WIAW#54 – Swiss Food in the Swiss Alps!!


19. March 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

We all know what Wednesday stands for…..

WIAWbuttonThank you Jenn for this weekly Foodparty!!

After Monday’s recap of the weekend, today it’s all about the food. And believe me, we had AMAZING food. Let’s start with the ‘Apéro’ (=pre-drinks) in the train while traveling up to the Alps. Snowweekend

I’m pretty sure that anyone who accidentaly picked a seat near us hated us. We were so loud and inappropriate, it was amazing. At least we offered wine to everyone around us. Our team consist of 3 Swiss (me, a co-worker and my best friend Markus, the CEO of the architects), 1 Korean, 1 Filippino, 1 French, 3 Portuguese, 1 Italian, 1 Greek and 2 Spanish guys. That’s propably why we have this perfect atmosphere. Multi-cultural at its best. And that’s what we ate – portuguese appetizer. Cheese with marmelade. And garlic beans. So strange and so damn good!!

The wine deserved its own seat. SnowweekendArriving at the house, we had more ‘Apéro’ – Beer and Chips. SnowweekendAnd then we went off to dinner! As mentioned, we had Raclette, which is simply melted cheese. Sprinkled with parpika and cumin and potatoes on the side. Nothing to add. Oh yes, Prosecco. Snowweekend Raclette Wait!! We had salad before. I almost forgot. SaladSalad with croutons. The croutons were fed to Christian, my ‘sherpa‘. #idontlikethem

Dessert?? Oh yes!! To all my Ice Cream fans out there…..you would have loved this! A HUGE Ice Cream cake for our architect Nisa who celebrated her birthday. I had to skip it – I shudder when I have to eat frozen food. Can’t do it. TorteSaturday. After our long Pool and Sauna Session, we prepared breakfast – scrambled eggs, dippy eggs with bacon, yogurt, cereal, toast, smoked ham…..whatever our hearts desired. Cooking Eggs Breakfast A long walk to the sledding station happened….and on top it was time for some booze with coffee. My cream was fed to the sherpa. #idontlikeitIMG_8803 DCIM107GOPRO IMG_1111 CoffeeBailey’s coffee. Hmmmm. The others had coffee with cinnamon and whiskey. COFFEE WITH CINNAMON AND WHISKEY!! Yes, I am THAT excited about this combo.

After sledging, another break happened….no booze for me this time! SnowweekendWe then rode up another mountain and grabbed the most typical Swiss Alp Food – ‘e Plättli’ – which means a cold plate. Filled with pear-(fruit)-bread, dried meat, cheese and pickles. I was so hungry and ordered a sandwich for myself 🙂 PlättliSnowweekendIn the evening, after sledging, swimming and snow shoeing, we finally sat down for drinks with appetizers….Appetizers….and then dinner: A very fresh and delicious salad, and Fondue Chinoise. Fondue Chinoise is just little pieces of meat that you put into broth with a little fork. You have some dips and rice or fries on the side. I love it. IMG_7175 IMG_7176 IMG_8842And this time I DID have dessert – White and dark chocolate mousse. Oh HEAVEN! ChocolateSunday, we slept a little longer, had a longer session in the pool and a late breakfast – the same as the day before. Digestive Yoga on the couch after….YogaChristian is the reason why I am back at Crossfit – he is a coach himself and it’s so nice to share this passion with him. He doesn’t do Yoga, but somehow he is still pretty darn flexible 🙂

So as you can see, I indulged on an amount of ‘unsafe’ foods this weekend which I am not used to. And this after 3 days of Carneval, where I was off plan as well. Most probably I gained a little weight this week, but I didn’t check – and I won’t. I don’t see or feel any change and even if I would – it was so worth it. I enjoyed every second of this week of fun and enjoyment. Besides that, I was superactive – I didn’t move as much in a long time! And the food was beyond delicious, even though my belly hated me sometimes. I take it.

But it does mean, I go back a little stricter now and fill up my fridge with clean and whole foods and cook accordingly. I crave it!



Did you ever have Fondue Chinoise before? 

What is your favorite food from an other country? 

How do you handle being out of your eating habits and food ruts? 



19 thoughts on “WIAW#54 – Swiss Food in the Swiss Alps!!

  1. Your multicultural group was missing a Polish person, which is a role that I would have been more than happy to fill 😀 I would have even taken your slice of ice cream cake — it’s one of my favourites.

    And girl! I love your attitude about this whole thing. In a few years you’re going to look back at this time and remember all the fun you had — NOT how you wasted an amazing weekend worrying about calories and food. Our EDs steal way too many precious moments from us — they’re best left kicked to the curb 😉 And isn’t it neat how our bodies naturally gravitate back towards a more basic way of eating? I crave healthier foods after longer periods of indulgence as well. Those bodies… they’re smart things 😉

    • I need to talk to my boss to expand our company!! Several bloggers applied now 🙂 but YES, a polish girl would definitely be an enrichment for the team. AND you can have all my Ice Cream!
      Thank you Love. I so agree – I don’t even want to think of all the fun I missed out on cause of this stupid disease!
      I love being back to more healthy foods again, my smart body is thanking me 🙂

  2. Does Fondue Chinoise translate to Chinese Fondue haha? Never had it, BUT I have had chocolate fondue and cheese fondue.

    Echoing Amanda but this is so refreshing and big props to you- You probably already noticed this, but your body naturally craves the ‘fresh’ foods, more vegetables etc after an indulgent week/weekend- it all balances out 🙂

  3. Everything looks delicious, Lucie! Looks like you had a really fun time too!

  4. cottercrunch says:

    fondue, baileys coffee, breakfast, pool time, and sauna? um… i need to come with you next please!

  5. I love this!! It looks like you’ve had some great times lately and seriously kicked the ED in the ass. That’s awesome! Like Amanda said, you’re going to look back and remember how awesome the weekend was, rather than think about how you couldn’t enjoy yourself because you were freaking out over food. So proud of you lady! ❤

  6. Yum yum yum! Seems like you really enjoyed yourself 🙂 I think the same as you – our bodies are so much cleverer than we realise and tend to sort themselves out. I used to panic if I had indulged but now I try and listen to my body instead of my head!

    • That is so awesome pip – listen to your body is the smartest thing to do. I know it’s not always easy, but out bodies are so smart, they want healthy foods after a time of indulgement!

  7. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    Whenever I see raclette on your blog I always crave melted cheese like a crazy person! One day I’ll experience this 😉

    I’ve also had some overindulgence recently, and have just about got back to my healthier way of eating – I just try to remember that it’s all swings and roundabouts, and to enjoy the indulgence while it’s there!

    PS whisky + coffee + cinnamon? HEAVEN!

    • Haha, please do so Cat, it’s delicious!!
      And I agree with the indulgement times – they go as they came and nothing bad happens if we just enjoy it.
      Yeah. That combo IS heaven!

  8. Wow…. there sure is some delicious food in this post. I’m getting hungry again just reading it! 😉 Love all of the pictures too!

  9. So much amazing food in this post. The celebration cake looks epic.

  10. Different rules apply outside of my house! What fun would life be if we constantly had to play by the same set of rules? I play by Davs/Lucie rules in the house (healthy eats!) and Elizabeth eats (and drinks!) outside of the house. Makes life more interesting and keeps me sane 🙂

  11. This is so interesting! I always let myself enjoy non clean foods during vaca! It what makes life fun,

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