Marvelous in my Monday – focus on the big picture


27. January 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello there!

Welcome to another round of MIMM hosted by my favorite Diva!!

Now don’t be angry at me, but I have to whine again a little bit. Nothing dramatic, but believe me, I am not very upset that this weekend is over. It was a shitty weekend, but hey, never without a little marvelousness! So let’s get this on first:

Friday night. We had about 9 people around for a dinner party (aka: Raclette/Tablegrill). We actually had no freaking idea how to fit everyone at one table – but we made it!Table

I started eating egg-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free this Friday, so I had to skip out on a few things….Grissini

Cheese Cheese Muffins Chocolate MousseBut believe me, I was a big fan of my plate nevertheless.

Meat/ Fish Clean PlateAnd after all, it was all about the company!!

Tischgrill People Tischgrill Candle Family, Friends, Laughter, Chats, Food, Wine, Warmth. Perfection.

So the downside of the weekend was mostly that Sandro and me didn’t get along at all. I have no idea what the matter was, cause there wasn’t really a problem – we just had disagreement after disagreement and our communication was totally off. Well, we’re humans and it happens. As big as the love is, sometimes we don’t really like each other…. 🙂

Then coincidentally after this week of talking about my food habits, my belly started its own life since a few days now. I know this might be TMI for some, but let me just tell you that if I didn’t pay attention, everyone would have thought I’m giving birth to a little baby in less than 2 months. Sweatpants and leggins were the only possible clothes for me all weekend long. FAIL.

To clear my head and getting some movement in, I went for a long and intense run on Saturday morning. It is a trailrun and one of my faves, but it is so darn tough, I can really only do it once in a while. The view was definitely worth it though. It was FREEZING, but beautiful!

Forch Run Forch Run Forch Run Forch Run Postrun breakfast – carboload! Running 90 minutes on an empty stomach gave me quite the starving mode. My very first egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free breakfast which was really really delicious. Just please don’t make me writing out these 4 words with every meal or I go I-N-S-A-N-E.

Quinoa Porridge with Sweet Potato, apple, blueberries, Protein Powder and unsweetened chocolate chips.

Quinoa Porridge with Sweet Potato, apple, blueberries, Protein Powder and unsweetened chocolate chips.

Then one more crisis appeared in the afternoon, when I FINALLY FINALLY picked up my Ninja blender – it DIED the second I plugged it in. I know. I’m blonde. Stop it. Sandro already told me enough times how blindfoldly it was to not think about the compatibilitiy of American and Swiss electricity. Now it’s dead and the process of getting it fixed or getting a new one starts. Major fail. But HEY – it’s ONLY a Food Processor. I’m alive – blonde, but alive.

Haha, yeah, not so much *(%ç&"-hole.

Haha, yeah, not so much *(%ç&”-hole.

Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little shopping. I wanted kettlebells at home since months now and I made a GOOD deal with those!! Additionally, I need knee socks for Crossfit. We do crazy stuff like climbing up a rope and believe me, my shins look like I had a big fight with a tiger (which I had of course and I won.). And why not some new shorts? Kettlebells, socks Nike

I have too many workout clothes. Said no one ever. IMPOSSIBLE. closet

Some good food for dinner was a must too.

Saffron catfish, roasted broccoli&cherry tomatoes

Saffron catfish, roasted broccoli&cherry tomatoes

I slept like a stone after all these crises (I had to google plural of crisis, I wrote crisises first, duh – LOL) – and was awake and ready for the last strength workout of week 3 of James Wilsons program. These workouts ROCK. Ready to tackle week 4!!

Workout Postworkout – FUEL! I experimented a little with the breakfasts this weekend – I didn’t want to load them up with carbs and protein powder all the time. So I found a lactosefree no fat quark which is really good and I hope it is ok for me to eat now. I mixed it with glutenfree oats, blueberries, a spoonful Vega Protein Powder and homemade chunky applesauce. Green Tea on the side. Pretty darn delicious. Quark Breakfast Rest of Sunday was lazy – belly and communication still acting crazy 🙂 though we made it for a long walk to talk some stuff out.

And to end this post on a marvelous note – in times like this, it is so important to focus on the big picture. Like – what all do I have? What is positive? I’m healthy. I’m fit. I have family, wonderful friends, a place to live and a great job. We all have ebbs and flows, it’s normal – the challenge is to grow with them instead of letting negatives bring us down.

Today’s a new start! Happy Monday!



Ladies – feel me on the days with sweatpants and leggins as the only option? (Please say yes)

Did you ever go trailrunning? One of my favorite workouts.

What is your idea for a gf, df, ef, and nf breakfast?? 

32 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday – focus on the big picture

  1. Kim says:

    We love Raclette – some friends introduced us to it years ago and we like to do it when our boys have friends over – then we turn it into a competition to see who can make the best chicken, steak and shrimp!!
    I hope that you are feeling better and that the communication improves soon!!! We have horrible days+ still after being married for close to 18 years – never fun!

  2. I put on real pants once this week so yes I totally understand you!!

    Love how you always keep it real. Apparently finding and furnishing an apartment can be tough on a relationship…we’re all good but dude needs to chill on the interior design (he’s an engineer and his mom is an architect). If only he knew all I needed was my stand mixer and I’d be happy. But to appease him I’m pretending I’m in to home design by pinning a bunch of home decor pictures to pinterest. It’s kept him off my back for a few days…I feel like this is not normal in most relationships haha

    • Aaaahaha, let’s hang out in sweatpants together, ok??
      Oh wow giiiirl, I FEEL you!! Moving in together is exciting but can be a DRAG. SO much stuff to discuss and different tastes, opinions….ugh. But it is a challenge you two will takcle just weel I know it – and the end result will be fabulous and you BOTH will be proud!!

  3. Up until this last weekend, I was pretty much living in sweatpants/yoga pants, so I definitely understand that it’s what you need sometimes 😉
    And I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great weekend! And the love woes…oh goodness. I’ve definitely been there, so I know how frustrating it is.
    I hope your week gets off to a better start!

  4. I’m so happy your weekend turned around for the better since we talked last ❤ Love you girl & so happy you were able to see the big picture & find positives even when things weren't going well!

  5. cottercrunch says:

    I need that porridge! Damn! And email me if you need any tummy talk. You know I’ve been through it all. 😘😘

  6. catfoodisgoodforyou says:

    Hardcore for getting through the raclette party without the cheese! My only thoughts for breakfast are muffins (using coconut flour and flax/chia egg?) or a protein-powder & fruit/green smoothie? PS sweatpants/leggings days are awesome whether or not they’re the only option! I had a pyjama day yesterday 😉

  7. Naw Lucie- Thank you for always being honest and upfront as usual! Although I’m still abit cranky that table was NOT set for 10…..where was my invite?

    I can relate to your kitchen gadget mishap- I did the same thing but with the Keurig coffee machine. Although it’s still in it’s broken state because to ship it to America and back would cost a small house!

    Hope you and Sandro found the happy balance again- everyone has these kinks and those who say otherwise are twats. For someone with those dietary restrictions, you’re doing well! We need a name for them all to save you typing it out!

    • Thank you Arman and I promise, next time you join the party!!
      I’m really glad I’m not the only one who is stupid on electricity. I still can’t believe this happened!
      Oh and YES pleas give me a name – these free words drive me crazy Lol!!

  8. That porridge looks soooo tasty! I love a nice big warm bowl of anything in winter. It’s not only the perfect fit for a cold day, but there’s something so entirely comforting about it, too!

  9. Enora says:

    Hi Lucie!

    Do not worry for the problem of communication with Sandro! Man and woman are very much différent and its normal from time to time to have this down moment. I am sûre next weekend is going to be awesome!!! Go to a nice restaurant or nice walk 🙂
    We also had raclette saturday Night! You are so committed! I have to cut down dairy but i had to take some
    For the yoga pants / leggings I feel you! I also have lots of days Where I can only Where this! Its funny because we eat mostly healthy and do a lot of sport… Would love to know why we are bloated…
    Keep up with the positive energy!!!

    • Awww thank you Enora, you’re the best! Sometimes it’s just so darn difficult!
      And I know – sometimes, I know where the belly issues are coming from, but currently I have no idea! Let^’s make a sweatpants party one day 🙂

  10. Natasha says:

    For a while there I was also struggling with eating most grains and wheat (sometimes even oatmeal, but not always), eggs were always fine, but dairy and nuts were the worst. My stomach would bloat out a lot, and it was because of poor digestion and being so malnourished for so long. It was awful! So I went to my doctor, and she recommended I take a probiotic and OMG it helped so much (I take Align recommended by her). I can eat all of those foods now and have no issues. I used to have such a weak stomach b/c of overtraining/undereating and my “tactics” I would use to not eat more calories (filling up with too many veggies and fruits/low-cal foods, gum, coffee, etc.).

    I would definitely try adding a probiotic to your routine, it will only help. I really noticed a difference within the first couple of weeks of taking it, but now after 6 months I would say I’m like 95% healed!

    I really understand the stomach problems though, because I dealt with them for 2 years total, and the last 6 months of it were unbearable, so that is what prompted me to get help!

    I hope that you figure out everything!!! Stay positive 🙂

    • Thank you so so much for your sweet comment Natasha! Actually I do take a great Probiotiv and it did help a lot. It’s only this week my stoamch acts totally crazy, I really don’t know what’s happening. I see my doctor tomorrow and hope it will get better soon!
      And oh, I need to cut down my gum consumption big time, it’s horrible!

  11. Don’t you ever feel bad for ranting a little, girl! I think we talked about this [unless my mind’s playing tricks on me which I can never be sure it doesn’t] and yes, it’s always better to let those feelings out instead of bottling them up. Your honesty is something I really appreciate. And you were able to see the good parts in your weekend, too, after all which makes me happy. I hope you and Sandro were able or will be able to talk those issues out.
    Wow, your running track looks absolutely awesome. My dad and I have a similar one through the woods that we’re only running along once in a blue moon. When we do it’s intense but great.
    Happy Monday!

    • Thanky ou Sweetheart! You’re so kind! And yes, we’re ok again – not super romantic or anything, but at least not fighting anymore which is a first step 🙂
      I love trailrunning! It’s intense but so worth it!

  12. Julie says:

    I need kettlebells! I’m trying to budget and buy a GOOD adjustable one. I tried one but didn’t like it.

    Looks like I need to get outside ASAP.

  13. Jenne says:

    Hey Lucie
    I only recently found your blog and am loving it – i too am from Switzerland. (sort of – grew up in Namibia and am now married to a Swiss and been here for like – forever – 20 odd years)
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m super proud of you! No raclette!!!!!! and all the other things – a list too long to mention!

    I too have had to go gf,df,ef, and pork free for the last two months – with another month to go. Entgiften, entsäuern etc etc etc… Depression…… too little energy… etc
    I did cheat though 😉 i had fondue once (as i was invited out to a birthday bash) and 3 raclette cheese pieces twice. No eggs so far – which is a real struggle when trying to get in enough protein….. and a good to go to source. I’m also not sure of whey protein that i take as a shake after working out.

    As for working out, I have found an awesome programme with lots of support and online training – Holly Rigsby – Fit Yummy Mummy – which is what i plan on attaining/achieving seeing as though i am a mummy to two great kids (sometimes – in puberty a little bit of a struggle and loads of machtkämpfe!.

    I really appreciate your honesty too. Not enough of that around in everyday life!!
    Looking forward to keeping up with you and wishing you loads of energy, inspiration for new meals and health! Can’t wait to see new recipes and new ideas for meals. Herausforderung!
    Take care!

  14. Jenne says:

    oh – forgot – for kettlebells – found mine here:

    and for :
    1. sweatpants – ok after work and chilling – leggings, not really on my agenda – but ask my 14 yr old daughter 😉 she would wear them permanently….

    2. trail running – running not my thing at all!!

    3. gf,df,ef,nf breakfast – looking forward to what you come up with. I usually scour pinterest – but don’t always practice what i plan:(

  15. Your dinner party looks so fancy, I’ll be waiting for my invite to your next one. 😉 That running view is seriously just gorgeous. The kettlebell purchase is exciting, I only have one but am hoping to grow my collection.

  16. Stick to the diet, its only for a few months and your body will THANK YOU later promise! In a way you get to try new combos so that must be fun for you since I know you like to cook. The hike looked gorgeous, I need to get outdoors more. Have a better week xo C

  17. Mira says:

    Oh I feel you :)! Sometimes it’s just the best option for so many reasons. I have to voice an expierience- I was having some tummy problems and I went on an egg, dairy, gluten, etc free diet- it made it SOOOOOO much worse (Yes- imagine I am screaming SO at you haha) If it doesn’t settle down after a day or two please reconsider and maybe check out some of the macrobiotic diet principles (I am not macrobiotic but some of the principles helped get my digestion back on track 100%) A lot of foods unless you have a life threatening allergy or a severe reaction don’t have to be cut out completely just rearranged or consumed a little less often and varied with other foods 🙂 So sorry to write a novel- I just really like you and would hate to see you suffer unnecessarily! Please think about all this and go with your instincts and heart dear Lucie.

  18. Great perspective lovely! I’m sorry that you had a shitty weekend–if it makes you feel any better my tummy has decided to act like a total asshole too. Wishing you a fabulous week, and sending lots of love! xox

    ps: KUDOS for googling the plural of crisis–I know plenty of native english-speakers who would still write “crisises”.

  19. OMG what a fun Friday! I remember when I was little and my family would have big parties on all the holidays! So much fun, and such a great way to make memories. I am loving that table grill, however, I feel like if I were to host a party with one, someone would wind up in the hospital! BAHHA AH!

  20. carlyjg says:

    Ugh, I am so sorry your weekend wasn’t awesome. Disagreements with the man are the worst. I hope your stomach starts being a little bit nicer to you :D.

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