What I’m eating in Spain


19. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Good morning! As I am writing this, it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting on the Terrasse of the beach coffee place right down our beach house.


You’re welcome. Ok, saaaaar-eeyy, but hey, I’m sending at least 50% of the sun your way!! Promised. Thank you Jenn for being an amazing hostess of our favorite day of the week. Food stalking day.

Days here look like this: wake up – meditate – workout – protein shake&supplements – chilling – breakfast – doing something (like beach walks, shopping, reading, chilling, checking out the area) – Lunch – doing more – Dinner – evening beach walk (sometimes with a drink or wine) – Sleep. I’m ok with that.

The gym I found in the neighbour village! 10 Euros for the whole week. Good stuff. Let's get Lifting.

The gym I found in the neighbour village! 10 Euros for the whole week. Good stuff. Let’s get Lifting. I MISS Crossfit!!

Selfies while Shopping. Bought this blouse.

Speaking of workouts: my calves. Oh. my. GEE. SO SORE. I can NOT walk properly and don’t even imagine how I look when walking down a stair. Damn you, beach runs.

I ate Quinoa Flakes OR glutenfree oats with eggwhites, a maximum amount of cinnamon, berries and some kind of Quinoa puffs (no idea – check out the pic) topped with more fruit, cacao pimped soy yogurt and sometimes a sugarfree McVities kind of Cookie for breakfast the last few days. Green tea on the side.

Bena Breakie Bena Breakie

Quinoa - Puffs?

Quinoa – Puffs? They look like raw Quinoa but are totally light.

For those who are wondering – yes, I eat eggs again. After I figured that with all the eliminating stress my ED is creeping back in and shows up with old habits and anxieties, I realized that this is doing more harm than good. I now stick to cutting out gluten (did that before anyway), limit dairy to a minimum and having nuts only once in a while. That works pretty well, but I can not be without the eggs. Besides that, I don’t feel bad with eating them, I feel perfectly ok. Cause again – I’m not allergic, all I have is a sensitity. When eating gluten and dairy, I can feel I bloat up or get cramps, but it goes away. Nothing like so with eggs.

So breakfast is more like a brunch – I get up at 7, have my shake at 10 and then eat ‘brunch’ at noohn. So lunch comes up at around 3:30 in form of chicken, veggies and some sweet potato or gf bread. Eaten at the beach whenever possible.


Lunch@the Beach

Lunch@the Beach

Yesterday, I ate it at the shopping mall. Sandro was a little irritated when I grabbed a box with chicken and salad out of my purse. ‘I carry my chicken with me wherever I go!’ I said and thought of this guy. Sorry – insider joke. Whatever, Sandro then purchased a pink foodbox for me including tupperwares, coolpacks, shaker and little spaces for daily stuff (Phone, Key, Make up, supplements, Blender etc.). My life will be so organized now. (NOT).



Dinner – one night we digged out the table grill. You know that you are in a Swiss Beach House when there’s a Raclette Oven. We skipped the cheese, but grilled some delicious beef steaks. Bena Tablegrill Beef  The next day, we went to Benalmadena and had dinner at the harbour in our favorite Italian restaurant. I was rebellish and shared a bruschetta platter with Sandro. I felt terrible after, but it was worth it. That pesto….SO good.

Bruschetta with cheese, pesto&tomatoes

Bruschetta with cheese, pesto&tomatoes

I usually go for the Pasta there, since it is heaven. But I didn’t want to upset my tummy even more and ordered sole stuffed with prawns and oven roasted vegetables. After scratching off the sauce (I am NOT a fan of sauces at all but forgot to tell the waiter), it was pretty good. BenalmadenaAs mentioned, the last few weeks I had some ED thoughts attacking me and with that, I started to get back into panic mode when ‘unsafe’ food was around. So I decided I need some practise, clam down and relax. We’re having different kinds of dairy free dark chocolate around the house now, candies and some more or less healthy cookies. The task is to enjoy a piece or 2 every day (if I feel like it), but being able to be around it without caring and without eating the whole package or not at all. It works so far – pretty darn well!!

BenaOne night I nibbled on this Canadian Almond Chocolate bar I got from my wonderful Canadian Bestie, Jen. THIS is AMAZING stuff!! So for my fellow Canadians – if you have a chance to get this out of Vancouver, I can SO recommend it, it’s absolutely delicious!! Canada BarSooooo…that’s it lovelies!! I hope you are having a great day!

Canadians, have you ever heard of this bar?

Which country would you like to explore, foodwise?

Do you have a lot of sweets at home, and if so, is it ‘dangerous’ for you?



14 thoughts on “What I’m eating in Spain

  1. cottercrunch says:

    Why am I not with you?? Looks amazing and I love that quinoa porridge. Enjoy sweet friend

  2. Why are you so damn greedy? Bringing chicken with you OUT when you already have one?

    I’m so proud of you for listening to your gut (literally) and realising the behaviours creeping in- I’m glad to hear eggs haven’t been giving you discomfort! I’d love to go anywhere in America and have a diner omelette….haha eggs.

  3. I have just discovered quinoa puffs here in Buenos Aires too! They’re kind of like a popcorn version of quinoa right? A big fan 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful rest of your holiday

  4. I’m Canadian but I’ve never seen that bar before…must seek it out. We all could use more chocolate in our life 😉 and good for you for noticing that not having eggs was doing you more harm than good and fixing the issue – if it doesn’t cause an issue, why give it up?

  5. Never heard of that bar but I’m on the east coast so that’s probably why! The Vancouverites are way cooler than us 😉

    Glad to see you’re enjoying your vaca and making choices that are best for your body and mind. No test can tell you better than what your body can.

  6. Jeana says:

    I love this post! So good to hear you are enjoying eating and finding a good balance.
    I love dark chocolate! I do bad with sweets around the house unless I restrict myself completely. My friend and I are doing a 30-day challenge of no processed sugars!! So far I’ve cheated twice but it has helped me to not even have an option! If I have an option, I’ll choose to eat it. Since I’ve done no sugar I’ve been eating a ton more veggies! That is good!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kierston says:

    Nope! I’ve never heard of or seen this bar before!

    All of your eats look fab. Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

    I’ve got a box of goodies. It’s a rather large box actually lol That said, I’m not tempted by it. I just know it’s there for when I want a sweet little something 🙂

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