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24. April 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning! It’s time to chime in in a round of Thinking out Loud with one of my favorite blends and my secret little sister Amanda. Go and show her some love. Thinking-Out-Loud1. I need to inform you that I run several businesses around this world. I own a Royal Bar&Restaurant in New York City…..


…..a shoe store in Granada, Spain….Lucy's

….a Czech Restaurant with food I don’t have a clue about in Prague…..


…plus I own a Frozen Yogurt Brand.


So except the Czech Cuisine restaurant, these companies combine several of my passions: Dessert, Shoes and Alcohol. Does that sound superficial? Classy? Frugal? Whatevs. I only need to add a shop with workout clothes, Tigernutbutters and bags/shades. Anyone has an offer to rent? I also need employees. Thanks.

2. I’m at home 😦 I feel very much under the weather and besides that, my sciaticnerve is troubling me. I feel mentally pretty ok, but I guess my body is now reacting on all the issues in the past few weeks. Resting is needed. Foto am 23.04.14 um 17.51 #2

3. Let’s talk about funnier things. I am excited for the weekend. I get my fingernails done, my toes, my hair and I have a party plan for Saturday night. The kind of party with tons of people where you get to meet old schoolfriends and where you get to shake your bootey all night long. Let’s hope I’m recovered until then!! NailspedicureDancingSchnittli

4. I ordered furniture for my new appartment. Gosh, I am SO excited to move in  – I am longing for the moment when all is settled and sorted! I PROMISE I will make a video tour once all is in its place and nice and neat. Check out my pinboard with some of the stuff and furniture I ordered! AND then there’s still my shabby chic table from my childhood. Though it will be too small for my humongous kitchen – but it will find its place in my new home. table2Kitchen

5. I am officially an LBC client!! I was on the waiting list for a few weeks now and now finally provided all the forms. This seems to be perfect to prepare for summer AND to continue with my education in all things fitness. Lucie

6. Looking at the photo above – that was in Spain last fall. I will go back to Spain next month – on my own for a week. Spain was the ‘island’ of me and Sandro and this will be the biggest challenge to be there without him and to spread my own foodprints. His parents allow me to go back there whenever I want to which I appreciate SO MUCH. I absolutely LOVE this place and it would be horrible for me not to be able to visit it again. It is hard to leave Zurich and the lake, so it is nice to be able to keep Spain for me to visit. Bena Bena

7. Food. We need to talk about food. I made amazing grilled scallops&prawns on Sunday night and on Tuesday night, I had more scallops. Plus I had almond butter with protein powder, raw cacao and stevia for dessert – right out of the jar. #sorrynotsorry.

Foto-2 Foto-3

Almond Butter

Ok Lovies, I think there is only more weirdness in my fucked up brain currently (I blame the painkillers, my best friends at the moment) so I’m going to stop here.

Have a wonderful day!

Think out loud. NOW!! 

Seafood? Love it or not?

 Any stores/bars/brands you own secretly? I know Arman does……Foto-2


20 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Painkiller Brain

  1. You know what I freaking adore about you? Well… one of the things anyways… how strong you are and how you never let painful memories and negative emotions hold you back from living life. A lot of people would probably avoid the places they associated with an ex, but here you are kicking butt and making new memories of your own. Love you tonnes ❤

  2. OOh congratulations on becoming an LBC client- that’s exciting! Can’t wait to hear how it goes :)! I have to echo Amanda above- your strength and courage is amazing and I’m excited to learn more about the new memories you create. Keep smiling, my friend…the best is yet to come!

  3. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!
    Hope you Will get better! Try to rest!
    Aspargus and sea food? The best if you ask me!
    You are reall brave and strong! You Will see, your week in Spain is going to be amazing!!

  4. Aw! You look so sad in your above photo.I wish I could bring you some chicken noodle soup & flowers to brighten your new apartment 🙂 🙂 Keep getting some rest girl.

  5. Well aren’t you just the LucyWhore. Chucking yourself all over the damn world.

    How ironic that they all scream LUCY. Hope your feeling better my friend- I’m not kidding you when I say this but whenever I had a flu/cold and went out- I swear the vodka or tequila healed me….it must be the alcoholic poison!

  6. roll out your piriformis!!! Might help with the sciatica pain!

    Also love that all your “businesses” are under your pen name “Lucy”…very tricky.

    So nice you’ll be able to return to spain. Feel free to take me with you…

  7. I think it’s awesome that you’re going back to Spain – I know how happy that place makes you, so it’s great that you’re willing to go back after the breakup. I hope you feel better soon love! ❤

  8. ranchcookie says:

    Your Saturday sounds like my dream 🙂 I love getting pampered nothing is better than that 🙂

  9. cottercrunch says:

    oh man, rest up friend! hope you feel better soon. And congrats on the LBC client. Can’t wait to hear more!

  10. Soooo… when are you going to Spain??? I just got offered a free plane ticket anywhere in the world…

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