WIAW#50 – #uglybutgood


12. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Oh hello there and happy Wednesday!

By now we know what happens – it’s What I Ate Wednesday, a day where we share all our meals of a day.

—-What WIAW isn’t about—-
Comparison – Judgement – Restriction – Guilt
—-What WIAW is about—-
Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!
Thank you JENN for hosting this weekly and fabulous food feast!!
Now I have to apologize. My cam is in Zurich and winterlight is the nightmare of food pics. Also, I ate a lot of my meals on the go which made it even more difficult to take decent pics (imagine me taking a pic of my breakfast from different angles in the train……hmm, not so much). So all I got are some less than ideal iphone pics of my meals from Monday.
Early morning in the train – a buckwheat coconut crumble. I mixed 1 egg, 2 eggwhites with buckwheat flakes, 2 tbsp coconut flour and blueberries and cooked it in a skillet. It was so strange, but definitely delicious. I can not get over how delicious coconut flour tastes with eggs!
Breakfast Cococnut CrumbleI planned to go to my Yoga Class over lunchtime, so I wanted something to kick my energy and had 2 of these babies. I know, I’m teasing again – Friday is recipe day.
BitesYoga was blissful as always. Though I’m always starving after – lunch at 2pm is definitely a late one for me. I threw together baked chicken with salad greens, balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes and had homemade hummus with more cherry tomatoes on the side. Yes, I know, green tupperwares make these pics even worse!
Chicken Salad
Later in the day, hunger and cravings hit. I try to be better with my stress eating, which is especially difficult as our office is always PACKED with sweets. On Monday I gave in and had this little chocolate bar – OMG I LOVE Torino chocolate!! It was worth every bite. It’s one of the BEST Swiss chocolate brands, I swear.
IMG_6477 Chocolate
After work I went to my Crossfit Class – And here’s what we did:
Warm up:
  • Running / Bodyweight Circuit (Push ups/Wall Balls – Sit ups/Wall Balls – Squats/Wall Balls)
  • Strength (5×3): Sumo Deadlifts / One Arm DB Shoulder Press (sitting) / Bench Back Row
  • WOD: Time: 150 Russian Kettlebell Swings / 75 Toes to Bar (or Elbow to Knee)
Success: I lifted 70kg Sumo Deadlifts (I think this is 154,5lbs) and I managed to do 10 elbow to knee in a row!
I’d love to have some pics from Crossfit, but I always feel so odd taking pics or telling someone to take pics of me. Maybe when I’m there a little longer 🙂
Clearly, I was dead after that. I managed to gulp down my Growing Naturals shake including supplements before I cycled home so at least I had a little kick. At home, I was ready for dinner.
I snacked on some baby veggies while preparing dinner.
Baby Veggies
I mixed my prepped veggies with tuna which was again mixed with a little spiced up soy yogurt. Sweet Potato under there somewhere.
Tuna Salad
Of course that wasn’t enough and I had a bedtime snack with protein powder, PB2 and a little soy yogurt mixed – but by then it was so dark and aside from that it looked so gross – I couldn’t possibly post a pic of it.
And that was my Monday! Happy Wednesday!
Do you eat a lot of your meals at work?
Ever had Torino chocolate? If not, you are definitely missing out and should come to Switzerland and enjoy some together with me.
What is on your menu today? 

23 thoughts on “WIAW#50 – #uglybutgood

  1. Don’t even give me this baloney! THIS ALL LOOKS SOOOO YUM – especially those eggs and coconut flour! BOO YA 🙂 !!

  2. It’s currently 9 Pm and I’ll be headed to sleep soon so I’m done on the food front for today, but I’m looking forward to my oatmeal breakfast tomorrow 😀 And I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a Torino chocolate — I did if they were in either of the boxes you sent me! So.much.deliciousness. But I definitely wouldn’t mind heading over to enjoy some with you in person 😀

  3. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!

    Oh yes dark Torino!! Sooo good! Like the dark Ragusa as well. We are lucky here for chocolate!!! Heaven!
    Next meal Will be my lunch: salmon, sweet potato, spinach and cherry tomatoes.
    Your food still look good even with winter light!
    I eat almost all my meal At work: breakfast, snacks in AM and PM and lunch.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. TORINO is one of my favourite chocolates…because they are a ‘mini’ chocolate which are ‘bigger’ than the other mini’s if that makes sense haha- but so yummy!!!!

    You and me both in crazy, random eats- please give me directions for that #uglybutgood recipe….it looks like a hybrid of dessert and breakfast!

  5. I don’t believe you included any Torino in my last pkg from you.. boo! I’ve been eating some Rightelously Raw Chocolate. Im currently obsessed w/ the Rosemary flavor & Acai flavor. Like I had.. yes HAD to have a piece at 4:00 on Monday. LOL!

    • I sent you the organic dark chocolate bars back then – they come VERY close to Torino. But you know, I am more than happy to send you some, just let me know!
      Rosemary and Acai?? That sounds amazing!

  6. Yep these still look good to me! I have just finished a delicious pancake breakfast, next meal will be lunch bought out as I am going to be working in a café today – tough life! 🙂

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever had Torino chocolate….but we both know how I feel about chocolate so pretty safe to say I’m going to have to try it.
    Working from home means I don’t have to pack meals too often, but I’m gone all day tomorrow and going to have to pack all my meals…bah…I hate eating all my meals in a day out of tupperware!

  8. I always second guess putting up my “ugly food” pictures LOL Sometimes the best tasting food just doesn’t look good in a photo. Your breakfast however does in fact look delish and I may need to try that

  9. These look like some great eats! I’m still searching for coconut flour..but the coconut/egg combination sounds intriguing!

  10. I eat 75% of my food at work (hence the giveaway today – I wish you could win!!!).

    Can’t wait to see what the mystery balls are. 😉

  11. I love those small cucumbers. I buy them all summer from a local farmers market. Great with hummus.

  12. Kierston says:

    I think it all looks good. Trust me, I’ve had some ugly but mighty tasty eats!

  13. cottercrunch says:

    my work is my home, so i am quite lucky. But you are doing so well with your emotional/food eating. Such a great reminder to enjoy but focus on nourishment. ❤ the ugly too. it's always the best! haha

  14. I feel like every meal is ugly but good here, ha!! It just all goes in a bowl and makes me happy!

  15. Send me some Torino!!!!! I’ve eaten an excessive amount of chocolate thanks to a recipe I have going up tomorrow.

    stop tempting me with your balls and post them already!!!

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