Have a little…..patience


13. February 2014 by swissfitchick

I know. I wrote a post about patience with the exact same title almost exactly a year ago. But I felt that I needed to adress this subject once again.

It is funny to read back and see how I struggled with patience back then. I gained so much experience and strength in the past year, but what I realized the most over and over again, is that to achieve something, you need to be patient. It is hard, I know, I get that – I hate being patient sometimes as well – especially when I have to wait until my food is ready 🙂

But seriously. Everything needs its time. We need time to grow up – nobody is born the way we are today. We learn, we fall, we raise, we win, we fall and we learn again. It takes time to accept things we can’t change and it takes time to make changes we can for the better.


It takes time to break habits, to gain self-confidence. It takes time to build muscles and strength, inside and out. It takes time to find out what diet is ideal for us and it takes time to handle anxieties and to build healthy habits in our daily lives.


The process of learning, doing steps forward, relapse, doing steps backward, getting up, moving forward, learning more etc. is where we make the most important experiences and learn the biggest lessons in life. I don’t know where I would stand today if I hadn’t gone through my Eating Disorder. Of course, I never wish myself or anyone out there this story, but my point is, that it taught me so many things in life I know today and which are so precious to me. And believe me, I had TONS of relapses setbacks, I made MANY mistakes along the road – we all do. What defines us is how we raise after falling and what we learn from defeat.

We sometimes compare ourselves with pepole who already achieved what we want to achieve. When I look at some girls at Crossfit, how agile, speedy, strong and confident they are in training, I get a little jealous and I have moments when I feel so weak and stupid. Or when I see women who are working on their bodies with exercising and clean eating and look so lean as I want to, I start to wonder why I am not there yet. Or when I see some girls handling food and exercise in complete calmness, I feel like a failure. Sometimes. But then I have to remember, that they once were beginners too. They went through the same process, they had setbacks and to be where they are tooday, they needed a lot of strength, endurance and trust but most of all, PATIENCE. Everyone is a beginner one day. If this is in cooking, running, living a healthy lifestyle, RECOVERING from a disorder, studying – you name it – we all have to begin at the very start.



If you suffered from an Eating Disorder for years, there is no way you will be recovered in 3 weeks. It’s the baby steps that count. One after the other. Count the success. Not the relapses. Relsapses will happen again and again, but focus on the days when you are one with yourself and no ED thoughts can bother you. Count the moments, when you enjoy food guilt-free or when you stepped out of your comfort zone. Count the days when you slapped a relapse in the face and stayed strong – and count the days when you took care of yourself after a relapse rather than beating yourself up even more.


The same goes with the lifestyle you want to lead. Leading a healthy lifestyle can be challenging if we are not used to. It takes time to find out how to organize it, what it actually means and to learn about food and the body. Our body. Cause everyone is different and sometimes we just need to experiment to find out what works best. Takes time and patience. Bit by bit, every day.

Whatever you do, whatever you are about to learn or whatever goal you want to achieve – ENJOY the process. Even if it’s hard on days and we are just about to quit –  it’s the most important road in our lives. The moments we struggle the most are the ones we learn life lessons. Don’t give up!

trust-the-process Bena Lucie

Are you a patient person?

What was a big lesson you learned in life?

What is a goal you want to achieve?



22 thoughts on “Have a little…..patience

  1. This was such an inspirational post, Lucie. You really give hope to those struggling in recovery.

    • Gah! Hit reply too early. ANYWAYS… I remember when I first heard that recovering from an eating disorder takes something like 5 years from the moment you REALLY commit to it. I thought that was impossible at first, but after having been through it myself, I can say that it definitely takes that long. Things get better, but so gradually that you may not even notice unless you really stop and see how far you’ve come. You’ve made so much progress, love… you should be super proud of yourself ❤

      • Absolutely agree. I actually thought I would NEVER make it until here – and I think I can even go a Little further, or maybe a lot? It’s step by step and even if it is so gradually, it is always forward. Slowly but steady, which is sometimes so annyoing but it’s what makes it last in the long run. Thank you and love you Girl!!

  2. remembertime says:

    Lucy, it is a very inspiring post! Thank you, I’m not a very patient person as well, but I try to reach my goals and know it is a long way to go there. But the way is the target ;)..
    Don’t compare yourself too much with others and don’t forget, that there might be girls outside, including me, who think about you the same like you are thinking about other ” why I can’t so lean and consequent like her”
    You’re are so a pretty and fit girl! Be confident with that 

  3. These are probably my favorite posts of yours to read (yes even more than seeing delicious recipes). You wanna know why? It’s because we get a glimpse of your true emotions, thoughts and feelings. If words could inspire and motivate someone who may have/are struggling – this post would be it. The sentences “But then I have to remember, that they once were beginners too. They went through the same process, they had setbacks and to be where they are tooday, they needed a lot of strength, endurance and trust but most of all, PATIENCE. ” are so spot on and empowering. I’m just so proud of you all you’ve accomplished over the past year ❤

  4. Lucie- for someone who comes from a traditionally non English speaking country, you’re words, writing and FEELINGS are amazing. You continue to inspire so many people, including myself, and the underlying message through this post- to celebrate and count our successes- that in time, will lead up to the positive ending we all know we can reach.

    Thank you.

    • Thank YOU my friend!! SUch a sweet and kind comment and you know how insecure I am with my English. It is so good to hear though that I can being the message across – and I think it is one of the most important things to focus on the success – no matter how small they may be.

  5. What a beautiful and inspiring post. You should be super proud of yourself! There’s always that old saying of ‘good things come to those who wait’ and I think it’s so true – I genuinely believe that people who have been through really tough times in their live are able to appreciate the truly amazing moments so much more, and I know that’s something I would never want to change.
    Thanks for posting 🙂

    • Thank YOU Pip for your kind words! Absolutely right – sometimes, I’m glad I had to go through some rough times so I know how lucky I actually am. but it’s still a work in progress, sometimes being patient is so damn hard!

  6. So inspirational Lucie and EXACTLY what I needed to hear, things have been moving SO fast for me out here in Bangkok and since they have slowed down a bit I feel so IMPATIENT but you are so right, just trust the process, it all works out the way it should! Thanks for this message today xo C

  7. Lucie-I love that I can come here to laugh, to smile and to think. I’m so happy I discovered your blog. Patience is a quality which I’ve spent most of my life trying to cultivate. Patience to figure out who I am, what I want and where I want to go. I’ve come to learn that pushing it doesn’t get me any further with any of these, but sitting back and making the most of the journey (my version of patience) has immense benefits. Still working on having some patience when it comes to waiting in lines, because that kind of patience is basically non-existent.

    • Oh Girl, I am so with you – developing Patience skills is a process I work on all my life too. I get better at times and then I fall back again. It’s practise and we need to relearn daily. For me, I’m super impatient in the kitchen and with Computer stuff – I Freak out, it’s ridiculous.

  8. Love this/you ❤ It's true that we need patience for pretty much everything good in life. Hell – I'm learning now that years later, my ED could still be affected me. It sucks, but it's a good reminder in patience and self-trust.

    • Exactly, we Need it in everything! It is hard, but I think it’s what we are supposed to do – so we’re not missing out on the important things in the moments of life.

  9. First time commenter. Kind of weird, but I’m happy I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve been trying to practice better patience over the past year or so, but for different reasons (which I’ve blogged about). I’m NOT a patient person naturally, but I think with dealing with any sort of personal struggles you need to be. I’m learning that you need to enjoy the process instead of solely focusing on what is trying to be achieved!

  10. This is so important to remember, as I feel like we are always rushing to reach the next point or goal in our lives, and forgetting to enjoy the journey. I am just moving into a transition period in my life, so I am making to the slow down and enjoy what life is at the moment while I patiently await the change.

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