Marvelous in my Monday – Weekend Bliss


10. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Welcome to a marvelous Monday!!

I hope the weekend has been treating you well. Mine was pretty good, so let’s jump right into the recap. Thank you Katie for the marvelous host!!

Friday night we had a girls night out in Zurich – I LOVE it, it’s always a blast when the 5 of us are together. Unfortunately one became sick and we remained the 4 of us.

Predrinks at Jack’s place…

Girle ZH

Then we had dinner at a fabulous Italian Restaurant near her home. After drinking more champagne while waiting for the food, it finally arrived – I had a grilled ‘dorade’ (gilthead??) with oven vegetables – it was worth the wait. SO GOOD! I also had a bite of the tiramisu – when I remembered that I don’t like coffee. Awwyeah. But then I had a coffee. Why am doing this?? Probably because I had Limoncello after my main course and got drunk without even realising it. This stuff is nasty.

Girls ZH

Good thing we skipped clubbing and went home after a hilarious dinner!

Girls ZH

Saturday. Someone please remind me what I did Saturday – I have no freaking clue! All I know is that I spent the morning in my pajamas and breakfast on the couch in front of the tv, reading blogs, eating and watching soaps. Love these kind of weekend mornings. #sorrynotsorry. I was still so sore from Crossfit and weightlifting, so I made a huge effort to move as little as possible. Win.Soya Yogurt, Buckwheat Flakes, homemade chunky applesauce, blueberriesI think we went out once to do some grocery shopping and have a coffee at Starbucks. Honestly, who am I, ordering coffee wherever I go?? I guess I thought I would like it if I order it with 3/4 of milk in it. With my current sensitivity, I ordered soy milk. It was gross. Even with ridiculous amounts of cinnamon. StarbucksI took a bite of Sandro’s ‘duffin’ (Donut/Muffin – get it?) to compensate. Fail once more. I might stick to chicken, broccoli and lemon water in the future! Or at least prosecco and chocolate. Speaking of, that was kind of my lunch. Not the latter, but roasted chicken breast, lamb lettuce, balsamic vinegar, a sweet potato and red beans.

Salad/Chicken I hung out more at home, doing stuff (I don’t know what), while Sandro did some studywork. To reward ourselves (for nothing), we went out to have a predrink – no alcohol for me this time 🙂

DrinksDinner was fantastic. We made lobster and prawns – and some greens for decoration – but seriously, seafood makes me happy.

LobsterI passed out way too early for a Saturday night, but my body obviously was still catching up on sleep. Sunday morning, I felt well rested and went for a 50minutes run, followed by half an hour of Tara Stiles Yoga. I had to skip my Yoga classes this week due to my working hours, so it was highly needed. I love this session to open up the hips. Feels so good.

Postworkout breakfast were Protein Blueberry Pancakes!! I smothered and dipped them in soya/PB2-yogurt. Oh my , I missed them so much. Even though I am supposed to be eliminating the eggs – they have to make an appearance in my meal plan from time to time.


Sandro was off to the baptism of his godchild and I did some more office work at home, meal prep AND experimented with a sweet treat for Davida’s Valentines Bake Off. If you want to participate in the bake off, here are the details! Recipe for this one is coming on Valentines Day when I’m on my way to Spain. Haha.

BallsMy friend Anne came round later in the day for an extended teabreak and chat (and taste testing the above BALLS) until it was time for dinner, which consisted of leftovers. Chicken, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes. Chicken That’s it – back to the Office today for 3 more days and then 10 days off!! YAY!

What did you have for dinner last night?

Predinner Drinks are called Apéro here in Switzerland and are very popular – sometimes it’s not even followed by dinner, only drinks and appetizers. Is it popular where you live?

Do you take restdays?



10 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – Weekend Bliss

  1. I’m all about the restdays right now! And I love Tara Stiles yoga videos…I haven’t tried that one yet though!
    As for the predrink dinner thing, i’m not sure. The only ‘predrinking’ I know of is when you drink a lot before going to the bar, so you’re not spending a lot on alcohol while you’re there. Not that I have ‘that’ much experience with it or anything…:-p

  2. I seriously love Tara Stiles’ videos… I don’t follow any specific yoga routines, but hers are some that I could definitely see myself getting into. And don’t feel bad for not being able to remember what you did on Saturday — I don’t really either. I -do- remember what I had for dinner, but that’s only because it was only about an hour ago 😛 Coconut rice with some orange ginger chicken courtesy of my mom. Ohhh sometimes I miss living at home…

  3. Hahah gilt head…what a great name. I also don’t remember what I did Saturday……damn weekend came too fast.

    I need that seafood fest…..NOW.

  4. i’m not even sure what to comment on – you seriously had an awesome weekend. I guess we can talk about how gooey and delicious those pancakes look.. oh and the surprise recipe – I wanna know now!! (imagine me pouting like a little kid w/ my arms crossed) LOL

  5. Kierston says:

    Yes, two full rest days a week..sometimes more. I’m learning to listen more and more to my body and mind (because the mind needs rest too!) 🙂

  6. ermagherrrrrrd! You made balls in my honour! I didn’t think it was possible to love you more but now I do! Seriously thanks gurl! I’ll have to make them as I image myself on the beach pretending my pale-ass skin isn’t burning into a lobster…

  7. Haha your Saturday sounds like my day today but I am sure mich deserved! Those pancakes look heavenly like my mouth is drooling! Miss you xo C

  8. cottercrunch says:

    i had a feeling i’d find your MIMM pretty amazing! i love how you spend your weekends… ENJOYING. and you reminded me i need to do my yoga

  9. Lisa says:

    Sounds like a nice balanced weekend of fun and relaxation. My favorite.
    Um, I literally don’t remember what I had for Dinner last night…possibly because I had a few drinks the night before. Possibly.
    We don’t really have that pre drink thing over here, unless you’re going out to a party/bar/club. Which pretty much happens every weekend ha. So I guess that’s a popular thing!

  10. Haha Saturdays in your pjs that your can’t really remember are the best ones. And those pancakes look to die for!

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