Valentine’s Day Bake Off – Light Chufa Dough Bites


14. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Happy Valentines Day for those of you who celebrate! We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day here in Switzerland officially, but the trend is coming up more and more.

Sandro and me are not the most romantic couple and aside from that, we’re on our way to Spain today to enjoy a week of sun and beach – I think that’s celebration enough!

But now on to important things – sweets. You may have already read about Davida’s Valentines Bake Off which I assume will be HUGE – and I am happy to be part of it!


Chufa Bites

I made some effort in the kitchen and managed to create a yummy dessert/snack that can also be served as a Valentine treat. The idea is clearly based on Davida’s Chickpea Cookie Dough Truffles – I just made some slight adaptions to make them almond free.

Balls Bites



1 can chickpeas (cooked, drained)

2 tbsp maple syrup (optional – only if you like it really sweet)

3 tbsp powdered stevia

3 tbsp ground cinnamon

1 tbsp ground vanilla

2 baby bananas

3 tbsp chufa flour (or use coconut flour)

grated coconut and cacao powder for rolling


Puree the chickpeas.

Add bananas and spices/sweetener and blend. Mix under the flour – when it starts to get doughy, start to knead with your hands.

Add liquid if needed – not too much though, the dough should be quite dry. 

Form BALLS and roll in grated coconut or cacao.

Dough Bites Dough BitesThese are so yummy, light and dough-ey and even packed with good nutrients! And I promise, you can not taste the chickpeas.

And now will you excuse me as I have to study the cocktail menu.

I will be posting a few times next week, so watch out! Have a wonderful weekend loves!!

Are you celebrating Valentines Day today? 

What’s on the plan for the weekend? 



19 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Bake Off – Light Chufa Dough Bites

  1. LOLOLOL. Chufa flour? Mon ami, chufa is abit of a naughty word here…I think all these new foodie swiss products are so X rated- Tiger nuts, chufa flour….

    Lucie, you’re photography is amazing, so much so that I’d faceplant those CHUFA bites even though chickpeas make me a pregnant man.

  2. Lucie!!!! Thank you so much for making balls in my honour for v-day! You are seriously amazing. Now all I need to do is hunt down chufa flour! Alternatively you can just have the pilot continue your flight over to Toronto with some chufa in hand! Be mine?

    k thanks.

    • The piolt was a jerk. I even offered him a ball, but he declined. Obviously he doesn’t like balls 🙂
      Anyway, there MUST be Chufa flour in Toronto – normally you guys are the ones who have all this crazy stuff!

  3. Girlll these look so doughy and delicious — I want them in my face! And have the most amazing time in Spain! Try not to make me too jealous with pictures on IG 😛

  4. Ahhh so jealous of your Spain trip! Eric and I are having dinner with his family tonight…not exactly super-romantic, but enjoyable none the less 😉 And of course, the bites. They look like Timbits! (donut holes).

  5. Okay, I -will- stop my month-long staring at Erdmandeln/chufas and buy a bag as soon as I’ve at least made my way through my current staples a little. These bites sound great.

  6. cottercrunch says:

    chufas, i laughed at arman’s comment. but in all honesty, we all need some chafus flour ASAP now. haha

  7. Have a fabulous time in Spain Lucie!

  8. Kierston says:

    Looks awesome. I’ve never heard of Chufa flour before!

  9. […] were 2 of the Light Chufa Dough Bites – I made another huge batch and I’m so glad I have more for the whole week! As said, you can […]

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