MIMM – Check in from Spain


17. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello and happy Monday!!

I’m checking in from the Costa del Sol – Spain – which is marvelous.

MiMMI cut my words short, cause I already have so many pictures for you! I will save some of the food pics for Wednesday, but look.

We took off on Friday morning. I squeezed in a lifting session and had my eggy oats in a jar ready to demolish on the plane. Seriously, food prep saves my life daily. When I looked at the half-frozen and gummy sandwiches the others ate on the plane I felt even better.

The weather surprise couldn’t be any better when we arrived – sunshine and 20° Celsius. Beautiful.

Bena BenaSandro’s parents were in the beach house, welcoming us, which was wonderful. We went down to the beach for a long walk to soak up the warmth and the rays of sunshine. Feet in the sand – pure bliss.BenaBenaIn the evening, we drove to one of our favorite restaurants to have dinner – and it was all Valentine’s hype around. Even the bread and the drinks. Pink heart bread??!! Give me a break. LOL. BenaWe shared an appetizer plate with different things on it  (fried goat cheese, paté, lamb lettuce, guacamole) and then I had salmon with asparagus. I skipped rice cause I hate rice since I ate it 3 times a day for 3 months in the Philippines. BenaBenaDessert looked wonderful and was painfully disapointing. The brownie was tasteless and dry, strawberries in dough tasted old and the pears with chocolate sauce were from the can. So after 2 bites I gave up. Booh. IMG_6581It was a fun night though and was nice to spend the evening with them. We went for a run in the morning and it was SO HOT! I could not believe it – I just arrived from winter temps and arrive in almost summer. SO my taste. I also realized that running in the sand and in an empty steambed is the perfect prep for the survivalrun which comes up in – eek!! – 3 weeks!! BenaBena

Postrun breakfast: Quinoa Oats (found in Switzerland and brought with me) with egg/eggwhites, blackberries and topped with Savi Seeds from Vega which I received in a foodie package from my wonderful Canadian Bestie, Jen from Vancouver.Bena Quinoa BenaIt was so warm that I spent the afternoon in my Bikini on the terrasse of the beach house. No complaining here.

Let’s move on to Sunday. I raised earlier than the day before to catch the sunrise at the beach. GOOD decision. I started with a warm up, did stair sprints (killer!), ran along the beach, stopped at the strength circuit, ran up the hill and back and ended with some biceps/triceps and abs circuit on the terrasse with the TRX. Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena Breakfast postworkout: gf-oats with egg/eggwhites, blueberries, clementine, protein powder, soy yogurt (with cacao powder) and a crumbled sugarfree McVities. Bena breakfast We chilled on the terrasse and before we drove off to Nerja to visit the fleamarket, I made sure I had a little lunch to fuel up……in the sun with ocean view.

roasted Asparagus, shiitake, chicken

roasted Asparagus, shiitake, chicken

BenaI LOVE fleamarkets. So much fun and craziness. I am always amazed by the people and especially by what the people sell and actually BUY. Hilarious. Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena BenaAfter strolling and me buying a necklace (the silver one with the flower – for 1 Euro 50…..we went to the centre of Nerja and enjoyed a break with a breathtaking ocean view at the Balcon de Europa.

Bena Bena Bena Bena BenaAs warm as it is during the day, it gets chilly in the evening. This called for a warm dinner inside. I made some codfish and more Asparagus. Yes, I’m addicted. Fish While grocery shopping, I made sure we have some sweet treats for postdinner around. The licorice I actually found in Zurich which is GREAT – Sandro and me both love it. The Chilli Chocolate is another delicious treat from Jen’s package and the other goodies are from here. All consumed in moderation – my daily training. BenaSo, that’s it for today!! Today, I’m going to check out the gym here for the first time. Excited!

More on the food front coming on Wednesday. Have a great start of the week!



27 thoughts on “MIMM – Check in from Spain

  1. Kierston says:

    Looks like you are having an amazing time! Love that pink bread! so festive hehe

    And the licorice…I love licorice!

    And yes, food prep goes a LONG way 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Wow – now I want to take a trip to Spain – it looks gorgeous!!
    Sounds like y’all are having a great time – good workouts, good food, great company and beautiful scenery!!!

  3. Erika says:

    What a lot of fun. some pretty pictures. Cute little mice. 🙂 I hope you have someone taking photos of the survival run.

  4. Looks like you’re having a great time! And those views – spectacular!

  5. gahhhhhhhhhhh everything about this post!!!
    a) you are stunning
    b) I die for the Costa Del Sol. If you’re anywhere near Marbella go to The Beach House restaurant. Might be my favourite restaurant in the world.
    c)Are you eating eggs?!? Did I miss this?
    d)Glad to see you’re working on the tan 😉

    • Aaahahaa, thank youuu! I freaking love you.
      Will check this Restaurant out – Marbella is pretty Close to Benajarafe, I’ve been there several times already!
      More on the eggs in tmrw’s post!

  6. Those old school phones! Gah! I love them. Glad to see that you’re having such a good time, beauty ❤ Enjoy some sun for me — I'm turning into Casper over here!

  7. Oh Lucie why didn’t you and Sandro come to Australia? I’m so jealous your on vacation- your pictures sort of make me feel like I’m there- and why food prep when you carry around a chicken permanently? Haha I have two bunches of asparagus in my fridge ready to roast tonight- in your honour 😊
    I’m stupid pink bread.

  8. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!

    Nice pictures! Love this part in Spain! Weather is awfull here so enjoy while you can!
    Bravo to you to squeeze in your daily workout!
    Enjoy the break!

  9. Looks and sounds like you’re having a wonderful time Lucie! The pictures are beautiful 🙂

  10. WOWWW this looks like an incredible vacay! The pictures are beautiful!!! I’m so glad you’re having a good time and enjoying the lovely weather!


  11. I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself and getting to relax a bit! I always feel so accomplished when I prep my food for planes and see some of the stuff people around me are eating haha!

  12. I just love Spain, although I have never been there but EVERY TIME you post photos I feel like I am there with you! So happy you enjoyed yourself Lots of Love C

  13. So jealous! I’m afraid I’ll never be warm again, it’s so cold and snowy here. And that heart bread was so cute, people are so creative!

  14. […] went to Spain for a week with Sandro and we spent a wonderful time. So I thought. If I look back and look at the pictures, there IS happiness. Maybe not enough. Obviously not […]

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