F*** the scale – a rant


3. April 2014 by swissfitchick

Ok….I know I wrote a post about the scale months back, but I feel the need to address this subject again. And it might turn out in a rant, and I am already sorry and appologize for my language or my rudeness, but I have to be honest here. Honestly, it’s not the easiest post for me, since I put my bodyweight and body pics out there – and I am not 100% self-confident to go easy on this.

Let me tell you one thing before I start – I COMPLETELY understand the story with the scale. Believe me, I was the one who was married to the scale. I was obsessed, attached, addicted to the scale, I stepped on it daily if not several times in a day and the number dictated my mood, my day, my life. So if you struggle, please know I DO understand, but I still want to try and encourage anyone out there to drop the scale for good. I know in several cases it is necessary to control the weight – I am talking about the unhealthy obsessive behavior with the scale. scale

So I am part of the Body Earned Program by James Wilson and there is a great Community where we can ask questions, support each other, give advice, etc. So many times I read desperate messages from girls who are down and frustrated because the weight went up or because they don’t lose any weight. They are sad, angry, insecure and depressed because of this number. I read and feel in these messages how strong the influence of this number on their self-esteem works and how they are dependent on the movement (or non-movement) of this number. And it makes me so sad. scale

Now I show you something here. I made a side to side picture of myself. The left side is in July 2013, when I started with serious lifting and eating more balanced – means more, but balanced and specified to my body and workout plan. If we go by numbers, then I weigh 57kg on the left (125,6lbs) and 63kg on the right (138,8lbs). I know that the angles and the light is different, but – I do look tighter and smaller on the right side, means with MORE weight on my body. And it is a total of SIX kilograms, which is not a little amount of weight for me. BUT, I put on mostly muscle – reason for the weight increase. And you know what? All my clothes fit – ok, they are tighter around my butt and legs (thank God, I FINALLY have a shaped backside and QUAAADS) but they are lose around my waist. 4Week back

AND I feel abso-freaking-lutely amazing. I am not skinny anymore and that’s a good thing. I am still small enough for my taste but I am strong. And the most important thing: I don’t give a damn shit about the stupid number on the scale. The last time I stepped on it was about 2 months ago, and I weighed about 63.5 kilos. So here you have my number. And? What does it tell you? That I am big? Fat? Small? Smart? Lean? Funny? Boring? Weak? Strong? Ace? Amazing? Lame? Mean?

It says nothing. Nothing at all. It says that I put on a lot of muscle, and probably some fat here and there, but that’s it. Life happens anyway, whatever number that stupid thing shows. I have the same friends, and the same job. I love life and I laugh a ton everyday, cause THAT is who I am. I might not have a boyfriend anymore, but I guess that’s not because of my weight 🙂 quote

What I want to say and ask from you, is to stop letting the number on the scale or from measurements dragging you down. Seriously, please – our weight fluctuates between 2-3 kilos per DAY – this is normal and it’s the result of the amount of food we eat, the water intake, the hormones, digestion….especially us women retain water when the cycle is near, or we are bloated cause of different reasons etc. – this all is visible on the scale. AND, if you lift weights, you put on muscle and muscle is weight. ProgressWhen I had surgery in November last year, I retained so much water, I could hardly put on any pants and I didn’t even want to know how much I weighed. It took WEEKS until my body fully recovered and shed all that water – and it literally felt like I put on a lot of weight from one day to the other. I was frustrated, yes, but I had to stay patient and let my body heal. And it did, cause our bodies are the smartest things ever.

So listen to me: If you want to track your progress, then take pictures. Check on your clothes. Check in with YOURSELF on how you FEEL about yourself and your body. Even if you have the urge to step on the scale, then at least try to connect with your inner guide BEFORE you do that – and if you feel good about yourself then keep this feeling – no matter what the stupid scale says. Screw the numbers. They don’t say anything about you, they don’t measure your true value!! They DON’T represent who you ARE, cause damn, you are so much MORE than a friggin’ NUMBER. Marilyn

Again – I’ve been there. I know the fight and I went through all this shit. And I can tell you that life without measurements and the scale is pretty darn wonderful. It doesn’t mean I am not in control, I do track my progress and I do work hard on my body, but I couldn’t care LESS about a number on a scale or from a measurement tape, when I look in the mirror and put on my jeans and feel good. And YES, I am about to work on my leanness and want to lean out more, but I still feel happy about where I am today. And even if there is one of those ‘fat-days’, I try to value myself apart from that feeling. I put on sexy make up, comfy but nice clothes and I try to smile. I focus on things that are seriously more important than if I have a puffy look for one or two days. A bloated belly or water retention happens, but it also passes just as fast.

Life is too short to be attached to a number. Go outside, look around – isn’t there a ton of much more important things than your weight? Of course, us healthy living freaks care about shape or leanness or fitness and that’s ok – but not, if it turns into a misery. Go, feel EPIC about yourself – and be the best version of yourself and enjoy it!!!

No questions today but I would love to hear your thoughts!



41 thoughts on “F*** the scale – a rant

  1. Tonia says:

    Wonderful post!!!! Thank you!!!! More women need to start valuing themselves and not a number we get from the scale. I needed this today and am grateful for your honest and encouraging words.

  2. Sorry but I have to say this – DAMMMNNN girl you are looking hot in those photos!! So jealous of you getting that bum! Still working on mine! Silly genetics.
    I so agree with every word you have written here, I was trekking last week in Patagonia and was having a ‘fat’ few days, worrying about what I was eating (even though I was super hungry walking all day up mountains!) and then gave myself a massive kick up the bum so to speak as I looked around and realised how lucky I was to be there doing what I was doing, so why on earth was I worrying about something as insignificant as my tummy feeling big?! You are right, other things are far more important.

    PS reading your posts recently have inspired me to email the Crossfit box I’ve found near me…watch this space! (If I can afford it!)

    • Haha, than kyou Pip – very much appreciated!
      And YES!!! I bet trekking in Patagonia is AMAZING and so proud you didn’t let the ‘fat-days’ spoil this wonderful adventure!!
      And sooooo cool that you contacted the Crossfit box – go for it!! And let me know how you like it!!

  3. And this is why I love you. Well… One of the reasons, anyways.

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said here. And I so badly wish I could go back and tell these things to my younger self, even though my younger self would have never believed me. I think a lot of the reason that I’ve been able to get over my obsession with the scale and my weight is because I finally realized how little it mattered. Yes, I used to be tonnes skinner. Was I happier? Hell no. In fact, the skinner I was, the unhappier I became. Not ony because I was constantly starving and unhealthy, but because I devoted my life to food and exercise and tht just wasn’t what I truly wanted. I may not be able to fit into my old jeans anymore, but I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been. Eff the scale indeed.

    • Thanks Hunn – and I agree with all of YOUR words. Believe me, I don’t even want to fit in these old pants anymore, cause I didn’t look nice back then. At least not if you don’t like a body out of skin and bones.
      I am so happy also you are in a better place today gorgeous!!

  4. Girl you rock!:) You couldn’t have read my mind better! LOVE this post! What program did you follow? You look awesome!

    • Thanks Heather – so happy to hear that!!
      It’s James Wilsons Body Earned Program. You can find him on Facebook or email me and I can give you some info on it!

  5. I like the scale for maintaining weight, but not for loosing weight. I think for maintaining it helps me to catch myself if I am sneaking out of the range I am comfortable with rather than waiting until my clothes don’t fit to change my behavior if I start to slide.

    • Totally! I think for many it is a good tool to stay accountable when it comes to a more serious control if the weight. And as long as it does not turn into an obession I think it’s completely fine to check once in a while.

  6. I am so proud of you and all the obviously progress you have made in terms of you relationship with the scale and how you view your body. I haven’t owned a scale in over 4 years and like to simply go by how my clothes are fitting. Although lately, when my jeans now longer fit due to my quads and booty growing, I am obscenely happy. 😉 You look absolutely fabulous, by the way!

  7. widdermeetsjungfrau says:

    Thanks for this post! I always read that it is so difficult for women to gain muscles but it is not! This post encourage me to compare pictures and clothes!

  8. widdermeetsjungfrau says:

    Great post! I read always that it is so difficult to gain weight for women but you show the opposite. I’ve often read that the fast increase in weight for muscles is a myth. This post inspires me to compare more on pictures and clothes. Thank You

    • It surely depends on the genetics – I believe that I put on muscle pretty fast. It’s very individual, but it is possible – and I can promise that the feeling is great! Yes, take photos to track progress, it’s the best method in my opinion.

  9. Enora says:

    What a great post! And si true! I hate weighing myself so i try not to!
    But I also have noticed that I am much heavier now than before even if my clothes are the same size.
    You look wonderfull! You should be proud of you! You already got the bikini body!!
    Enjoy your day!

    • Thank you Enora – it’s good to see that my hard work is paying off 🙂
      And yes – i am sure your body is changing because you work just as hard. And that’s a GOOD thing!! Keep on going strong!!

  10. 63.5 kg tells me that you are a lame camel.

    Kidding. This post is amazing and I can DEFINITELY agree with some of the things people say in that group…seriously want to throw a spinach pie at them. Just kidding, a protein pie turned wrong because they turn out as hard as rocks.

    Love this post and BOOM. You phrased it all perfectly. Throw the damn scale away.

    Just kidding, sell it on ebay.

    • Wait, don’t throw it, I want to eat it! Spinach Pie sounds amazing. Recipe? LOL.
      Yep – and thank you my Dear. And it’s actually a pretty darn genius idea to make some money out of this shitty thing.

  11. Love this girl! I remember those days where I used to allow the number on the scale to judge my success or failure…and at the time, it was my LIFE! Like, if I weighed more than I thought I should, I obviously wasn’t working hard enough and couldn’t do anything right and would therefore fail at life and die alone. Yep, I went there! How crazy is it that we allow so many other factors to dictate our worth? I say a FUCK it all and just live life…spend it with people who make you feel great, do things that make you feel alive, and in the end, you’ll have no regrets! Because let’s face it, no one is going to be at your funeral commenting on whether you were skinny or fat!

    • Oh girl, I have been there as well – exactly there!! The scale = my life!! Seriously….such a waste. I definitely think we are the only ones that care about our weight – friends don’t give a shit about it. Let’s have some wine instead, shall we???

  12. Adore this post lady! The scale really just doesn’t matter – it can’t tell us what we’re worth as a person, so why bother? There are so many more productive things to do with our time when we’re not obsessing over the number. I know I’m a lot happier when the scale isn’t a part of my regular life!

    • Totally agree Sam! I can not even believe how many days I wasted with a bad mood because I wasn’t happy about what the scale said. So sad and so happy today!

  13. jordanyounger1 says:

    I absolutely LOVE this– thank you so much for the gorgeous words, Lucie. This fits right in with the #fallinlovewithyourself challenge I am doing on my blog this month. Would absolutely LOVE to feature your story if you would be interested. Thanks for reminding us all that it’s not about the number on the scale. It’s about the way we FEEL, and fueling our bodies with goodness and nourishment so that we can be active, happy and whole. Taking pictures and tracking progress is a great idea versus stepping on the scale. This ROCKS!


    Jordan @ The Blonde Vegan

  14. Haven’t weighed myself in years! Best choice I ever made.

  15. Love this so much! Very similar thing happened to me. 8-10 lbs heavier, and so much healthier & happier & even tighter! Crazy how the body works. You look SMOKINNN

  16. cottercrunch says:

    i freaking love this! i so wish we didn’t even have scales. cause look.. they measure nothing that isn’t REAL an STRONG!

  17. You are sexy as FU**!!!!! ah aha ha haha! 🙂 #Truth

    Oh and I haven’t weighed myself in 3 years!!!! AND I AM THRILLED that I broke up with that D-BAG!! He was such a jerk most of the time! lol

  18. Kalie says:

    I don’t ever comment on your log but, I read ever lost you write,and felt like I had to comment on this post. I love your message in this post, and as much as I hate to admit it, this post is exactly what I needed to read today! ❤ thank you! You are awesome Lucie! ❤

    • I think it’s great that you realized that this is something you needed to hear! It’s so important to recognize our struggles. And thank you so much for commenting!

  19. Aoife says:

    Wow, this is such a great post. You look absolutely incredible and have completely inspired me to start weight lifting! Do you recommend any programmes or books for beginners? Thanks!

  20. Jaclyn @ Bumpsweat says:

    Thank you for this post. It absolutely breaks my heart to see women enslaved to the scale, and that’s exactly what it is. What that scale says dictates whether they have a good or bad day, whether they eat or not, how hard they work out, and on and on. Keep up the fight to show women a better way to respect and take care of their bodies and themselves.

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  22. […] 5 times a week. My body is tighter than it was with 6 kilos less. That’s the big discussion about the scale – fuck it. Look at you and check on how you feel, that’s all that matters. Scrap numbers on a stupid […]

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