Crazy week shenanigans – Dinner Recipe Roundup


28. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Haha! OMG, I made it through the week!! Seriously guys, I wasn’t sure if I do. I mean, I am far from being a whiner, but this week – WTF?? Now after my lovely day at the ER on Tuesday, I woke up on Wednesday and felt totally fine. So I thought, oh, why not joining the Crossfit class at 7am? Yeah. At 8am I stood in the shower with terrible pain in my spinal disc and walking was an absolute nightmare. I tore something in my lower back and I could feel my nerves screaming down there with every move I made. gifHm. Thank Boss for a standing desk.

I actually regret that I didn’t take a video of me stumbling around in dizziness and crashing against walls and of me lying with my feet up the wall on my yoga mat while watching trash TV and taking 15 minutes to get up and to the bathroom super-grandma-style. I think it would have been great entertainment. h624814DC

But hey – it’s getting better! The ultrasound came out negative, they feared I had cracks in my throat/neck vessels. AND I can walk again and sometimes even sit. My body obviously wants a break. I get green light by next Wednesday to workout again, if everything heals well.

That of course is a challenge for me, but I take it. My body sends obvious signals, so now I can live what I preach and take a rest! I know I won’t turn into a whale nor will I regress in my progress – I will simply take a break, eat well and heal well.

Fortunately I only have some relaxing plans for the weekend, which is perfect. It’s high time to do some experiments in the kitchen, since it is WAY too long ago that I posted a recipe!! To not let you hanging without food in this post, I want to make a small recipe roundup for dinner ideas – which I still owe you!! Here are my favorites:

Pizza for dinner. Anytime please. Here’s Fajita Eggwhite Veggie Pizza….


More Pizza?? Glutenfree?? Of course!! Homemeade Flatbread Pizza….Pizza

And this one is one of my favorite. It’s so balanced, quick and versatile – you can make it with meat, fish or vegeterian. And while it’s cooking, you can sit with your wine tea on the couch watching more trash tv relaxing. While the Crustless Quiche is in the oven! Quiche

You know I love ‘brinner’ (breakfast for dinner)….and if you want to have a fancy version, then I recommend you make it GREEN, as my green pancakesIf you feel snacky – try my different versions of hummus and dip your nachos and veggies in it! Can’t go wrong with that!hummus

Speaking of recipes – I was contacted by Matthew from Predator Nutrition and he sent me an edition of the mini Questbar Recipe Book they created together with bloggers! I love Questbars and I think it is so cool what recipes people come up with. You will even find this girl‘s recipe in the book, so cool!

KimCheck it out here! I have some inofficial Foodie Penpal exchanges going on again, means I will receive a few of the new flavors soon – I can not wait to eat them straight out of the package and try some of the recipes!!



Ok friends – I will go and take a walk – cause that’s allowed for exercise and it feels great!

Happy Weekend!!

Did you ever have a lumbago issue? No fun, I swear…

Did you already try the new Questbar flavor?

What is your favorite dinner dish? 



22 thoughts on “Crazy week shenanigans – Dinner Recipe Roundup

  1. Oh gosh Lucie! I don’t think you are whining at all… what a pain… literally. Glad things are starting to look up and you can relax a bit this weekend. As much as we hate resting, it does a body good 🙂 I have had your crustless quiche pinned for making for far too long… this needs to change. Why am I so bad at making other people’s recipes?! haha

  2. Oh goodness, lady… PLEASE take it easy on yourself! I can’t even imagine what you’ve been going through the last couple of days, so get some rest, k? You AND your body deserve it.

    And is it horrible of me to say that pancakes may very well be my favourite dinner dish? Because that’s how it’s been looking for the past couple of days 😆

  3. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie

    Hope you Will feel better soon! Must have been so scary. And yes, do take a rest!
    Thanks for the recipe. I plan to spend also some time in the kitchen sunday for the tupp prep, as I start to be tired of my usual food!
    No back issue but since 2 month I have a knee issue because of over training so means no running for me. Miss it!!

    Would love to try questbar! Everybody on the blog community is talking about it!

    Enjoy your we!!

  4. Yes. You have just reminded me to try out that crustless quiche!

    Why do you keep injuring yourself mon ami? PLEASE take care of yourself this weekend. Relax, sit back, and lay an egg.

  5. Hope you heal quickly Lucie – great attitude by the way 🙂 Have a lovely weekend

  6. I’m glad you’re recognizing that you need to take it easy – it really sounds like your body desperately needs some rest! Make sure you’re taking it easy this weekend, lady ❤

  7. This is kind of random, but have you looked into adrenal fatigue? I speculate that when I was having some weird health issues that my adrenals were begging for a break. I’m not doctor obviously but lots of rest definitely seemed to help! I really hope you start to feel better soon!

    • I think this could be a reasin to be honest. Now since I am resting since 4 days, I feel so much better – my back is getting better, no dizziness and even the bloating and water retention is gone!!

  8. Kierston says:

    Oh my goodness. Take good care of yourself darling xo

  9. kolya says:

    Nothing like taking a much needed break. Can you at least get some temporary pain killers? Not sure what they prescribe over there but sometimes it’s just what you need to get you over the “hump” plus kind of offers some hope (: for faster healing.

  10. cottercrunch says:

    you poor girl! you need another vacation. A relaxing one! hope you get some res this weekend. At least you are eating well. heal quick!

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