WIAW#53 – Rush Style


5. March 2014 by swissfitchick

Sorry Darlingz.

I am in the middle of a crazy day and I haven’t prepared any smart text for today, so I will just tell you what I ate yesterday, just the way it is supposed to be on this day!!

Thank you Jenn for being an ever happy hostess!


Ok, so yesterday morning I went back to the gym after 7 days of resting. It felt awesome and I was so HAPPY that my back didn’t hurt. I will go into more detail about my unplanned restweek, so let’s go on with the business now.

Preworkout was BCAA’s, lemon water, apple cider with a shot of fruit juice. I gulp down Fish Oil capsules and Multivitamins beside it.

Recycled Pic

Recycled Pic

And then I killed it at the gym.

selfieFor breakfast, I brought eggy oat crumble in a jar – means oats, eggwhites, coconut flour, protein powder, coconut water, cinnamon and berries mixed and cooked. It was so full it almost bursted out of the glass when I opened it. Lol. On the side, I had glutamin and BCAA’s again, Yummy. Oats in a JarCurrently, I have no snacks in between my meals, or I have something off plan. Don’t ask me – my cravings are weird at the moment. I especially crave chocolate after breakfast. Come on. Where is this coming from? I try to distract myself or sub it with something healthy, but it does not help everytime, so sometimes, I have chocolate at 9:30 am. I go with it.

ChocolateLunch was a salad with herbcrusted chicken – and purple broccoli!! I was so excited when I saw it – it is a little softer than the original one and in my opinion, colorful food is just so much more fun to eat.

SaladI drank about 2 liters of water, a big cup of green tea and half a liter of herbal tea while at the office. DrinksAfter work, I went to my monthly date with my best male friend Jonas, which I love. We just hang at their home with his son and girlfriend, have a little drink, some good food, good talks&laughter and end early. First Tuesday of the month, every month. Perfect.

Bier EliasThey cooked up codfish, broccoli and homemade fries. So good.

Fish Dinner

That’s it! Happy Wednesday!!

Do you watch your water intake during the day?

Ever had oats in a jar? I love mine in a huge bowl, but at work that’s not possible, so I prefer a jar to the ugly tupperware.

Don’t you think that colorful veggies are more fun to eat?



18 thoughts on “WIAW#53 – Rush Style

  1. Woo hoo! Glad you made it back to the gym after 7 days.. and rocked it! Your lunch salad bowl looks unreal and delicious. I want some purple broccoli.

    & 9:30 is better compared to my 4:30 am chocolate crave Ha Ha!

  2. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie

    I crave chocolate 24/7;-)). I could have it every hours! I am triying to reduce it a bit !
    Glad you could go back to the gym!!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Dude… look at those ARMS. Although I haven’t seen purple broccoli, I have seen purple cauliflower. I am yet to buy it though….

    Oats in a jar is like having war in a jar…I can never get it all out!

  4. That’s great that your back is better! I’m glad I’m not the only one with 9am chocolate cravings 😉

  5. haha I definitely have my chocolate at 9 am days…not a bad way to start the day 😉 and colourful veggies are definitely more fun – I always like to pick up orange or green cauliflower when they have it!

  6. That herbcrusted chicken looks so good. We do parmcrusted haddock a lot. I’ve never seen purple broccoli!

  7. cottercrunch says:

    i would like to come live with you and you feed me. k? then we can visit your friend for a drink and that cod dish. YUM

  8. Oooo that herb chicken and purple broccoli is gorgeous! I go a little crazy when I see unique fruits or vegetables I just think nature is so cool haha. Congrats on killing it at the gym! Taking more rest days is so hard but sometimes you just need to.

  9. I do the oats in a jar all the time—as long as it tastes good, that’s all that matters!

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