Marvelous in my Monday – on the slopes


3. February 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

Let’s make it a marvelous start.

Thank you Katie for your weekly host!

My brother is about to move to the mountains together with his wife. Currently, they’re still in Basel and live just a few streets away from me, but in a couple of months, their permanent residence will be their appartment in Flims.

We finally made it to visit them over the weekend – which was definitely a MARVELOUS idea.

Flims Flims FlimsOriginally we planned to go up on Friday early morning to ride the slopes for 2 days, but the weather had other plans . It was snowy and foggy on Friday, so we slept in and headed off only in the afternoon when the weather cleared up.

We hang around the village and their appartment until it was time to start with some predinner drinks and dinner. Sandro and me cooked Fajitas for them – I went with the glutenfree version and no wine.

Wine Fajitas



My food - roasted veggies and chickenbreast, Quinoa

My food – roasted veggies and chickenbreast, Quinoa

A very motivated family picture had to be taken….. 🙂


It's a rare chance to get a pic of my bro

It’s a rare chance to get a pic of my bro

Later on my sister in law and me had a little dancing session in the living room – in sweatpants of course!

Dancing Dancing

And I spent the rest of the evening with this little sweet pug – Aphrodithe. Love her.


We went to bed fairly early to hit the slopes the next day. I was sooooo excited to ride my board again, finally. Despite the forecast, the weather was really nice.

Flims Flims

Selfies in the cable car

Christian & Lucie Claudia & Sandro Riding….

Flims Flims

Lucie’s slow ride:

FlimsFlimsMy brother and his wife are my heros when it comes to snowboarding – since they kind of LIVE on the slopes, so they really know thow to do it. And it’s so cool. I’m not the worst rider, but I definitely need a little more practise. My brother is the guy who rides down doing all the freaky jumps and stunts which I have no idea how they are called. Wicked.

After about 5 hours of cruising up and down the hills – which was absolutely gorgeous and FUN – we ended the day with some post snowboard drinks. Necessary.

Flims Flims FlimsWe drove home the same night – which means that next time we have to stay longer. It was way too short! ‘Fortunately’ the weather turned bad again on Sunday, so at least we didn’t miss anything on that front.

I cooked up a warm bowl of deliciousness when arriving home….

Shirataki BowlShirataki Noodles, Salmon, roasted veggies.

I was completely knocked out after that day and slept more than 9 hours through….so needed. I did some upper body work on Sunday morning and then tried my first eggfree pancake version – FAIL. They did taste good though, but they didn’t taste like pancakes, LOL.

PancakesHonestly? This whole eliminating thing drives me a little crazy. Not the gluten, not the nuts and not the dairy, I can handle that – but the eggs….I’m a little lost without my eggs to be honest. I fill up on protein powders and carbs for breakfast and it’s not very satisfying so far.

Also, in the past week, some old disordered behaviours and thoughts made their appearance. I don’t know how to place it and why they manage to sneak in – I do have a rough time emotionally at the moment and it is possible that it is because of that. But maybe it’s also because of all the restrictions I need to handle – so I think about being more relaxed with the eggs. Because, it doesn’t really make sense if I cut out the stuff I love and then indulge on too much MILK chocolate later on, right? No way.

I need some more meditation and pondering on that one, but it definitely needs to be faced. No worries, I’ll be fine – some little funks are definitely nothing new at this time of the year – hello January/February blues!

To end this post on a positive note, I am happy to say that it is only 12 days until I hop on the plane direction Spain!! I can not wait – it’s my island, my place of peace, and it will be beautiful spring there. Benajarafe

Happy Monday everyone! Make it marvelous!!

Did you ever spend a vacation in the snow? 

Are you ready for spring? I love to enjoy winter in the mountains, but down here in the city? Spring, please.

Do you sometimes suffer from a winter blues? 



25 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – on the slopes

  1. Snowboarding withdrawals! I haven’t been in a little over a week since I was down in Cali, and I miss it like crazy! The only problem is that the weather turned kind of nasty now, so I won’t be able to go until it warms up. Boooo. That being said, while I’m looking forward to spring, I’m actually really enjoying winter as well… it’s the boarding thing 😉

  2. Alyssa says:

    Awww- what fun you had with your family (your bro looks like a cool guy btw) I think in all honesty eliminating stuff unless you have a severe allergy or noticlble digestive issues after eating a particular food (if you don’t mind me asking- do you expierience either?) can be more trouble & do more harm than good sometimes. I hope you feel better honey- I think everyone gets winter blues from time to time- I hope they fly away 🙂

    • Yes, my family is really cool, I love ’em 🙂
      No, I don’t have any allergies fortunately! Thank you so much for your sweet words – exactly what’s on my mind! I don’t like this stupid voice creeping in again!

  3. I need to re-learn how to ski! Then come visit you 🙂 I can totally understand how the lack off eggs and the whole restricting mentality may be difficult. But look at your attitude towards it now. It has not been long either. Change/adjustment is definitely hard. I’ve had some success when egg-free pancakes though! Check out my “brownie batter” ones. I think they are Lucie friendly 🙂 xx

    • Thank you so much Amy!
      The point is, that I never felt that eggs made me feel bad. Yes for gluten and dairy, they make me bloat, but not eggs – that’s why I am insecure about the elimination of it. We’ll see – it’s not as dramatic as it sounds I guess 🙂

  4. You and Amanda make me reconsider my thoughts on snowboarding….it looks like an absolute blast! That is so cool how the brother is moving to the slopes….what an amazing experience! I’m sorry to hear that disordered thoughts are coming into play again- however think about it this way- You aren’t restricting by choice- it’s by NEED. The fact that you’re upset that you can;t have eggs is living proof that you are in a good frame of mind- you could easily use this elimination as an excuse to restrict but your not- Give yourself more credit, mon ami!

    • You definitely should my friend! Snowboarding is SO cool and so much fun!!
      Thank you Arman – you’re the best. I need to see how I feel the next days – I don’t mind cutting out dairy and gluten so much, but you know my love for eggs – not even love, it’s obsession 🙂 remember, the chicken in my stomach lol

  5. I get sad during the winter but it doesn’t stop me from getting out and in the past hitting the slopes, I LOVE snowboarding and being connected outdoors its seriously better than anything in my book but since I have no snow + luckily no cold weather I have been just spending more time outdoors which has been nice. I do miss cuddling up to the fireplace though, o well next year! Lots of Love C

  6. I think I should take up snowboarding again (although it’s been about 13-14 years since I was on a snowboard….) just because then I wouldn’t feel super annoyed at winter all the time! 😉 my friend was supposed to teach me, but he ran off to Alberta to be a snowboarding instructor before we got the chance.
    I’m sorry to hear that the disordered thoughts are kicking in – diet changes are hard, especially when you’re cutting out one of your favourite/staple foods. You know your body and your mind best, and if cutting out eggs completely is really causing you issues, then you’re right to consider being more relaxed about them.

    • You definitely should Sam, you Canadians have the most gorgeous places to ride!! It’s so fun!
      And thank you for your encouragement girl! I agree – if it does me more harm than good, I should probably rethink again.

  7. The snow!!! Can we find away for me to move there? I’m not kidding… I’d move to Europe in 0.5 seconds if I could figure a way to work. Silly Visas.

    How much longer is the elimination? I hope you can enjoy the tasty treats in Spain! Or at least the wine. 😉

  8. First off: Aphrodithe is so so cute!
    Confession time: yes, I spent multiple family holidays in the French alps – but I was awful at skying and would have never ever dared even trying to snowboard. I’m impressed by people who are good at it but the thought alone of both of my feet tied to the same board … no.
    And yes, I’m SO ready for Spring!
    I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time. Winter blues combined with your current diet adjustments clearly wouldn’t be easy for anybody. Sending you positive thoughts!
    As you know I’m no pancake expert but have heard only good things about these ones:

    • Isn’t she?? I wanted to take her home!
      Snowboard is easier than it looks – it’s HARD in the beginning, but once you know how to, it’s pretty cool.
      Thank you for the positivity love!

  9. Okay so I wish I spent the majority of my time reading this most staring at the gorgeous mountains, delicious looking food or your stunning face but instead I spent 5 mins analyzing the wind turbine in picture 3. Curt works for Enercon (a german wind energy company) and literally is obsessed with his job so all I hear about it wind turbines. He’s taught me how to identify Enercon ones which unfortunately that one is not 😦

    I need to get a life…

    • Oh my GOSH, I’m lauging out LOUD. Do you want me to send you a closer pic of that windmill? Or maybe not, since it is not an Enercon….so sorry, we’re Swiss. We don’t get it.

  10. Sarah says:

    I can’t get over those views! Gorgeous! Hanging out with family is so fun. The disordered thoughts often sneak in on me when I’m least expecting it and don’t have my guard up to fend them off…little stinkers! Good for you for recognizing them! Hope your Monday has been great!

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