No filter WIAW#59


30. April 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

Before we start I neeeed to make a shoutout to one of my favorite blends, Laura from @sprint2thetable who is coming to visit me next week. Yeah, you read that right. Today in a week I will pick her up in Zurich and we will have 3 days of blasts together – AND we will celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!  Soooooooo beyond excited!!!!!!

Ok, now: Happy Wednesday. Clearly, it’s #foodporn day.

It’s WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday!!

WIAWbuttonI am already sorry – you will have to deal with nonfiltered crabby iPhone shots this week. The problem was, that my Laptop refused to upload the pics from my canon -whatever the heck his problem was. And YES, my laptop is male. Cause he is making a lot of trouble lately and ladies never make trouble. NEVER.

Ok, but let’s talk about my food. I made more of my Coconut Oatmeal Berry Cake. I literally inhale this thing when it’s in front of my face. So friggin’ delicious and cakey. Dessert for breakfast – combo of perfection.

Berry Cake There was no snacking involved so far this week. I don’t know – I think after this emotional weekend my appetite was kind of off. Besides that, it is highly and finally needed for me to jump back on a cleaner food train. I mean, I really have no money to buy new clothes – I need it for furniture!

So, for lunch I had salads. The same one 3 times in a row – chicken, greens, baby cucumbers and sweet potato. For dressing, I mixed balsamic vinegar with fullfat coconut milk. #strangebutgood!!

Foto 5Foto 2I know. Green tupperwares make the most horrible background for a food picture.

Dinner: ASPARAGUS!! FINALLY we have local asparagus. I’m a happy kid. I added broccoli and smoked trout and piled up with nutritional yeast. Smoked trout is my quick protein fix – yummy, high in proteins and no prep needed.

Foto 3This picture looks so ugly, it’s not even funny anymore.

Nightime snack – sorry the rant goes on, but can anyone make a mix like that look good?? If so, show me.

No fat quark with PB2, Cacao Powder, Stevia and cacao nibs.

No fat quark with PB2, Cacao Powder, Stevia and cacao nibs.

Short and ugly sweet!! Happy Wednesday!

What is one of your quick meal choices?

Last night’s bedtime snack?

Do you forgive me for presenting ugly pics?



26 thoughts on “No filter WIAW#59

  1. ranchcookie says:

    Oh your oatmeal bread has got me again! I have to make this soon! That asparagus meal looked delicious to me regardless of your “ugly” photos haha it is gorgeous!

  2. You know I completely approve of dessert for breakfast 😀 And ending the day with chocolate is absolute perfection if you ask me. Speaking of which… that’s what I’m currently munching on myself — an evening snack of a muffin, chocolate, and warm vanilla almond milk. Best lullaby there is 😀

  3. Two of my favs in one place together- please have a blast for me!!!!!!

    Guess who has smoked trout in the fridge? Meee. It looks like smoked salmon so I will have to taste test properly ha.

    I never photograph my bedtime snack… It is so fugly. Casein protein mixed with milk and topped with cashew butter. That was last nght!

  4. OMG that breakfast bake looks amazing- I can’t wait to get my hands on some blueberries!! I am convinced that ugly food compensates in taste- 2 foods that come to mind are lentils and oats :)! I need to add more trout in my life- I only seem to ever eat it at restaurants! And woman OMG that Laura is coming to visit you….major FOMO going on ;)!

  5. Ugly food tastes better! We can eats lots of #strangebutgood ugliness next week. Hahaha! You can have my asparagus though. 😉

  6. “and ladies never make trouble” – Absolutely not. If others ever doubt that I think they need to learn about the difference between making trouble and reasonable uproar. [Awesome, now I have Katie Perry’s song stuck in my head at work ;)].
    Part of last night’s bedtime snack was the usual Lindt because I refuse to go without chocolate even just a single day. Also, I’m slightly jealous of your PB2… Just tell me it’s not as good as I assume, okay?!

    • Reasonable Uproar!! Perfect.
      PB2 is really good – though I can not eat too much of it, it’s quite heavy (from the taste of it). I can send you some if you like, I can buy it here!!

  7. haha I’m still working on making the yogurt, casein and nut butter combo look tasty…I swear it’s more appetizing than it looks! 😉 Speaking of which, that, with some cereal, was my snack last night. Ive noticed asparagus popping up in the grocery store – I’ll have to get some soon!

  8. Breakfast looks divine 🙂 ha my photos are always ugly I wouldn’t worry! Slowly trying to learn… Had banana bread in bed last night 🙂 heaven!

  9. You’re way too hard on yourself, they’re really not bad!!! So exciting Laura is coming to visit! Lucky you 🙂

    • Says you?? Haha, Darling. Don’t tell me you would like these pics if you did them yourself 🙂 They ARE bad. Because I was lazy! Happens.
      And yes – actually, we would need all of you awesome blends here too!! A Hippie-Blend-Festival!!

  10. I just cannot believe Laura will be coming to visit you! How friggen exciting is that. If I remember her correctly (which I stil do :), I bet she’ll be bringing you some Quest Bars & other goodies to devour. Ehh! You two are going to have an absolute blast together!

  11. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    Well I think those eats look delicious! I think it’s because I know how good they would taste… especially that blueberry bread! Pinning…

  12. Jess says:

    That bread looks delicious! Your “ugly” photos still look pretty damn good : )

  13. It’s so funny how we bloggers feel bad when our food isn’t pretty because it isn’t good blog-material. Hey, WIAW is supposed to be honest! If that’s what you ate it’s what you ate! And we all know some of the grossest looking things are sometimes the yummiest and most-filling

  14. cottercrunch says:

    i love your ugly food. i know it tastes damn good too!! can i come visit with laura now?

  15. Kierston says:

    Your ugly food looks fabulous. The coconut cake looks great!

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