WIAW#60 – Chocolate or Wine or Both


7. May 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning friends!!

Laura is supposed to arrive today! LOL. Standby flying is definitely cheap but not uncomplicated. I have my day off and am ready to jump in the car and pick the lady up from the trainstation anytime. Right – she had to fly into Paris and take the train. But we don’t know yet. I think we need a LOT of drinks tonight!!

Speaking of travel: Only 3 weeks until I fly off to Spain – alone for the first time. It makes me swallow tears when I think about it, but I still can not wait to be there – MY place of peace. Lucie


But for now, let’s focus on some foods lately. I made an effort to take better pics this time. Thank you Jenn!! 



Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies


Smoked Salmon on salad and baby cucumbers

Smoked Salmon on salad and baby cucumbers

Baked Chicken with Broccoli, Avocado, Sweet Potato and Berries

Baked Chicken with Broccoli, Avocado, Sweet Potato and Berries

Omelette with a side of Sweet Potato, Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus

Omelette with a side of Sweet Potato, Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus


Codfish with cherry tomaotes, spinach and nutritional yeast

Codfish with cherry tomaotes, broccoli and nutritional yeast

Chicken with cucumber, mushrooms

Chicken with zucchini and eggplant on salad

Shirataki Noodle Bowl with spinach, mushrooms, baked chicken and a TVP-Paprika-Egg-Mugcake on the side

Shirataki Noodle Bowl with spinach, mushrooms, baked chicken and a TVP-Paprika-Egg-Mugcake on the side

So, this is the clean part. There was a lot of chocolate and cookies and on the weekend some prosecco – which is fine, but at the moment too much. I didn’t spoil any progress so far regarding my goals, but I didn’t make any steps forward either (optically). I start my program with LBC next week and I am excited – I NEED that motivation boost!  – Important to say though that I did not have a single binge. Treats, but no binge. Win. DrinksChocolateChocolate Bread

So, if you excuse me, I have to shovel the mess in my appartment under my bed so Laura doesn’t get a heart attack when she arrives. I am glad when she’s here – organizing a Swiss trip (without knowing when she will arrive or depart) – almost made my hair stand on end. It is FUN though but I NEED damn wine!! (Did I just say I want to stop having so many treats??!!!)

What’s YOUR place of peace? 

When are you coming to visit me in Switzerland? I am an expert in organizing trips for tourists now!!

Chocolate or wine? BOTH!

25 thoughts on “WIAW#60 – Chocolate or Wine or Both

  1. My current place of peace is definitely the rooftop of my apartment building, nobody is ever up there and the view is insane – you feel such a part of the city but like you’re looking over it all at the same time… not sure what I’m gonna do when I go back home!!

    Errrr YESSSSS me me me – I wanna come!! For wine AND chocolate please – what a silly question 😉

    Sounds like you’ve had a great week, well done for no binges! I was having a bit of a think the other day and comparing me now to me a year ago and looking at what a mess my eating was back then I feel rather chuffed 🙂

    P.S. I think me and CrossFit are falling in love… buuut, how on EARTH do you do a double under?! I just kept hitting myself in the legs…ouch.

    • Yay!! The comment makes me smile so much!!
      The roftop sounds awesome. I love rooftops. Add a glass of wine, a sunset and some chocolate. LOL. Perfect.
      And way to go girl!! Be proud of your progress, so cool!
      SO cool that you love Crossfit so much. Double Unders is practising, practising practising. I can do 1 DU, 1 SU, 1 DU etc. I can NEVER do 2 DU’s in a row!!

  2. Give Laura a huge hug for me when youse her. I’ll get to see her in about a month at Blend, which I totally wish you were coming to as well! You’re going to have an awesome time in Spain though, and I have a feeling that the trip is going to be just what you need to get some healing done 🙂

    PS – BOTH!

  3. Kalie says:

    Both!! And can I come visit you next? 😉

  4. Ah have the best time with Laura…can’t wait to see what craziness you girlies get up to ;)! I would normally always choose chocolate over wine but after a fantastic bottle of Rose last night, I think they might be tied for me!

  5. BOTH! Tonight? LOL! I promise to workout as hard as possible too. 😉

    I am so so so excited. I’m almost there!!! You are the best host already!

  6. girlllll you are cooking up some mighty delicious meals these days.. I mean not that you never have before, but dang they’ve gone up a notch. I wish Kuwait were closer to Kuwait (and I wasn’t finding out you know what) at the end of May because I’d totally be tagging a long!! You’ll have a blast. When you get sad, have a drink & start dancing… even if your out in the middle of the rd 🙂 Ha Ha!

  7. ARGHHHHHH. Please. Lucie. Come to Australia. Bring Laura.

    Hope you guys have an absolute blast and I expect an absolute epic recap! Enjoy my friend- you deserve it!

  8. I am so jealous Laura is going to meet you like seriously WANTING TO BOOK MY TICKET lol one day though I know it 🙂 Have fun!

  9. Always both!! And add me to the list of people that want to come visit you! You guys will have an amazing time – I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  10. So is that an invite?!?!!?!

    My happy place is actually in bed, waking up with the sun streaming in. perfection 🙂

  11. The answer is: Chocolate. With a side of chocolate and some chocolate. And we know the answer to traveling question is [hopefully]: during one of my first real life/ job holiday. Can’t wait for that first paycheck…
    Wait … I just saw your Instagram picture from minutes ago on the side proving Laura arrived so fun has clearly started already! Bring on the drinks, Swiss chocolate and let the twerking happen at the gym ;).

    • Haha, I love chocolate just as much as you do. No day without it.
      Oh yes, the first day was a success – now off to the farmer’s market and exploring! Recap to follow!

  12. ranchcookie says:

    Ahh both to chocolate and wine!

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