MIMM – Easter in Prague – 1st recap


21. April 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning! I hope you are having some nice days off!! While you are reading this, I already packed my things again and am on my way to my probably last day on the slopes for this season. Let’s see. Anyway, I want to give you the first recap of my days in Czech/Prague with my Momma. We had a marvelous time.



We headed off on Thursday at 5:30 am….with glorious weather.Prag Now before I go into this recap, let me give you my honest thoughts. I did have some rough moments during the trip – I struggled a little harder with my emotions regarding the break up. I don’t know why, but travelling was always a passion Sandro and me shared and I missed being able to share the impressions and shenanigans from this trip with him.Prag Prag Plus, because of all the additional treats I indulged in the last few weeks plus my lack of sleep and more alcohol than usual, my body reacted. I retain water, I gained a little and I feel currently gross, bloated, fat and ugly. Yup. I have these days too. And I don’t like them and I don’t feel confident during these days. BUT –  they will pass. Still,  I had to affirmate my positive thinking a LOT these days, and I am glad I am so well trained in it. Cause despite the emotional and physical disbalances, I had a great time with Mom. I enjoyed everything I saw, everything we did, everything we ate and everything we talked about. I was well aware of what was going on in my mind and with my body and I faced it, but I didn’t let it dominate me.





I am watching my diet stricter now cause I feel that my body needs more clean food to perform, feel and look better. I want to feel better. But in this post, we want to talk about Czech. And Prague.Prag PragSo we made it from Basel to Prague in 6,5 hours. Yes 🙂 You can call us the racegirls. Give us a fast car and we are fast. We headed straight to the Outlet stores…..and made sure we got our shopping fix in. 4 hours later…..PragDo I need to mention we had to celebrate that??Prag Prag The next few days were spent with sightseeing and photo walks…..



Prag Prag

My elegante Momma

My elegante Momma – smile, Mama!! 🙂

Prag Prag Prag We were so lucky with the weather, it was warm and spring-y almost all the time. Of course we did have some good food too, but I will talk about workouts and food on Wednesday -mk??Prag Prag Prag Prag Prag Prag Prag

…and always the hair…..

…and always the hair…..

Prague from a top………..Prag …and most important shopping winner – SHOES. Prag Prag Oh, and workout clothes…..PragIt’s crazy how much we walked. While photographing, browsing around in shops, looking at buildings – we didn’t even realize how long we were strolling for! Anyway, after a few hours, all I wanted to do was this:

PragMy legs felt like elephant trunks!! LOL. Fortunately we found the perfect drinks – infused water!! But more of this coming WIAW. Stay tuned, guys. Prag

What was your highlight this Easter? 

Have you ever been to Prague? 

What’s the next city you want to visit? 

xxx Lucie

21 thoughts on “MIMM – Easter in Prague – 1st recap

  1. Aw Lucie after being in such a long relationship, these emotions are inevitable. The fact that you are recognising them and rising above speaks volumes. As for feeling gross after repeated indulgences- we all have those days but hopefully they are less occurring for you as time goes on- it’s amazing what even just a few days of getting back on track can make to you both physically & mentally. The next city I want to visit is Paris..and I’m making it happen in June :)!

    • Thank you so much Khushboo, your words mean a lot!! And you’re right – even a week of clean food can make such a big difference.
      Oh wow, Paris!! I hope you will be making it to Switzerland soon too!! 🙂

  2. You, my friend, aren’t giving yourself enough credit- it’s a natural process but at the same time, it’s new opportunities to grow more individually 🙂

    Um. The shopping. What the hell. and of PRAGUE of all places? I’ve always wanted to go, but on my Euro trip, the money factor was the reason I had to opt out (it comes second to Switzerland haha). Love this recap- it is as picturesque as it’s spoken about!

    I spent my weekend like you- avec ma mere.

    • It better come SECOND place to Switzerland!!
      And I know….baby steps. Sometimes it just sucks. But that’s why I have you guys to remind me it’s a work in progress!!

  3. Rene Wetzel says:

    at least there was MOET-time… and not one of these cheap ugly proseccos 😎

    enjoy… you deserve it!

    official message from the
    king of trabulonia

  4. It’s definitely understandable that those feelings would come up when you went traveling, but it still sucks. Thank god for retail therapy 😉 I loooove all the shoes! Especially those wedges – gorgeous.
    I haven’t been to Prague, but it’s on the list for when I eventually make it out to Europe!

  5. We all have those days, but like you said, they will pass! Glad you are better at training yourself to overcome them!

    I’ve been to Prague and it was such a stunning city. A little overrun by tourists but that’s cause I was there in June. So lucky you’re just a short drive away!

  6. I’m currently in the process of recovering from my Easter weekend as well, so I can definitely relate to feeling a little out of whack. The good thing is that it passes 🙂 As do those hard times and struggles. I’m glad you were able to enjoy such a beautiful city with your mom, despite some rough patches. And you’ll be making wonderful new memories which will make the old ones hurt less over time ❤

    • TRUTH!! I will make a lot of new memories and a year from now it will all look different. Sometimes, I’m just not very patient 🙂
      I hope our bodies digest well and forgive us our sugar comaing session 🙂

  7. cottercrunch says:

    the holidays sure do bring those days! i feel ya. But knowing they pass is half the battle, moving on and moving forward! love your pics and gorgeous mama and YOU

  8. It looks absolutely gorgeous there, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

  9. First can I say… I love your hair color?! SO SO SO much? Secondly, I always feel bloated and disgusting and I don’t even drink #nolargeintestineproblems (LOL) and thirdly, that photo you took from the car (and lets be real, ALL OF THEM) are stunning!!!!!! Prague… I have been there once, but I cannot remember it too much because we literally just drove through!

  10. […] so a quick intro – I came home from Prague on Sunday and spent hours with unpacking my stuff. We don’t need to discuss this, right? I was also […]

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