MIMM – Getting used to it.


7. April 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello and good morning!!

I hope your Monday is off to a good start – if not, let’s try to make it MARVELOUS together with our favorite diva!



Now this weekend was kind of the first ‘regular’ weekend as a single. And I must say, it wasn’t too bad. It actually was pretty good. I swear, it’s all about what you make out of it – and of course what you get back. I can not complain about too little attention to be honest, but most importantly, I have the most amazing friends. So Friday afternoon I travelled to Zurich to pack some more stuff – I will leave everything there until I have a new big appartment in Basel. But I need some of the clothes and other stuff.

In the evening, I met up with Anne, one of my Besties in Zurich and we enjoyed drinks at the Lounge down at the lake – one of my favorite places in Zurich. I used to spend many evenings there with Sandro. These moments hurt – but I face them, cause I want to spread MY new memories. And I did have a wonderful time despite the emotions.

Nothing a delicious sip of Aperol Sprizz can fix - especially with this view!

Nothing a delicious sip of Aperol Sprizz can’t fix – especially with this view!

LakeWe then went to Anne’s place and cooked an amazing dinner! It was an improvised recipe from my crazy brain – Salmon-Asparagus-Quinoa Bake. It was absolutely delicious – despite the horrible pictures!! Quinoa Bake Quinoa Bake I went back to my still-home to sleep over- Sandro was in the Alps over the weekend. My morning was spent with weights – shoulders, chest, glutes. Ouch. But good. Postworkout breakfast: Protein Pancakes! I mixed 3 eggwhites with Vanilla Protein Powder, added 2 tbsp of quark (greek yogurt works) and cinnamon. Topped with more quark. Yum.


In the afternoon, I met up with a friends’ couple of Sandro and me. They are actually his friends, but they became dear friends to me too in these 4,5 years and I am so happy we can stay in touch. They came with their baby girl and we went for a long stroll, chats and drinks at the lake. LakeI travelled back to Basel late afternoon and my evening was spent in the oldest of the oldest but most comfortable sweatpants from H&M. LOVE them.

Comfy LucieMore fish happened for dinner: codfish with roasted asparagus in coconut oil and salsa. Healthy bowl of deliciousness! Healthy Bowl Dessert looks weird, but it’s my favorite currently: No fat quark with stevia and cacao. Talk about decadent chocolate pudding! And yes, I eat this out of a mug. PuddingSo, SUNDAY! I had a FitFriends Date with my Crossfit girl and neighbour Vanessa at 10am. She is so freaking fit and I love to workout with her. We truly understand how to motivate each other and still have a ton of fun while almost dying exercising. We went for a 8km run in the forest and then practised Crossfit skills in my street. Double Unders and Handstand – omg. Please laugh at the hilarious pic here. Where the HECK did my feet go?? LOL. And the hair. Seriously, the HAIR!

I know I know….Donkey Kicks are a no go - I'm a beginner!

I know I know….Donkey Kicks are a no go – I’m a beginner!

Double Unders

At least I'm up there!!

At least I’m up there!!

Tonight we’re going to Crossfit class and add another little skill training after – I was quite pleased that at least I could do a few times 1 Single Under, 1 Double Under in a row. AND I managed to do a handstand on my own. Baby Steps. To be

After this session I ran some errands until I was close to chewing my arm off. Lunch had to happen.

Chicken Breast, Cucumber, Homemade Hummus

Chicken Breast, Cucumber, Homemade Hummus

The afternoon was spent with Jonas, my best childhood friend and his little son, and then I went back home to do meal prep and blog work. Just the usual Sundays. LucieDinner was simple but one of my favorites: Smoked salmon, roasted asparagus and spinach salad. SalmonDessert: More Cacao Quark and a Sesame-Chocolate CrackerDessert

Now I know I promised the recipe of the Coconut Oatmeal Bake for today, but since this post is already so long, I postpone it for tomorrow – watch out! It really is pretty amazing and delicious and the most perfect thing to prep ahead. Or to spend time with more important stuff while the thing is burning baking in the oven. Oatmeal Bake

Happy first day of the week Lovies!

What’s your current fitness goal? 

Do you like to do some meal prep on Sundays? 

Tell me something marvelous from the weekend! 




23 thoughts on “MIMM – Getting used to it.

  1. Please can I have your handbag? It is gorgeous!
    My current fitness goal is to survive my CrossFit try out tomorrow (Monday) night – I am terrified! Not quite sure why so scared…
    The most marvellous thing from my weekend would have to be running 8km in a thunderstorm on Saturday 🙂

    • Ooooh, how did it go?? Crossfit? So cool that you went, be proud!! I was super scared the first time and still am at times, so don’t worry, it’s normal 🙂
      And yay for the run in the rain – sometimes I love to run in the rain!
      The handbag was a lucky bargain at a market in Spain – I love it too!

  2. I love that you’re making your own new memories instead of running away from old ones. I know how much it can hurt to have to go back to people/places that you’re used to associating with someone, so it only shows how strong you are that you’re able to go back and rewrite those feelings. Love you tonnes ❤

    • Thank you so much Hunn. It definitely is the hard way – but it is the only one for me to go. I want to enjoy all these places without being miserable and looking back all the time. I will go to Spain in May – this will be my next big challenge. But it’s still a few weeks away!

  3. You are one strong girl! I envy you and your handstand I am not one to be able to hold it even though I feel I am strong 🙂 Miss your face hope all is well 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    I agree with the other comments, you are going in the right direction! You cannot run away from memories and one day they’ll be good to think of again.
    My highlight this weekend was running the team run of the zurich marathon with colleagues. We weren’t very fast but it was fun (and way easier than the whole distance…)
    Mmmmh blueberries…

    • Thank you Sarah, so sweet of you!
      And oh wow!! Zurich Marathon?? I was thinking of it and wanted to go and watch, but then oh well, I was back here in Basel. Congrats on finishing it, RESPECT!

  5. I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me feel to hear you are doing well. Of course you are going to have those moments where you break down, but when that happens just think of something gross. Sounds weird & well gross, but I promise it’ll cheer you up & put a smile on your gorgeous face!!!!!

  6. Stoked to be feeling the positive vibes from here- You’re doing good, kid.

    A good mix of food, exercise and handstands? Love it.

    Random, but is Quark the same price as cottage cheese where you are? I FINALLY saw some, and it was SO expensive!

    • Really?? That’s weird. It’s not expensive at all here in Switzerland, same as Cottage Cheese. This means, you just have to come here. I mean, the flight isn’t that expensive, lol….no seriously, I thing that low fat greek yogurt is pretty much the same as quark, so if that is a cheaper choice….

  7. Happy to hear that you’re doing ok love ❤ I love the idea of creating new memories instead of running from the old ones. And jealous of your handstand skills!

    • Thank you Sam! It’s the hard way, but it’s the only one for me. I want to go to the nice places and have a good time rather than looking back and getting miserable.
      I can only do handstand since yesterday, lol!

  8. Way to get out there and MOVE! I cannot jump rope to save my life. I’m so uncoordinated. Same with handstands. Maybe I’ll make that a goal. 🙂

    • Oh believe me, I can only do handstand since yesterday. All this acrobatic stuff is totally terrifying for me! I feel so much more comfortable with a big badass barbell in my hand 🙂

  9. Lisa says:

    You are doing great Lucie! It can be so trying during a time like this, but you are really keeping your head up and more importantly keeping yourself busy and getting out there through this period.
    It sounds like things are looking up!<3

  10. cottercrunch says:

    i love how you are surrounded by amazing friends and support. They probably need you just as much as you need them right now.

  11. I am so glad you have such amazing friends in your life, you deserve to enjoy each and every day. It looks like you had such a fun weekend..I am drooling over all your eats, particularly those fluffy pancakes. Happy Monday, girly!

  12. […] last week, I had a workout date with Vanessa at 10am – 8k run and double unders / handstand practise in […]

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