Sunny – yesterday my heart was filled with rain


14. April 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy first day of the week! If it’s not so happy, listen to this song……

It is such stunning weather here – we are truly blessed!! It’s marvelous.

My weekend started with a 10k run on Friday at 7am followed by a Yoga Class at Spirit-Studio. I was good with Yoga this week and my body thanked me! AND it was way too long since I went running outdoors for more than 30 minutes.

The views on the run were simply breathtaking.

Sonnenaufgang-AmboseliRun SunriseAfter this ‘move-morning’ I fueled with a green smoothie (spinach, berries, coconut flour, protein powder)…..Smoothie..and then went over to Mom’s place to have my nails done. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my Mom lives just next door – we can actually wave and yell at each other over our balconies. I think it’s supercool. She now bought a Shellac Set and we sit together every other week to do our nails. It’s perfect for me cause my nails are a mess otherwise. NailsI went to snap some gorgeous pics outside….Spring Spring…..and in the evening met up with Linda and her little sweetheart in the parc for a picnic. Lucie Picnic LucieSaturday was a liiiiiittle difficult – but only a little. I had nothing planned and switched from being relaxed and happy about it to a little panicked that I could fall into a depression and loneliness.

BUT I did good. I took a restday, slept in, stayed in bed with my book and iPad until I was about to chew my arm off, and stayed in my pj’s until midday despite the gorgeous weather outside. Yes, I am allowed to do that. My food was all over the place though – I did not binge or anything, but I snacked along all day on clean and not so clean stuff. I felt guilty and fat, but I just distracted myself with other things. Like baking. I had an invitation for dinner in the evening and decided to provide dessert. Since months I wanted to make Amanda’s Flourless Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Muffins. Cause I do not own a regular muffin pan, I just made them as a cake. GEEEEEZE. When this piece came out of the oven, I surely had to taste test……omg. No words. SO delicious. I literally had to drag myself away from it to not eat the whole thing in one sitting. Cake CakeI was invited at my Bestie’s and her husband’s place together with 3 other friends and it was just a happy relaxed night with prosecco and good food. They whipped up an amazing dinner:

Scallops with coconut/lemongradd vignerette and mint-asparagus

Scallops with coconut/lemongrass vignerette and mint-asparagus

Red snapper in lemon/rosemary paste, mashed potatoes and arugula

Red snapper in lemon/rosemary/olive paste, mashed potatoes and arugula

Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Cake, Blood Orange/Saffron Sorbet, Orange Salad

Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Cake, Blood Orange/Saffron Sorbet, Orange Salad

SUNDAY… last week, I had a workout date with Vanessa at 10am – 8k run and double unders / handstand practise in the street. I LOVE it. I added a small WOD after – 15 pushups, 40 lunges (20 per side), 1 min jump rope, 500m sprint – 3 rounds. I was so excited about my handstand progress I had to head inside and take handstand selfies. Yes, I am allowed to do that.

HandstandJump RopeThe rest of the day was spent with meal prep and a coffee/tea/water date in the sun.

I made Sweet Potato Eggwhite Chicken Patties and more of the Coconut Berry Oatmeal Bake. This time I tripled the amount and made a real cake. Sweet POtato Patties Berry Cake

That’s my weekend recap – happy Monday everyone!

Did you do some mealprep this weekend? 

Do you feel guilty when hanging around the majority of the day without being productive? I used to. Not anymore. I think I’m too old to stress around all day anyway 🙂

What’s on the workout plan this week? 



25 thoughts on “Sunny – yesterday my heart was filled with rain

  1. All of this looks delicious! Girl, I had a ‘fat’ weekend – zero exercise as I am recovering from being ill and a LOT of food food food (particularly of the chocolate variety). Yes I feel fat. But I refuse to freak out cos it was delicious and fun… A few days of me eating next week and easing back into exercise again and I am sure I will feel like me again…
    And I’m the same, I used to feel guilty about being unproductive but now I think we all need a break now and then – it makes us more productive the rest of the time!
    Have a lovely week 🙂

  2. Lori Delgado says:

    Hi Lucie, I recently discovered your blog from Amanda and really enjoy it and your story. I too can relate to years of body image issues and eating disorders. I have been wanting to make her muffins for a while but your version looks AMAZING!!! Can you please tell me what you baked it in and for how long? Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Lori, so happy to have you here and thank you for reading!!
      I can SO recommend the cake version – I baked it in a middle (?) sized baking form for about 20 minutes. You have to keep an eye on it though, mine was even in there a bit too long – it turned out to be a bit dry after a few hours. Just check every few minutes when 12 minutes are past!

      • Lori Delgado says:

        Thanks Lucie can’t wait to try it. Have a great day and enjoy your trip and congrats on the new apartment 🙂 Lori

  3. You picked the perfect song to listen too whie reading this post. It made your weekend seem even more beautiful & fun than what it was. You know, this whole post was like a breath of fresh air. It made me smile & even bust a few dancing moves 🙂 So proud of you for not binging and just letting the guilt fade away as the day went.

    • Aww, so happy you liked the song – it’s one of my faves.
      And yes – I am really happy bingeing is not an issue in this phase of emotional waves….I was really afraid it would be!

  4. Ah I didn’t realise about you & Sandro breaking up Lucie…hope you are doing okay- thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs & positive vibes :)! Your weekend sounds lovely and no harm in staying in bed all day- there are plenty of Sundays where I’m in my pyjamas till dinnertime, then I shower and get into a clean set of pjs (I promise I’m otherwise super hygenic ha)!

    You are owning those headstands-wow! I’m not a selfie person but if I could bust out a headstand, I’d be all over selfies ;)!

    • Thank you Khushboo – I am doing ok, I do my best!
      And THANK YOU for telling me that you spend your days in PJ’s too….definitely makes me feel better!! 🙂

  5. You did good? Luc, you did awesome!

    And j’adore that you and la mere live a ‘bonjour’ away from each other- mothers really are the greatest things. While mine doesn’t get my nails did, she does provide the foodie goodness…(and does my washing).

    I NEED to make your blueberry bake. NEED.

    • Thank you my Aussie Love!
      And yep – Mom’s are best. Especially when they cook with saffron, do laundry, make almond butter and nails.
      MAKE the bake. You’re welcome.

  6. ya did gooooood! We all have those grub days where we kind of feel like crap after but trust me, they’re necessary. Mine usually involve a lot of netflix watching and popcorn for dinner. But then the next day I just pick up where I left off and move on!

  7. We all need those laze-around days once in a while! I did that yesterday, as a matter of fact 😉 You make me want to work on my handstands!

  8. I hope you share a recipe for those patties!
    I took a 3 hour nap on Saturday–at first I felt guilty but then realized that if I slept for that long in the middle of the day, my body really needed the rest!

    • YAY for a long nap!! That is awesome and I am so sure your body was happy and thankful for the rest.
      The patties are supereasy – basically just mix a small sweet potato with ground chicken (amounts are not measured, just eyeball), add 1 eggwhite, salt, pepper and paprika – mix well and cook on low heat in a skillet. I freeze them and warm them up for my meal – perfect!

  9. cottercrunch says:

    glad you rested saturday. way to listen friend! i know we both agree there! and i can’t help but notice your smile, it seems… ALIVE!

  10. I’m kind of in love with the fact that you and your mom live so close. My parents were actually going to buy a condo in my building, and I’m kind of wishing that they did so I could go over and mooch food all the time 😉 Oh, and that nail colour? GORGEOUS.

    And I’m with you on unproductive days… I’m too old to stress ❤

  11. Your handstand is fantastic, you look so strong. I am definitely inspired. When the trees look like that I don’t blame you for wanting to take photos…they are gorgeous! I love shellac polish!

  12. […] I will present my meals from Sunday, cause somehow they did not fit in my Monday post. […]

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