What I ate in crazy times – a day late!


6. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Hey friends!

Loooong time no see! I am SO sorry I just disappeared out to nowhere without even saying a word. But believe me, this wasn’t planned. But work got so crazy on Tuesday – I was in the office from 8:15 am until 6am the next morning (Wednesday) with 2 hours break. Yeah, you get it.

The big stuff is over now and I can see the light – especially my vacation in a little more than a week. But we’re not here to discuss my work stress, but what I ate while going crazy in the office and all I wanted was wine!! My brain is completely sleep deprived so bear with my wirting.

Fortunately, I went for a run at 5:30 on Tuesday morning, so at least I got some movement in. Before I headed off to work, I fueled with a new breakfast creation:

Buckwheat Flakes, Plain Soya Yogurt with raw cacao powder, blueberries

Buckwheat Flakes, Plain Soya Yogurt with raw cacao powder, blueberries

The day started relatively easy and I had some leftovers from my fridge with me to have as a midmorning snack.

Sweet Potato with Deli Chicken

Sweet Potato with Deli Chicken

At lunch, I fled from the office for a quick run downtown to buy coffee supply for my teammates and other stuff. I came back starving and warmed my lunchplate in the microwave.

1/2 Sweet Potato, roasted brussels sprouts, broccoli, shiitake, baked chicken and some leftover deli chicken

1/2 Sweet Potato, roasted brussels sprouts, broccoli, shiitake, baked chicken and some leftover deli chicken

The craziness was already here, but I never let it take away my food breaks. I don’t function without food, everyone has to accept that. I figured that I would have to stay at the office all night, so I decided to at least hit my Crossfit class at 5pm and then come back. This I did – and oh, it was GOOD. We worked on front squats which went surprisingly well! On my cycleride back to the office I gulped down my protein shake and then dove into work.

2 hours later I took a little break and prepared my dinner – just what I found at the supermarket. Originally it was planned that I go for dinner to Jonas, one of my Besties, but well…did not happen. Salad with Tuna and Baby tomatoes in front of the PC did happen.

Tuna SaladI added a disgusting storebought light balsamic dressing to it. Good thing this was an exception. For dessert, I emptied pretty much the whole baby freezer of my boss which was stocked up with chocolate (by me!). I felt guilty, but I didn’t find a better strategy to cope with the stress at that moment. Boooh.

I continued with work until I was finished – which was at 6am the next day and then cycled home, zombie-like. I can’t remember the last time I was SO thankful that I already prepared breakfast – I heated it up and before passing out for a few hours, I curled up on the couch and enjoyed some peace and warm food.

Coconut Eggy Oats, Sugarfree Pancake Syrup, Blueberries

Coconut Eggy Oats, Sugarfree Pancake Syrup, Blueberries

As said, I don’t cut out eggs completely. I can not do it. This version was especially delicious with the addition of coconut flour – it was like a fresh, warm coconut cake.

Only about 3 hours later I was wide awake again and decided to hit a little workout at the gym and WASH myself (finally!)before going back to the office again. It was SO good. I had great power and did a good upper body workout followed by Intervals on the Stairs. And then, I remembered why sleep is so important – when I wanted to put on my work clothes after showering, I realized that I forgot my pants. Aaaaah!!! I tried my workout pants with boots, which looked extremely hilarious, so I put my Asics back on and went to work in my workout clothes. Seriously, where am I? What is this week??? LOL.

I managed to leave at a decent time and before fainting from all this absurdity, I cooked up a Shirataki stir fry with my favorite giant prawns, brussels sprouts, broccoli and shiitake (you guessed it, I prepared a huge amount of the same veggies….)

Shirataki And then I ended this day (when did it start??) with a bedtime snack:

PB2 Chocolate mixed with Growing Naturals Protein Powder and a little coconut milk.

Anhang 2 Foto 3You see, my strictness on cutting out all the food groups lacks big time. I do watch gluten and dairy, but I aim for a little variety when it comes to eggs and nuts…..I hope my stomach does not hate me for this. Actually, I never had issues after eating eggs, but I guess too many nuts or especially nutbutters do affect me.

Whatever – these were my crazy 2 days in the office paired with stress food and quick workouts! The last 2 weeks were pretty stressful around her on all parts and made me lose a little track on the food front. I don’t like it, I can feel it and I can feel some anxiety creeping up. I know it’s nothing to worry about, even if I did gain some wieght, but my mind is not there yet to not care at all. But I am ok – I meditate, I focus on the positive, I structure my meals and workouts, I am grateful and I smile.

Are you a stress eater? Or do you stop eating when you’re stressed? It depends – when I’m stressed at the computer, then I tend to eat junk, when I’m running around, I completely lose my thoughts of food and appetite.

Ever tried coconut flour in eggs and oats? I can recommend it!!

Last snack you ate? I need ideas!

34 thoughts on “What I ate in crazy times – a day late!

  1. cottercrunch says:

    oh i agree with you! i can’t cut out eggs completely either. It’s crazy how much i need them. haha. okay want. How did you feel with them back in?

  2. Erika says:

    Lunch looks great, but I am surprised you eat deli meat, with all the additives in it.

  3. Kierston says:

    I know I’d have a hard time with eggs. Food looks fab as usual. I have yet to use coconut flour.

  4. I’m exhausted from just reading about your busy-ness. So impressed that you are still getting your workouts in! I’m not sure if this will help, but the whites of the egg (on their own) are a particularly inflammatory food. Not sure if eating the whole egg might be easier on your stomach but just wanted to throw my two cents based on my experience, everyone is different of course 🙂 excited for you to get some vacation time! xx

  5. Wow – that’s one hell of a busy week! You must be soooo looking forward to your vacation after that.

  6. Oh goodness, lady — I can’t even imagine ❤ If it makes you feel any better, I've been feeling kind of stressed out lately too, and I've definitely noticed myself becoming a lot more snacky as a result. I'm not normally a stress eater, but that's only when it come sot big-time stress. The small stuff makes me crazy munchy.

    And heck YES to both coconut flour and eggs in oats. Makes them so wonderfully fluffy.

  7. Lately I’ve only been cooking up broccoli and brussels, which is getting boring, so I’m thinking mushrooms need to make an appearance soon. I’m glad the craziness has passed for now, hopefully you are able to de stress and catch up on sleep!

  8. Yum the PB2 coconut milk mixture looks incredible! I cannot believe you worked that many hours! WOWZA you powered through and I am excited to see photos from your vacation coming up 🙂 I can only imagine how hard it is to let go of eggs, I am trying to cut down on eggs and nuts right now and its HARD but worth it!! Good luck with everything gorgeous xo C

    • Thank you Love!! I can not wait for my vacation and I will make again some nice beach and workouts shots, for sure!!
      Yes – I must say that cutting out dairy and gluten isn’t so difficult, but eggs and nutbutters are hard!

  9. I dont know how you even had enough energy to workout, take photos and write this post. You’d only be able to find me curled up in bed w/ Roxy (since Joshua would be working) and a good movie.. or two!

    Even if you haven’t cut down fully, you already know how proud of you I am ❤

  10. Enora says:

    OMG!! Until 6 am!! How crazy is that?! What kind of work you had to do? Ouah I am impressed you could still fit in some workouts and healthy food!! Do not worry for the snacking! Computers make us eating ;-))
    I can feel you regarding eggs. Its hard to cut everything At once. Baby steps!
    Enjoy your day!

    • Thank you Enora – I really felt so guilty, but the week was just too crazy. I had to do finances – booh! So boring.
      And yes, baby steps – I am ok with dairy and gluten, even cutting out nuts isn’t as bad – but the eggs….I just want them 🙂

  11. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    You are hardcore Miss Lucie! But I do want your next post to tell us that you’ve got some sleep – it’s underrated I tell you! Stress eating or not, it looks like you managed super well with all the nutritious foods.

  12. Oh my gee Lucie….what a crazy packed 24 hours…non stop! I really admire you for taking the time to nourish yourself and fit in some workouts! This must have been your office’s way of priming you up before your vacay 😉 Glad to hear the eggs haven’t been giving you trouble!

  13. I’m definitely a stress eater 😦 and an emotional eater! My last snack was a chocolate brownie – not even a raw healthy one or anything! My last healthy snack was plain oatcakes with a slice of ham 🙂

  14. […] In this craziness, I need my workouts even more. It’s the only time I can get rid off work-thoughts, load up on energy, recharge my batteries and feel better all around. Yesterday morning I went in pink. Nike shorts, Asic runners. Too old for that? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. […]

  15. carlyjg says:

    Oh my goodness, that is seriously a CRAZY day of work. That’s insane!

    I’m most definitely a stress eater… It’s bad ;).

  16. I love your blog! and the name has such a rhythm about it, hehe! it’s catchy! and can I just say, PB2 is like gods gift to peanut butter lovers, how scrumptious is it :o! and your breakfast, I could just die! it’s one of my fav meals of the day( I can have breakfast for brekkie, lunch and dinner!) and that looks too good for life! 😀

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