Spiralps Natural Wellness Drink Review


6. May 2014 by swissfitchick

Caroline from Spiralps was so kind to send me 2 bottles of the Spiralps drink to try!


Everytime I enter one of our ‘normal’ supermarkets I hope to find something else to drink than water that is not filled with sugar, articifial sweeteners or other unpronounceable stuff. Except for coconut water I always walk out with only water. When I received these drinks, I was really excited and curious to see if this actually was a drink that was ALL natural AND tasty.

I wasn’t disappointed. This drink is made of only natural ingredients. The MAIN ingredient is Spirulina. I have had Spirulina before – I put it into my smoothies once in a while – and even though I know it is superhealthy, I can not really stand the taste.

Spirulina is a spiral coil shaped, blue-green, micro algae (0.2 – 0.3mm in size), which grows naturally in some alkaline lakes, in both tropical and subtropical climates around the world.

  • Spirulina has evolved over the past 3.6 billion years on Earth.
  • Scientists say that microorganisms like Spirulina generated our oxygen.
  • Spirulina has been harvested and consumed for centuries by local populations.
  • Spirulina was a food source for the Aztecs as late as the 16th century.
  • Spirulina may have an even longer history in Chad (Africa), dating back to the 9th century.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of Spirulina here!


With this thought in the back of my mind, I took the first sip – and was pleasantly surprised! The taste was fruity and fresh – and there was nothing of the grassy/earthy taste of spirulina. The peach and lemon flavor dominated (that is my opinion) and that’s what made it taste so sweet and delicious.

From the website: ‘Spiralps® is produced in Switzerland and contains herb-extracts from the pristine Alps and organic-fruits, combining the benefits of all these raw ingredients, to deliver more, natural vitamins, carotenoids, antioxidants, and fibers.’

Here is the simple list of ingredients:

Crystal clear Alpine mountain water, organic apples, organic peaches, apple sweetener, fresh Spirulina, organic lemon, Alpine herbal extracts, natural flavor.

I love ingredient lists like this – simple and understandable without any weird additives.


The color – yeah. I think healthy living bloggers/people are used to green juices/smoothies/food and know that they can taste good. But if you’re used to pink or yellow lemonades, then this color might appear a little daunting – don’t let it scare you! It really tastes good and I can definitely see me refreshing myself with this drink during the summer heat. Especially when knowing that it is a healthy drink that is even VEGAN and is Bio Inspecta AG certified.


Find out more about the benefits of Spiralps here! 

As for the company – The Spiralps® Company (SpirAlps SA) is a new Swiss based company developing natural beverages, using algae as its core functional component. It’s a Swiss Start Up Company that was founded in Valais, Switzerland.

From their website:’ At SpirAlps SA, we produce drinks based only on natural ingredients. We want to promote Spirulina, the benefits of Alpine herbs & organic fruits, local production, and great taste! – We DON’T want to promote chemicals, products being produced from untraceable components from all over the world, or unnecessary calories!

In addition to the benefits of the product itself, we at SpirAlps SA, would like to be recognized as an ethical company, a company participating in the effort to minimize the impact of humans on the environment. Our ultimate goal is to provide a production process as environmentally neutral as possible, and to source ingredients as locally as possible.’Spiralps

The price of the drink is CHF 3.90 which is about 4.40$ per bottle – which definitely is on the pricey side. Thinking of the work that is put in there it’s legitimate – but still too expensive for me to enjoy on a daily basis. But I will love this as a ‘treat’ buy when I am in one of their point of sales! Check them out here, they are easy available in Switzerland.


**The drinks were sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own. 

Are you intimidated by green drinks? 

What do you think of this product? 

Ever tried Spirulina? 




13 thoughts on “Spiralps Natural Wellness Drink Review

  1. kbeezyisviral says:

    Very informative post. One day, I will try this drink and tell you what I think. Until then, keep perusing for new items to try.

  2. I remember being completely weirded out the first time I tried a green smoothie, but I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted pretty darn normal! And spirulina,.. its been a while since I’ve had any, but I might have to look into it. My greens are suffering lately!

  3. I am not intimidated by green drinks! My mom has been eating green drink powder ever since I popped out of the womb! It’s weird to see my mom with white teeth because typically they’re ALL GREEN from the green powders! LOL!!!! She literally eats the powder out of the canisters with a spoon!!!

  4. stef says:

    I well know the problem about finding something to drink that is natural and doesn’t contain tons of chemicals, sugar or artificial sweeteners…

    do you know “Milford Kühl & Lecker” or “Teekanne frio”? most of them are sweetened with stevia. I drink them at the office when I don’t feel like hot tea. Just pop them into a bottle of water and wait a couple of minutes…

    you get them in german supermarkets, just across the boarder

  5. Yum! Looks delish ❤

  6. It’s probably a good thing that the container is opaque…I think a lot of people are put off by the crazy spirulina green colour. :-p I feel like it’s hard to mask the taste of spirulina , so awesome that you found a company/product that was able to do it!

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