WIAW#58 – Untypical Easter Food


23. April 2014 by swissfitchick

Let’s obsess a little over each other’s eats! Yeah, stalking. One of our hobbies, right? Admitted.

Thanks to our lovely hostess Jenn, our stalking genes can be released at least one day a week!WIAWbutton

Ok, so a quick intro – I came home from Prague on Sunday and spent hours with unpacking my stuff. We don’t need to discuss this, right? LucysI was also excited to throw myself into my new homewear. Adidas Hoodie (LOOOOVE!!) and shorts. Cotton shorts are the piece of clothing I wear the most throughout the year. Even in deepest winter I run around in my shorts and barefeet at home. #beachgirlatheart #ihatesocks. And yes, my hair is messy, I am aware of that.

Hoodie&Shorts Hoodie&Shorts

On MONDAY, 7am, I was picked up by my Bestie Jonas to go snowboarding. Crazy Easter.

Snow Snow SnowIt was wonderful. Foggy, but warm and the best thing? We were ALONE. It was the last day of the season in this area, so it was ghost-style. Perfect.

But wait – it’s What I Ate Wednesday, and I wanted to present you some of my eats I had in Prague. Actually, we didn’t eat out nearly as much as we thought we would. Which does not mean it was less delicious.

Before the long ride, I made sure I packed a lot of food. I mean, 6,5 hours? I made my Coconut Oatmeal Bake in CAKE form, Protein Chocolate muffins and packed berries, apples, carrots, hardboiled eggs and licorice. Of course in my pink Fitbox, which I LOVE. Cake Lunchbox


My box (small) - Momma's box (big)

My box (small) – Momma’s box (big)

So after a day in the Outlet stores and cheering with champagne, I went on a long run along the ‘Elbe’ when the sun came out and then used the nearby gym for a lifting session. The views at the river were stunning….Prag Prag PragAs said, we stayed at the house of my Mom’s boyfriend (he lives with her in Switzerland but is Czech, and owns a house here). The village where we stayed is really small – accordingly, the opening hours of the gym are a little different than what we are used to. They were open on Friday from 10-11. No, not am to pm. am to am. ONE freaking hour. And it costed about 2$ for the workout. So simple, so good. Prag Prag PragThere was all I needed for a kickass upper body workout and a quick leg circuit – though the Czech guys were a little irritated as to what the hell this Swiss blonde Chalet was doing with their barbells. I guess they were talking about me, but I had no friggin’ clue anyway – I don’t understand one single word from this language. They gave me the You-are-a-stranger-but-you-have-boobs-so-we-accept-you-kind-of-look. I didn’t mind. Cause I was busy thinking about breakfast.

Prag PragYes. My omelette made its appearance. Spinach, Chicken, Mushroom, Oatbran, Eggwhites.

Then we headed off for Sight Seeing and Shopping. I set my eyes on these….

PragKidding. I meant those.

PragOk, I stop now. While strolling through the masses of tourists, we munched on this Czech speciality: Rolled sweet grilled bread. Gosh, it’s to die for. Covered with sugar and cinnamon and oh so doughy.

PragThen lunch – Friday, we found a very cool place where they offered infused water and smoothies. You bet I was excited! The smoothie was made with Vega Protein, Pineapple, yogurt and flaxseed. How did they read my mind??


FINALLY WI-FI!! #soaddicted

FINALLY WI-FI!! #soaddicted

For Lunch on Saturday, we went back to the same place – so creative, I know – but I just LOVED their menu and they had a nice sunny terrace where we had a great view on people and the city! We ordered more of the detox waters plus I went with a salad nicoise – salad greens, eggs, tuna and olives with a side of dark toast. Momma ordered a baguette with smoked ham and mozzarella.

Prag Prag Prag

The traditional Czech cuisine looks like this: Prag Which is noooot so much my style, but next time I want to try it.

For dinner, I improvised. I wanted to make some kind of a bake – I always make bakes when I’m lazy, cause their so easy and give time for predrinks while baking – so I placed salmon in a casserole dish, and covered it with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms and eggwhites. Topped with dry smoked ham. It was delicious?!  Seriously, it was worth a big pat on my back. Prag PragPost dinner was spent on the couch, reading and watching TV, with a side of leftover Eastereggs.

PragChocolate And since this post is already way too long, I end it here.

The end.

Ever had Czech cuisine? That sweet bread? It’s SO good!

What’s your favorite fruit/veggies to put into water? I love cucumber, mint, ginger and strawberries.

Favorite snack on the go? 




22 thoughts on “WIAW#58 – Untypical Easter Food

  1. Looks like such a great time!!! I’d loooove to go to Prague some day 😀

  2. ranchcookie says:

    I haven’t have Czech food, but I had the same problems when I went to Germany, just not much of a sausage and potato person! But at least they had a few salad options!
    How did you turn your oats into bread? Haha I totally want to try this out!

  3. I’m kind of dying over that sweet grilled bread… The closest thing I’ve ever had to it (sorta) is probably Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, which was my absolute favourite as a kid. And I love putting frozen blueberries in water, but I haven’t given mint or cucumber a try — sounds so refreshing!

  4. Love the sound/look of that sweet bread- reminds me of a cinnamon roll…mmm! I love exploring a city through its food but I think Prague might be an exception for me- not sure I can handle Pork Knuckle- ick! I have been drinking infused waters all the time lately- my current favorite combo is fresh mint leaves with orange slices :)!

    • Haha, I know, I wasn’t so intrigued with the menues from the traditional restaurants. I was super happy to have found a place with healthier options!
      My Mom ordered the one with orange slices it was so good!

  5. Agh I’m so hungry now! I’m glad I’m not the only one that takes the contents of the fridge when going away! Although I went away to the river at the weekend and didn’t pack enough food and it was a sad time indeed. I love infused water and that café sounds fantastic! I am a big smoothie and nicoise fan so it looks great.
    I made your breakfast cake the other day with bananas and it was delicious (:

    • Oh you did? I’m so happy to hear that and I love to put banana in there too!
      Yeah, I always make sure I have enough food with me when going away….being out and not having a snack when hunger hits seems like a scary situation to me 🙂

  6. I bet you can imagine how tempting Czech cuisine sounds to me ;). Mmh, all the meat… Not. I wouldn’t mind a taste of the grilled bread, though. Sugar and cinnamon-covered doughiness? Yes.
    Wow, the gym’s opening hours sound even more ridiculous than those at the one I went to while at my parents’. Granted, it was Good Friday so it’s nice they opened at all, I guess?!

  7. Is it bad that I would totally wear those spiky shoes? And I am so intrigued by that sweet bread!

  8. Hahaha I love confusing guys when you enter the weights section at the gym – a GIRL, in HERE, HOW is that possible?!
    Those cinnamon things look like heaven…I imagine they smelt insane. And running through that path through the trees? Wowwww.
    Sounds like you had an amazing time 😀

  9. Look at all these fabulous eats!!! I’m dying, I love it all. Snowboarding on Easter sounds SO fun. I’m quite jealous of you 🙂 and Coconut Oatmeal Bake in CAKE form…. I’m sorry, but I need that. Now. And by the way you’re not the only one who #hatessocks… let’s be barefoot beach buddies forev!! xo

    • Yes, BAKE that cake!! It so easy and sooo yummy. I make a huge cake at the beginnig of the week and then have it for breakfast daily 🙂
      Which beach so we meet up??

  10. cottercrunch says:

    czech food is delish!! i need more. can i come stay and we go visit together? p.s. i love that licorice. It’s not GF but worth it!

  11. I wanna go on vacation with you!! You always pack & make the most delicious meals. I’d even come bringing Quest Bars for us to eat too. I know I know, so sweet of me 🙂 Ha Ha!

    Oh & damnnn check out your flat & toned stomach. You are going to make one lucky man droolll 🙂 Haha!

    p.s. i hope you’ve started feeling better xoxo

  12. I’m glad you didn’t buy those shoes. Because I own them. The spiked ones.

    Oh my gee, that bake sounds absolutely amazing. Bakes are so good. Just chuck it all in a dish and…well…bake.

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