Friday Favorites – ready for some sleep……


7. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Happy Friiiidaaaayyyyy! Sorry, I had to scream this while writing it. This week’s been SO CRAZY I can not even believe it. I survived and even picked out some good stuff for you! Way too long since I’ve done a Friday Favorite post, so here we go:

My current music obsession is Social Siberia. Seriously, I listen to it constantly at work and I LOVE every single song so far.

Music keeps me same!!

When trying to find some new stuff that fits my elimination diet, I found cacao butter and tigernut (chufa) flour. I know you guys think I’m crazy with this, but believe me, it is SO delicious (it’s not a nut) and if you can find it somewhere, buy it and try it (hahahaaaa! Rhyme!) – especially the tigernut butter!


I also found some breakfast stuff – buckwheat flakes and plain soya yogurt. You know that I chocolatize everything I can, and this was no exception. It tasted really good, despite my skepticism towards soya yogurt. It won’t be a daily breakfast, but it definitely works on occasion.

Buckwheat Flakes, Plain Soya Yogurt with raw cacao powder, blueberries

Buckwheat Flakes, Plain Soya Yogurt with raw cacao powder, blueberries

In this craziness, I need my workouts even more. It’s the only time I can get rid off work-thoughts, load up on energy, recharge my batteries and feel better all around. Yesterday morning I went in pink. Nike shorts, Asic runners. Too old for that? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.


Yesterday the majority of the busy work was done, so I had time for a lunch date with my student mate, Tina. We went to Dean&David and both ordered a huge salad with all the add-ins you can think of. You bet I was jealous of her eggs, gat cheese and bread.


Beauty wise, I am stoked by this BB Cream from Origins. It is AMAZING. I am in love with origins since a long time and if it wasn’t so expensive, it would be the only beauty product I would use. I splurged a year ago on the night cream and the eye serum, and I swear, it’s life changing. Yeah, that might be a little too dramatic, but you get it. It’s good stuff.

Origins Origins

And to cheer around some anticipation – I tentatively booked another Snowboard Weekend at my brother’s and sister in law’s place for March! Yay!


And that’s all I got for you today!! The girlscrew is coming to Zurich tonight and we go out for dinner – it will be a blast as always. And you bet the rest of the weekend I will SLEEP!!!!

Happy Weekend!

Any fun plans for the weekend?

What’s your favorite song right now?

Do you have any trips planned in the future? (Please don’t tell me about the blogger conference trips or I will turn on the tap……)

19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – ready for some sleep……

  1. Have an amazing weekend lady – sounds like you could use a fun one!

  2. Uhmm… no super exciting plans for this weekend, but I DO have a trip coming up that I’m super excited about. It’s still hush hush for now, but I’ll be spilling the deets soon.

    And can you believe that I don’t really have a favourite song right now? I’ve been listening to the same old playlist for so long now that I end up basically scrolling through the entire thing. Need something new!

  3. Currently listening to the new Gramatik album non-stop. Download it immediately! Just trust me on this one! And I’ll trust you on the non-nut butter I can’t pronounce and will have to walk all the way to Switzerland to find..don’t worry I’ll stop by and say hi!

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m going snowboarding to Colorado in March for three weeks and I can’t wait!!!!!! Where did you buy the cacao butter, in a normal organic shop like egli? I bought tigernut butter after seeing it on your blog and it’s really yummy!
    Have a nice week-end after such a crazy week!

    • Wait….WHAT??? 3 weeks Colorado?? That is absolutely awesome! Wow. So jealous!
      Yes, I found the cacao butter at Vitapunkt, which is same as egli. And I’m glad you love the tigernutbutter too!

  5. Please don’t tell me shrimp is on your elimination diet…..that poor poor salad bowl!

    Can I come snowboarding with you? I think we’ve had a similar week. My brain is so fried!

  6. isis says:

    Lucie, when you come to Spain, try to look for Horchata, a very popular, refreshing drink during the summer. Its like sweetened tigernut milk (think sweet almond milk, but from chufas instead)
    it’s pretty tasty, and, being traditional here, it’s widely available all year round at supermarkets and such.

  7. […] gelatin, cinnamon, and almond extract.  Topped with a cocoa powder fluff, tiger nut flour (ask Lucie about this deliciousness), and a scoop of chocolate Arctic […]

  8. […] gelatin, cinnamon, and almond extract.  Topped with a cocoa powder fluff, tiger nut flour (ask Lucie about this deliciousness), and a scoop of chocolate Arctic […]

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