Being social while being healthy and vice versa – 5 tips


10. April 2014 by swissfitchick

The majority of you know me pretty well by now, some of my readers are close friends and know me even better – I am a very social person. Maybe I am even so social that it’s tiring. I just love being around people, I chat and laugh along like there’s no tomorrow and my days with a bad mood are rare. As much as I love my ME time and being on my own, I live of communication and you can as well call me a gregarious animal. girlsJen

Socializing for me means being in good company, laughs, hugs, dancing, chilling, keeping silent, endless talks and whatever you love to do with friends/family – AND food. And in my case, prosecco. Not always, but often. girls

I read a lot about people who want to ‘stay on track’ and then struggle with being not spontaneous or ‘stuck up’ in their urge to be on top with their macros. I totally get it, if you have a goal, you want to keep up and you want to stay consistent. On the other hand, you want to be relaxed, social and you want your friends to love you and not to be told that you ‘could use some losening up’. Smile

I know there are very different situations in each ones lives. Some have the freedom to plan their schedules and their meals and workouts – others have jobs or a family where it’s not that easy to just do their own thing. That’s one side. Then there is our mindset. Believe me, I missed thousands of social gatherings cause I was scared of the food there and that I would be forced to eat and drink. I rather stayed at home in my nutshell and eat light yogurts and rice cakes instead of facing all the anxieties and harassements of a social event. And having FUN. Lucie

That’s sad. Cause we only have one life and social time is so so wonderful. Time spent with your loved ones is precious and is happiness. We need to embrace them and savour them as much as we can. cycling IMG_7372

Now here is my situation. I still have anxieties here and there, but they vanish more and more. But I also have goals – I want to be fit, healthy and in shape. I have a goal of reaching more muscle definition, which lacked BIG time in the last few weeks – seriously, March was completely soaked in alcohol and chocolate, so my muscles are somewhere where I can not see them right now 🙂 Of course I don’t like this, but I definitely preferred a BLAST of a March with my best social times, AND unfortunately I had to face real life which made it a bit difficult to be excited about broccoli and chicken. Jen and Lucie

So what now? I want to make an effort to be a little stricter and lean out more coming May and Summer. I know how to. And of course I would reach faster results if I would be strict like a wooden spoon, and if I would live sugarless and alcohol free day in day out. Do I want this? HELL NO!! Would my friends love it? Don’t dare to ask them. d0wrk75But there is a way to balance this out. Here are my tips and how I do it:

1. Relax. Don’t stress over your mealplan and workouts, just DO IT. Plan your days, prep your meals and workouts. And then forget about it. Don’t obsess over it, just go with it. You know what to do – and if you stick to it 80-90% then you are doing GOOD! And even if you have one or even two off-days, don’t stress over it. Forget it and move on. tumblr_m82btoAbaw1qfqlpv

2. If you are invited to a spontaneous dinner, go for it!! The more we lose spontaneity, the more we get obsessed, the more we stress ourselves = not good for our health and also not good for our metabolism. The majority of the time you will have the chance to pick out something healthy at a dinner or a buffet, and even if not – ONE not-clean meal won’t spoil your progress. There is ALWAYS a way to balance things out. You definitely won’t look any different the next day because of a night with some more carbs than usual and some wine. Wait, you do – you will probably wake up with a smile on your face cause you had a great night with friends. Girls

3. IF you have anxieties when going out, try to prepare yourself. Check the menu of the restaurant online, so you know what to choose. If it is a party, offer to bring a healthy dish. Or just TALK to your friends. Tell them you want to stay on the ‘healthier’ way you chose and that you would love to add your contribution with a healthy dish. And especially, don’t stress over ‘what others think’ – you won’t be judged by what you eat as long as you are convinced about it and are realxed about it. And honestly? My friends definitely have other things to do and are busy with IMPORTANT things – watching me eating is not one of them.Lucie

4. Don’t hide. Of course, by now my friends know my perspective on food and exercising. As much as many of them tried to teach me to eat normal and to keep me from ovethinking everything – today they know they don’t have to worry and they can be sure that I know my stuff. Nobody ever tries to convince me to eat pizza, cause they know I don’t eat it. Because I was always honest. In the beginning, I just said:’ Look, pizza gives me anxieties. I am scared I fall into a binge. I will eat a proper meal, but I stick to a healthier choice.’ My honesty was appreciated and I got so much support like that. Of course it was always a little difficult, but they gave me the time to acclimatize with ‘unsafe foods’ and social events. I used to go to all the events, but left early, cause the anxieties started to get on me and I was exhausted after a few hours around all the food and drinks. I was always open about this and like that was supported and accepted. By now, I can be everywhere around all the food and it does not get me. I still make healthy choices, but I don’t obsess. I ENJOY. 1040815_10151416384726846_26173116_o

5. Be convinced, be relaxed, be a good example.

I don’t explain what I do. I don’t preach. I do my thing – and I answer all the questions. Since I started my blog, many people around me ask me questions, want me to show them workouts or want me to cook for them. I feel so unbelievably blessed, cause I feel I can inspire people. And I am convinced about what I do. I know healthy food is delicious and working out makes happy feelings. And that’s what I share – but I never force anyone to do the same. I made huge steps forward in my recovery and I found a great way of eating and exercising that gives me my best results. But I am especially happy, cause I don’t let this dominate my life anymore. Yes, I follow my goals and I am strict about it – but only as long as it is enjoyable for me. And it is enjoyable cause I AM spontaneous and I don’t turn down any social activities – if they involve food and drinks or not. I found a way to balance it all out. I never explain why I choose grilled fish over pasta. Why should I? I love this meal and it serves my lifestyle and my results. I am relaxed about it and that is what my surroundment realizes. I cheer with prosecco and I bring along and eat chocolate – but I cook a clean meal for them all at the same time. It goes hand in hand. Cooking Eggs Based on my experience, there is ALWAYS a way to combine a healthy and clean lifestyle with social events that involve indulgements. Actually, my lifestyle IS healthy cause of the treats and the balance and the relaxation. I keep up a lean and fit figure wihtout any big weight fluctuations BECAUSE I allow myself to be spontaneous and sometimes trade white fish&asparagus with a liquid dinner of prosecco.

And now go. Enjoy life. Healthy and Happy.


What do YOU think about this topic? 

How do you handle social events? 




36 thoughts on “Being social while being healthy and vice versa – 5 tips

  1. This is such a great post, and I feel like something that everyone needs to read. I have learned a lot about pushing my comfort zone out to be 100% present and enjoy myself when I am out with friends. It is so entirely possible to be social, go out, and have a good time while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  2. I loved reading this. This is something I struggle with immensely . I’m the girl that leaves events early (if I even go at all) because of all the anxiety with food and drinking. Actually scratch that, I WAS that girl. I am working so hard to change that. I am going to the races with friends this weekend, so reading this has given me a bit of advice that it’s okay to be “naughty”. It’s all balance. It’s life. So Thankyou

  3. Lisa says:

    This is great to read Lucie! It’s funny but during my ED I just thought I hated being social, but the more I got out the more I realized I LOVE it so much. I’m now daily communicating with people a lot (I mean it’s part of my job, so I kind of have to;) ) but it’s crazy the way it totally turned around for me. Now I can’t imagine now seeing my friends at least twice a week and having a good time out with them. It just makes like so much better. And I used to be the one counting the drinks I had, tallying up calories. Ick, how boring. I mean I eat extremely healthy but go out lots too and enjoy myself, and a life of balance is so important especially because being social is so important in human nature. It’s what humans are supposed to do, and now with all the working at home, facebook, social media; I think a lot of people are more prone to be anxious going out…which isn’t the best. Okay, totally went on a ramble fest there. Oops;)

    • I love it Lisa, thank you so much for this comment!
      I am right there with you – I talked myself into a more ‘at home’ person and not ‘that social’ anymore – which really ISN’T me at all. Even though I love my quiet nights at home on my own, I love even more to be around my friends and family and have a good time. It’s what life’s about, right?

  4. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!

    Great post! And so true! At the end, we Will remember the time spend with out friends, not the clean meal we had!
    But I am like you, and as much as I love my social life, I try to always choose the healthy option. At restaurant its easy as I can choose on the menu. At my place its also easy as I Will always prépare healthy option. But when I am invited, I always try to bring something healthy like salad or fruits! And as you said, its a balance so some cheat meals and desserts are not going to make us fat!
    Enjoy your day!

    • Yes! It definitely is possible to lead a good social life and still stay on a healthy track. We just need to find our tricks and be relaxed about it. People who judge by the food chices can’t be real friends anyway.

  5. Love this post Lucie! Beautifully written and so true. For me, I think the hardest part for me is dealing with the snide comments and remarks from my friends when we are out. It’s annoying to hear “Oh Amy won’t eat that” or “You’re eating that? Isn’t that unhealthy?!” People put you in a box just because you choose to eat well and workout so when you do something outside of this box, it’s like the world is coming to an end. Anyways, it’s definitely something I need to work on better handling and not getting frustrated over but rather just laughing about it.

    • I know what you mean Amy – I’ve been there too. Meanwhile I am on a point where my friends trust my choices and never judge or comment them. But this wasn’t always the case. It helped me a lot to be quick at repartee and just stay relaxed. If someone says:’ oh you eat that? It’s not healthy.’ I say:’ You bet I do. Balance is healthy.’ And I eat on. Or the other example:’Lucie won’t eat that’ – I go:’ No I won’t.’ – yup I don’t even explain why. Cause I don’t see a reason why I have to explain my choices and others don’t……Just keep on doing what you’re doing – as long as you are a good friend no one should judge your food choices!

  6. I’ve definitely been the person too anxious to go out or afraid of social situations before – and it sucked, quite plainly. While admittedly I’m a big fan of ‘me-time’, I do need my moments to go out and have fun as well. I think it’s absolutely possible to stick to a ‘healthy’ diet at least to some extent when you go out (you may not be able to get plain-grass-fed-beef, but you can probably get a salad wherever you end up), it’s also a lot of fun to ease up a little and let yourself enjoy an ‘off night’ every once in a while. I don’t eat burgers and fries everyday (or even every week) but once in a blue moon, why not?

    • I couldn’t agree more, Sam. I actually think it is good for our bodies to get some ‘other’ food to digest than only fiber and lean proteins. A little more challenging 🙂 Besides the nice effect of indulging and having a good time out!

  7. Ashley V says:

    I definitely needed this! Earlier this week a friend invited me over, and she specifically mentioned that she’d be serving pizza. I just skipped it. It makes me kind of sad that I skipped hanging out with a group of friends when I could have just sucked it up for one meal or even eaten something before hand and told her I wasn’t going to be eating. But then I would have felt weird sitting and watching everybody else eat…many people know about my healthy eating habits, but I knew there would be people there who would question me about it, and I just didn’t want to face the questions in front of a group. I need to be better about this in general-it wasn’t the first event I skipped because of food. All of your posts, especially those talking about feelings surrounding food, have really been a help to me!

    • I know Ashley, I’ve been there too! I skipped so many nights cause of the anxiety and because I didn’t want to be confronted with comments. But it really is all about your attitude how your surroundment reacts – if they realize that you are absolutely confident with what you’re doing and that you are happy about it, they will eventually stop making comments.

  8. I enjoyed reading this and can relate. I often have work events and meetings that revolve around unhealthy food. There’s usually some comments from others but I just say that I prefer healthy choices and move on.

  9. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    Amazing – so on point. I have definitely suffered the socialising anxiety/guilt feelings before, and more and more I learn how utterly pointless they are. Life is for LIVING! And we are social creatures 😉 I also love your view on spontaniety – it’s something I’m definitely trying to embrace more!

    • Thank you! I absolutely agree that we should LIVE – and it is possible to do it without losing sight on our goals.
      Spontaneity is SO much fun – I had the best nights when I was spontaneous!!

  10. I do backflips for that steak and lobster combo! ha ha!

    I know so many people who get so worried and feel like they cannot go out and be healthy! That’s not the case AT ALL!! However, it does take some time to figure out how to enjoy yourself healthfully!!! These tips are great especially preparing yourself!!!! Look at menus, decide what you want before you go, order first so you don’t become influenced by others!

    • THAT was one of the most amazing meals I had – in Provincetown Cape Cod! I was INHALING all the seafood there¨
      And yes – finding the tricks to roll with social events and healthy living is key. It’s all a learning process!

  11. Love these tips, lady! And also love seeing so many pics of your smiling face 😀 Meeting you is definitely on my bucket list — I think you’d be an absolute blast to hang out with ❤ I think that easing up and letting go of strict rules surrounding food and fitness is SO important once n a while. Stress can have a bigger negative effect on our bodies than eating unhealthy once in a while. We need to remember that there's food for the body and food for the soul, and we can't neglect the latter!

    • Oh girl, hanging out with you is one of my FIRST wishes on the list!! We MUST make it happen soon!
      And you name it – food for the soul is just as important!!

  12. calista says:

    Great post! This is so spot on and it really resonated with me. I used to avoid going out for supper or over to a friend’s house for supper because I just knew I would ruin my diet for the day. That backfired for me because what I really needed was the fellowship with my friends so that I wasn’t emotionally hungry anymore. Instead I sat at home and tried to fill the void with food. I rearranged my priorities and now am quite happy to accept dinner invitations. I go, I have a great time, I eat what I want, I listen to my body to tell me when it isn’t hungry for food anymore and I enjoy myself. No guilt 🙂

    • WOW – this is so wonderful to read Calista!! I LOVE that you were able to make this decision and are now in such a relaxed and happy place. THAT’s life and as you say, we need human love to feel satisfied emotionally – no food can serve that. Great work, keep it up!!

  13. I absolutely love this post!!! It is so important to remember that regardless of what our weight/fitness goals are, the people that we spend time with are the most important (by FAR), and living a life of solitude isn’t going to make anyone happy… no matter how healthy, fit or thin they feel. This ROCKS! Can’t even tell you how many people I am about to share this with 🙂 xo

    • Thank you so much Jordan! I am so glad to hear this – we do have to remember DAILY how important our friends and family are – and they do not care if we rock a six pack or not!

  14. Love this!!! Sooo true. I understand when people are prepping for things like a show or something with a deadline, but in everyday life, it’s all about balance! Great post!

    • Yes! I totally understand that too – and that’s why I think talking to people is so important. If they know why we take certain choices they will be supportive instead of making snipe comments!

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  17. cottercrunch says:

    such great tips! I think you nailed it, being relaxed and being present. It’s what the food is about, a gathering. not dieting. But we can definitely find that balance. Life must be enjoyed

  18. Lucie! I think it’s been fixed- Suddenly your last 3 posts appeared at once! Phew!

    I love this post and this is something I LOVE about you and your blog- You epitomise crazy balance with your full blown drinking and partying ways to a workout of varying intensity the next day. You eat salads but enjoy your wine and chocolate. You definitely have the happy medium of being socially ‘healthy’- something many find difficult to achieve!

    • I saw it! Thank you again for telling me!

      And thanks mon ami – I think I am getting to a good place when it comes to the balance. It was and still is a big amount of work though!

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