats did you add?

  8. You guys are amazing. Can’t wait for you BOTH to visit Australia together…we can crossfit on kangaroos and koalas.

    You can just TELL from the pictures what a bundle of fun- and bon anniversaire- Mama FWC needs to make me that cake. Please.

    • I tell her to take an ‘Around-the-World’ ticket to go and bake chocolate cakes for all my blogger friends 🙂
      Oh and an Aussie meet-up – that would be epic.

  9. cottercrunch says:

    i can’t read… i’m so jealous. But in the best possible way. Gah!

  10. So fun!!!! I had Cassie and Ang here this past weekend. I love hosting blends! You guys are too cute 🙂

  11. Snatches AND double unders?! The. Worst. Wow what a fun and fabulous weekend. You both look so happy and beautiful – you can tell you had such a fun time. I cannot wait to visit you AND Switzerland one day (hopefully soon!)

  12. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY LUCIE!! I hope your day was filled with lots of LOVE + champagne 😉

    Looks like you and Laura had so much fun together and the perfect days of being active, enjoying yummy food and laughs a plenty! Hope to meet you too!

    xo C

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  14. Lady, I wanted to visit you BEFORE I read your recap, and I’m still convinced that it needs to happen one day 😀 Also… chocolate will always, always be my favourite cake flavour… Even better when whipped cream and cherry filling is involved.

  15. […] prosecco pretty mindlessly – wait, the last 2 weeks I was even up for Gin Tonics almost daily and some Amraone and Whiskey with Laura. Bad […]

  16. How fun! And I just have to say Switzerland sure is beautiful! Love the pics you always post! And looks like you guys had an amazing time! 🙂

  17. […] They were meant for me and Laura to enjoy while she’s here. Well, we preferred to get drunk expensively outside of the house. […]

  18. […] And laughing. Hi Sweetie 🙂 🙂 ) on the rooftop of Che Que Lomo, the fab place I’ve been with Laura too. It was such a glorious summernight and Jonas and me had the best time like always. Spending […]

  19. […] then headed off to one of my favorite places in Basel where I already got a little drunk with Laura a few months ago – Che Que Lomo, the rooftop of Hinterhof. It was such a nice summernight and we met a few […]

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  22. […] of my blogging career than I ever thought was possible. Almost 3 years later, I met Laura the second time and I left a big piece of my heart with her. Sometimes you meet people and you just get along like […]

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