Survivalrun Recap – picture overload!!


11. March 2014 by swissfitchick

Here’s my recap from Sunday!! Get ready for MANNNYYYY pictures!!

I did the Survivalrun with my friend Linda – I was so excited to do this with her!! We went to school together over 20 years ago and just about a year ago found each other again.Survival

Linda&LucySandro was being the best boyfriend ever and drove me to the location in Thun took care of our stuff and took pics all day. A little sleepy but excited we started the road trip at 8:30. I had my breakfast in the car and we picked up Linda at the station in Thun and then drove to the venue.Survival Survival Survival The weather was absolutely AMAZING!! 17°C and blue sky. We were early and took time to pose around (important), fix the hair (very important) and getting ready.Survival Survival Survival Survival Survival


And then we started! We took it totally easy. I had no ambitions timewise, I just wanted to make it through without suffering too much, together with Linda and having fun. And we certainly did. Survival Survival


Here I come out of the grossest liquid I ever sat in…..

Survival Ok, the mud part is a little gross, lol. I mean, guys, it’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Yeah. I obviously had fun with the sliding part. Until I landed in the mud AGAIN. Oh well 🙂SUrvival SUrvival Survival Survival

Survival Survival

Survival The race was 18km (2 rounds à 9km) and I made it in 2:26. We had to tackle 50 obstacles, and believe me, the second round almost killed me. Some freaks were around there too….I mean….a horse? Survival Survival


So close!

So close!

Did it!

Did it!

Linda’s sister, the sister’s husband and friend raced as well and we met them in the finish line.

Ok, that was obviously BEFORE we started….all clean and nice!

Ok, that was obviously BEFORE we started….all clean and nice!

Exhausted but happy, we drove home right after the run, trying not to dirt up everything we touched. Postrun fuel was eaten in the car as well, paired with laughter and chats with Linda and the man – and I actually made it in the shower a few hours later. BLISS.Survival

AND the manicure held through as well!! 🙂

Have you ever done a race like this before? It’s fun!! Seriously! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!



19 thoughts on “Survivalrun Recap – picture overload!!

  1. Erika says:

    No I haven’t yet done one of these. Your boyfriend doesn’t participate in runs? But its great he went to support and take pictures. It does look crazy fun.

  2. Lucie you are glowing like a BOSS in all those pictures- so glad that you completed it and ENJOYED doing it- you can in your face!

  3. Haha I love how happy and excited you look in all your pictures! I’ve never done a mudrun, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do – they do a Tough Mudder near Toronto twice a year, and as soon as I can get a team of people together I will definitely be doing it!

  4. Enora says:

    Bravo! And so lucky with the weather!!

  5. You’re such a badass! I’m going to pretend the photo of you looking @ your phone was when you sent me the photo of you & Linda. LOL!

  6. Pretty sure I would drown in the mud…so impressed!

  7. cottercrunch says:

    i love that you smiled the whole way through. Such a trooper! and you did awesome. LOVE those races!!! mud and all.

  8. I have never done a race like this before but it looks like SO much fun! I love how you look SO happy throughout the entire thing even whilst getting DIRty DIRty! Your life is so beautiful! ❤

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  10. […] say, I am very, very, very thankful for all the shenanigans I was allowed to be part of this week. The Survivalrun, The Fasnacht, this Snowweekend….I was surrounded by so many amazing, wonderful and fun people […]

  11. […] mess otherwise. I went to snap some gorgeous pics outside…. …..and in the evening met up with Linda and her little sweetheart in the parc for a picnic.  Saturday was a liiiiiittle difficult – […]

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